How to Start Bed Sheet Manufacturing Business in India

Bed Sheet Manufacturing Business

Bed Sheet Manufacturing Business

Bed Sheet Manufacturing Business-India is globally known for home furnishings that are exported worldwide, the biggest reason being India has a vast amount of cotton plantations. There are industries around Gujarat, Bed Sheet manufacturing cotton, and several other fabric materials. Starting a business in household furnishings is a pure work provided you know the business well. One needs to study the markets thoroughly and decide as to what would be the niche industry he will be dealing in.

There are bed sheet pillow covers that are household needs of every home whether in India or abroad. And today with vast spending happening in this sector, people are going overboard to get custom designed and buy exclusive bed sheets that go perfectly with their décor. It’s a huge market. It is one of the profitable businesses in India, the online and offline marketplaces from where this kind of business can be done with bed sheets and pillow covers. There are different materials used in making bed sheets having different colors, sizes, linen, etc. These items are available in a wide range of categories.

The rise in the population spending has given rise to customer preferences for matching bed sheets, pillow covers. These are some of the most important upholstery items that can go well matching with the interiors of your room. The growth in the amount of population has given rise in the demand for these items that are of the utmost importance for the household.

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Market Potential of Bed Sheet Manufacturing Business in India

The textile industry has huge potential across India; it has grown over a period and now with a lot of businesses going online, the business can reach global boundaries. The bedsheets, pillow covers, etc. are the most sellable products in the segment. The demand is rising across a different section of the society; both middle and upper-class families. There is an upsurge in the rural textile industries due to the high demand in bigger cities and foreign countries. People are now spending more on higher living with a better quality of clothing and so thus the advancement of the cotton industry.

The growing textile industry has led to more awareness amongst people to buy better clothing for themselves and household upholstery. The product is also vastly in demand in the hotel and tourism industry around the world. India is the major exporter of cotton in developed nations of the world. Government departments are also dependent on the textile industry to run a few of its departments. India exports to other major destinations of the world such as Indonesia, the UK, Canada, Germany, Austria, the USA, etc.

Investment in Bed Sheet Manufacturing Business

The bed sheet pillow cover making business is not a complicated business; it merely requires some equipment that can be used. You will need below-mentioned tools and equipment, they are –

  1. Foot-operated stitching machine
  2. Double-needle stitching machine having the motor
  3. Flatlock stitching machine having accessories
  4. Embroidery machine, etc
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For setting up the machinery, you will require 250 sqmt. For manufacturing[1] processes. There must be a separate space to keep your raw material storage, finished good section and packaging section and so on. You can even find an automatic bed sheet making a machine that has an integrated embroidery system and ironing machine. The primary raw material used is textile linen. Other factors need consideration such as the quality of the materials, the threads, and the packaging materials.

Legal Registration and Compliance of the Company

For starting this business, you must obtain different kinds of registration certificates from authorities in India. It is best to check for the state law and see the rules and regulations pertaining. Given below is the checklist for compliance –

  1. You can opt for Company Registration with ROC as a business entity
  2. Obtain a trade license from municipal authorities
  3. Apply for Udyogadhar MSME Registration, as many facilities are provided to startups registered under this.
  4. Procure a BIS certification
  5. Apply for Trademark registration for your brand
  6. You can also obtain an ISO certification of your company
  7. For exporting the textile products Import Export Code is also to be applied for.

Bedsheet manufacturing business has a vast potential in India, it requires a thorough understanding of the market and accordingly moves with the plan. It’s the growing business in India, where textiles are marketed in foreign nations. Textile is a growing business where opportunities are endless; there are different segments where one can get into.

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