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Ashish M. Shaji

Ashish M. Shaji has done his graduation in law (BA. LLB) from CCS University. He has keen interests in doing extensive research and writing on legal subjects especially on corporate law. He is a creative thinker and has a great interest in exploring legal subjects.

May 16 2022

How to Report Fake GST Registration? Misuse of PAN

Instances of fake GST registration have been reported in the last few months. The modus operandi for this involves using documents of another person and obtaining GST registration. The impersonator...

May 12 2022

State Moneylending Acts Shall Not Apply To NBFCs: SC Ruling on NBFCs

The Supreme Court of India recently stated that state enactments such as Kerala Money Lenders Act, 1958 and Gujarat Money Lenders Act, 2011 shall have no application to NBFCs regulated...

May 12 2022

Madras High Court Quashes Complaint, Rules Prosecution Malicious

Terming the prosecution malicious, the Madras High Court quashed the complaints filed by the Income Tax Department under Section 276 C (2) of the Income Tax Act 1961 against the...

May 09 2022

All Notices Issued Under Section 148 of the IT Act Will Be Deemed To Be Issued Under Section 148A: Supreme Court

On Wednesday the Supreme Court of India said that the reassessment notices issued under Section 148 of the unamended Income Tax Act beyond 1st April, 2021 shall be deemed to...

May 06 2022

System & Network Audit of Market Infrastructure Institutions: SEBI Circular

The Securities and Exchange Board of India vide circular dated May 02, 2022, notified of the revised framework for System and Network Audit of Market Infrastructure Institutions. This circular supersedes...

May 06 2022

Compliances under Income Tax Act and GST for the Month of May

Taxpayers need to adhere to various compliance requirements every month. They are required to comply with different types of compliances applicable under different types of laws such as Income Tax...

May 03 2022

Dissecting the Difference between SPAC and IPO

In the business world, there are numerous acronyms that one may come across and in this article we have discussed two of such acronyms, SPAC and IPO. Knowing these terms...

May 02 2022

Scrutiny of GST Return: CBIC Update

Under Section 61 of the CGST Act 2017, a proper officer can scrutinize a return and related particulars furnished by the registered person. This is done to verify a GST...

May 02 2022

All you need to know about selling of property in India by NRIs: Tax Implications

People tend to get confused when they are planning to buy or sell property in India as they don’t have a complete idea about the tax implications of selling property....

Apr 30 2022

Setting up an import export company in the USA

If you wish to set up a company which deals in import export business then you should consider reading this article till the end. Setting up a company involves adhering...

Apr 30 2022

Reassessment should be conducted by officer who conducted assessment: Guj. HC

In the case of M/s. Aztec Fluids and Machinery Pvt. Limited, the honourable Gujarat High Court held that the reassessment proceedings must be conducted by the same officer or his...

Apr 25 2022

New Rules for Credit/Debit Cards Issuance by Scheduled Banks & NBFCs

The Reserve Bank of India issued master directions for issuance of debit/card to NBFCs and scheduled banks excluding Payments Banks, State Co-operative Banks and District Central Co-operative Banks. The directions...

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