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21 Online Business Ideas with Low Investment

Online Business Ideas

Online Business Ideas

Independent people are always taught to be unique and special. They are born to win. One who is ready to do their work by own is always great. When you are set to work for yourself, you are started to learn new things. Likewise, starting own work with low investments shows your creativity and independence. You may wonder what the online business ideas with low investments are. They are:

  1. Catering service: For marriage and home party people always look for good catering services. If you are good at providing good food with unique recipes, and catering service in a different style, this could be other good small business ideas. You can either set up this business as sole proprietor where you will require to GST Registration or a Partnership firm. If you want to do this business on a large scale then you should go for private limited company registration.
  2. Computer Trainer: If you are good at giving proper computer training this could be good online business ideas as it is important to know the basics of the computer. Same as above you can give training by setting up sole proprietorship by obtaining GST registration.
  3. Mobile Food Shop: As it requires only a small place and investment, it is a very good online business idea. You can improve it by providing quality foods. For starting with this sort of business, entrepreneur first has to obtain FSSAI License from FSSAI authority.
  4. Packers & Movers: If you are available with a lot of vehicles and a group of persons, you can do this job. The management is very important to improve the customers.
  5. Data Entry services: You may start providing service to the companies available all over the world. It is an easy job and also very simple to do. To set up this business, you should first apply for company registration.
  6. Yoga Center: If you know yoga, you can clearly teach the people efficiently. It is one of the stress relievers and offers a comfort zone. You can have the center in your home with the peaceful background. To set up this center a unique name of yoga center should opt for which trademark registration can be applied which will restrict others to use the same name.
  7. Baby Sitting Services: It is a demand to be in the babysitting service, as many couples are busy with their work. So it is a chance for you to earn the precise amount of money. Provide necessary details of you for the easy contact of the people.
  8. Real Estate Consultant: Real estate is ever growing business and also very trendy. So starting consultancy for providing guidance about the real estate and buy, sell and rent option is a nice business in online. There is the necessity of RERA registration. One can apply for it through professional.
  9. Freelancer: If you are good at writing or programming there are multiple websites available in which you can give freelancing work. You can be paid according to the rate of work in time.
  10. Book Store: Attractive books are always loved by the people. If you have the collection of books, you can start the bookstore and make it available in the online for a good sale.
  11. Advertisement Agency: If you are good in website designing, you can learn to do the advertisements. Get good dealers and make the best advertisements for the regular profit. This business can be set up by applying for GST registration.
  12. SEO Consultant: Search Engine optimization[1] consultant is required by most of the websites. If you can enough knowledge and capability in this area, you can become a good SEO consultant.
  13. Resume Writer: If you are good at designing a resume and had a deep knowledge of writing the resumes, you can become a good resume writer.
  14. Web Designing & hosting: If you have knowledge of various IT tools and programming language, you can choose the designation as the web designer.
  15. Starting online Blog: If you are good at content generation and had good knowledge of English, you can start writing about any field in your own online blog and earn good money. This is one of the best home based small business ideas.
  16. Jewelry maker: You can easily buy the jewelry products at the precise price. You can do it easily with the available guides online in less time.
  17. Insurance Consultant: Starting small insurance consultancy is another online business ideas. This business can be in the home or in a separate area and can be offered to the known persons in need of money.
  18. Dairy & Sweet Parlor: The quality dairy parlor in your area may be in demand and you can make it a chance to start in your area. Make delighted products to increase the sale.
  19. Antique Article Shop: It is a trend to have antique statues and article at home. It is also considered as the fashion symbol to have the collection of unique statues. So you can start the Antique article shop in your area.
  20. Photographer: If you have an interest in photography, you can start a photography business and can be a photographer in the small functions and events.
  21. 21. Motivational Speaker: If you have a good skill in communicating with others, you can become a motivational speaker and turn this into a good business opportunity.
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Above mentioned businesses can be set up by applying for necessary government registrations. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Sole Proprietorship: If there is one owner then it can be started as a sole proprietorship.
  2. Partnership Firm Registration: One or two people can set up a partnership firm where they will share profit or losses equally. For this, partnership firm registration is necessary with the registrar.
  3. Limited Liability Partnership Registration: It is a type of partnership firm where there is limited liability of partners. It is a combination of company and partnership firm.
  4. Private Limited Company Registration: If you want to set up the business with the maximum benefits then this type of business structure should opt. There is limited liability of its members and the company has a separate legal entity.
  5. Trademark Registration: Trademark registration is done in order to secure the mark or logo of the company. It creates goodwill of the business entity.
  6. GST Registration: If you expect your turnover will exceed 20 lakhs per annum. Then one has to apply for GST registration mandatorily.
  7. FSSAI Registration: If you want to set up any type of food business then food license is mandatory to obtain.
  8. MSME Registration: If the business structure is concerned with micro, small and medium enterprises then MSME registration is required.
  9. Business Plan: A proper business plan should be there to set up any type of business entity. It will further provide the roadmap which will include the location of the manufacturing unit, raw material, and arrangement of machinery and equipment.
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Now from above, it is clear that what steps must be taken in order to set up any type of online business ideas entity in India.

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