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How to Start a Company in USA from India

Narendra Kumar

| Updated: Jan 18, 2018 | Category: Company Registration, Global Registration

How to Start a Company in USA from India

A company can be started in the USA either in the form of a ‘Corporation’ or ‘Incorporated Entity’ or an ‘LLC’ which is known as Limited Liability Company.

‘LLC’ is a Pass-through Entity from the point of view for Taxation Purposes; however, Corporations are taxed as different or separate entities.

Henceforth, you need to look for a State in the US in which you need to operate as either of them:

  • A subsidiary of Indian Company
  • Branch or Representative office of an Indian Company
  • Marketing or Front End office of an Indian Company

Henceforth, as a corporation, it will be a US tax asset more or less the same as any other US resident taxpayer.

Steps Information of a USA Based Company

  • Application for name availability for the entity.
  • The physical presence of a Registered Agent or representative to collect & sign the concerned documents from the US State. (A US (CPA) can act as a Registered Agent).
  • Fulfillment of details pertaining to Companies& the concerned persons
  • Generation of ‘Federal Employer Identification Number’ from the US Internal Revenue Service.
  • The opening of Bank Account in the US State; however if you want to open a Bank Account in the Home Country or in India then an ‘Apostle’ or ‘Certificate of Authentication’ is needed.
  • Formation of a US-based Office or a ‘Virtual Office’.

Payment Gateway from India

While choosing from a Payment Gateway from India there can be two options:

  • Banks
  • Aggregators

The first thing that has to be selected while choosing a Payment Gateway international payment acceptance & a variety of transaction options.

The payment service gateway should accept all sorts of International Debit & Credit Cards for transactions. This will even help to avoid currency exchange barrier.

Currently, there are quite a few options available for international use.

E.g.: PayPal, Authorize.net, Pay mill, Wallet one, Braintree, etc.

With the above options, you can easily connect with your US Bank & receive the Payouts.

Things for Setting up of a Payment Gateway

  • Payment Gateway Cost
  • Time to setup everything
  • User Interface of the Getaway
  • Payment Options
  • After Sale Support.

Some of the Best Payment Gateways in India are Listed Below

  • CitrusPay
  • PayUBiz
  • EBS
  • InstaMojo
  • 2 Checkout
  • Airplay
  • Bitpay
  • G2A pay
  • Zaakpay
  • Oxy money
  • PayuMoney
  • CCAvenue
  • Mypoolin
  • Direcpay

RBI Nod & Approval is mandatory for getting a license to operate Digital Wallets.

Proper structural rules & regulations are framed by RBI for construction of the same. E-commerce & Customer Interface is holding a wider horizon for the creation of digital wallets & generation of Payment Gateway.

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