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Ashish M. Shaji

Ashish M. Shaji has done his graduation in law (BA. LLB) from CCS University. He has keen interests in doing extensive research and writing on legal subjects especially on criminal and corporate law. He is a creative thinker and has a great interest in exploring legal subjects.

Jan 21 2021

A Glance through some of the Frequently Asked Questions on Portfolio Managers

A Portfolio Manager is a body corporate which pursuant to a contract with a client, advises, directs, or undertakes on clients' behalf the management or administration of a portfolio of...

Jan 21 2021

Faceless Penalty Scheme: Boosting Transparency and Compliance

With a view to further digitize the interaction between the taxpayers and income tax authorities, the Indian government recently notified of the faceless penalty scheme. Before this, the government has...

Jan 20 2021

Where does India Stand in Digital Payments /Banking: Strengths and Weakness

With the onset of UPI, the number of people using digital payments has increased tremendously. Although India has a long way to go in this area, its growth is only...

Jan 20 2021

Government Aims to Impose 18% GST on Bitcoin Trading

If news reports are to be believed, the Central Economic Intelligence Bureau is proposing 18% GST on bitcoin transactions. As per reports, a suggestion has been made to tax bitcoin...

Jan 19 2021

New Foreign Trade Policy will come into effect from April 01, 2021

The union ministry of commerce and industry, on 12th January 2021 announced that the New Foreign Trade Policy 2021-26, which is under formulation, will take effect on 1st April 2021....

Jan 19 2021

All you need to know about Mobile Enabled InsurTech Apps

Driving innovation through new technologies has brought commendable changes in the financial sector. It has not only led to immeasurable efficiency gains but also given us a broader perspective on...

Jan 18 2021

Centralized KYC Registry: What is it and how does it work?

The Central KYC Registry is a centralized repository of KYC documents of customers who avail different services under the financial sector. This has been created with a view to reduce...

Jan 16 2021

Risk Based Internal Audit (RBIA) Framework– Strengthening Governance Arrangements

With a view to bring uniformity in the approach of banks and to align the expectations of internal audit function with best practices, the Reserve bank of India issued a...

Jan 15 2021

CBDT rejects representations for extension of Income Tax Return Due Date

The Central Board of Direct Taxes stated that it shall not grant any further extensions for return filing where audit reports need to be filed. This order was passed in...

How to File a Complaint against Trademark Infringement in India?

Trademark has become one of the easiest ways for consumers to identify the source and to make a decision. Trademark has helped in the recognition of brand and brand value....

How to buy Shelf Company in Singapore?

Shelf companies are a legal entity that is created and operational but remains dormant until a time where the buyer purchases the shelf company to do business. This company is...

Jan 12 2021

What are SEBI Norms for Credit Rating Agencies?

Credit rating refers to the opinion of a recognised entity on the creditworthiness of an issuer or instrument. It is an informed opinion on the relative degree of risk with...

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