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How to do GST Registration in Rajasthan?

Ashish M. Shaji

| Updated: Jul 16, 2021 | Category: GST Registration

How to do GST Registration in Rajasthan?

Taxes are the primary source of income for any country, and India is no different. The taxes are spent for public welfare by the government. Therefore the government has provided the option of online GST registration in your state. In this article, we shall discuss GST registration in Rajasthan before that, let’s have a brief overview of GST.

Overview on GST

GST refers to an Indirect Tax which is a combination of different types of indirect taxes in India. The Goods & Service Tax (GST) Act was enacted by the Parliament on 29th March 2017.

The Act was implemented on 1st July 2017. Goods and Services Tax law in India is a significant, multi-stage and destination-based tax which is levied on each value addition. In simple words, it is an Indirect tax levied on the goods and services. This law has subsumed various indirect tax laws that were in India.

Procedure of GST registration in Rajasthan

The following procedure has to be followed:

Step 1- The applicant is required to visit GST Registration Portal by using link- https://www.gst.gov.in/

Step 2- Then, you must Click on Services > Registration > New Registration option.

Step 3- The Application form is divided into two parts- Part A &Part B.

Step 4- In Part-A, a New Registration page will be displayed. Select New Registration option.

Step 5- From the drop-down list, select the Taxpayer as the type of taxpayer to be registered, also choose the state for which registration is required and also choose the district.

Step 6- Enter the Business Name as per PAN Database. Select your State as “Rajasthan” and then select the district of the State.

Step 7- Provide your mail Address, also the valid mobile number of the Primary Authorized Signatory.

Step 8- After that, you will have to enter the captcha text and Click on “Proceed Button”.

Step 9- An OTP Verification page will be displayed. In the OTP field, enter the OTP that you received on your phone number. The OTP will be valid only for 10 minutes. In the Email OTP field, enter the OTP that you have received at your mail address. Such OTP shall also be valid only for 10 minutes. Finally, Click proceed option.

Step 10- A system generated Temporary Reference Number (TRN) shall be displayed on the screen.

Part B of GST Registration

Step 11- You will have to log in again by using the “Temporary Reference Number” and the Captcha Code.

Step 12- Your saved Application page shall be displayed. Under the Action column, click on the Edit icon.

Step 13- The Registration Application form with different tabs will be displayed.

Step 14- On the top, there are 10 tabs like Business Details, Promoter/ Partners, Authorized Representative, Authorized Signatory, Principal Place of Business, Additional Places of Business, Goods & Services, Bank Accounts details, State Specific Information and Verification. Provide the details in each tab.

Step 15- Verification tab- This tab page displays verification details for authentication of the details submitted in the form.

After filling application, you would be required to sign the application digitally using Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)/ E-Signature or EVC. Digitally signing with DSC is necessary in case of the LLP and Companies.

Step 16- Click submit option to save the updated information as well as documents.

Step 19- Click Proceed.

Step 20- Click Sign from the Pop-up window.

Step 21- If you want to see the details of your DSC, click the View Certificate option.

Documents required for GST registration in Rajasthan

The following documents are needed:

  • In case of Sole Proprietorship/Individual-
  1. PAN Card of the owner;
  2. Aadhar card of the owner;
  3. Photo of the owner;
  4. Details of the Bank account;
  5. Address proof.
  • In case of Partnership firm/LLP-
  1. Identity Proof of partners;
  2. Address Proof of partners;
  3. Copy of the partnership deed;
  4. Photo of the partners;
  5. Photo of authorized signatories;
  6. Identity proof & address proof of the person authorized by the partners;
  7. Proof of appointment of the authorized signatory;
  8. In case of LLP, registration certificate and the Board resolution of LLP is needed;
  9. Details of the Bank account;
  10. Address proof of the principal working place.
  • In case of a Company-
  1. PAN Card of the Company;
  2. Certificate of Incorporation;
  3. MOA & AOA of the company;
  4. Identity Proof & Address Proof of authorized signatory;
  5. Identity Proof and address proof of all the directors of Company;
  6. Photo of the directors & authorized signatory;
  7. Board resolution appointing authorized signatory;
  8. Details of the Bank account;
  9. Proof of address of the working premise.
  • In case of HUF
  1. PAN card of the HUF;
  2. Identity Proof of the Karta;
  3. Address Proof of the Karta;
  4. Photo of the Karta;
  5. Details of the Bank account;
  6. Address proof of working premise.


GST registration in Rajasthan is a must for those that fulfil the eligibility criteria. So don’t wait for long and get your business registered. It is a complete online process, and in case of any query, you are hereby advised to consult a professional.

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