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Nov 20 2020

Consequences of non-filing of GST returns

The effective implementation of the new indirect taxation law i.e. GST requires stringent action against the offenders of the tax. To promote compliance wi...

Nov 19 2020

GST and Input Tax Credit on Promotional Products

Nowadays, businesses are aggressively involving in the promotional methodologies to further accelerate the sales of their product and it is also witnessed...

Nov 17 2020

Impact of GST on IT Sector

Since the Goods and Services Tax (GST) has been implemented in India it has majorly affected every sector in India, for some, it is a boon and for some it....

Nov 16 2020

GST implication on a long term lease

The taxability of a long term lease has been an unintelligible issue for many decades. Before the GST regime, all the transactions involving transfer of ti...

Nov 15 2020

GST registration in Singapore: Do I require it?

GST is an abbreviation for Goods and Services Tax. This is a form of Value Added Tax (VAT) which is levied on the goods and services supplied by a particul...

Nov 12 2020

GST on Marketing and Advertising: Tax Implications

Nowadays marketing and advertising sector plays an important role in the success of any business. In the normal course of business marketing and advertisin...

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Nov 12 2020

GST Exemption on Satellite launch to encourage the dome...

The exemption of goods and sales tax will facilitate to protect the local satellite industry and further develop homegrown launch capabilities without the...

Nov 10 2020

GST on lawyers and law firms

The general goods and services tax is the new indirect taxation system which is levied on all the goods and services India. There is a general consensus th...

Nov 09 2020

Impact of GST on Tour and Travel Industry

The Indian tour and travel industry which is valued at around 22 billion dollars in the year 2019; the tour and travel industry is one of those sectors whi...

Nov 07 2020

The Implication of GST under MSMEs

According to the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Development (MSMED) Act, 2006, the micro, small and medium enterprise is defined in accordance with ann...

Nov 05 2020

GST Implication on food and beverages service

The new indirect taxation law, Good and Service Tax (GST) benefitted the food and beverage industry. Prior to this GST law, a consumer has to give a number...

Oct 28 2020

CBIC issue clarification for CGST ITC Rule for February...

In order to poke the taxpayers to file their statement of outgoing supplies (GSTR-1), limits on availing of input tax credit (ITC) by the beneficiary was o...

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