7 Home Business Ideas for Teens

7 Home Business Ideas

Growing up is a beautiful feeling and teenage is the best part of one’s life. No responsibilities, no liabilities of earning money and running a household. Hence as a teen if you wish to earn money it your pocket money – you spend what you earn. To yourself, some awesome gifts, choose from one of the ideas below to work from 7 home business ideas, start your own work or ‘business’ and get going.

Idea No. 1 – Home Tutor

A very popular part-time occupation for youngsters for ages has been to don the role of a teacher or a tutor. If you are decently good at some of the school subjects and have a certain degree of interest in teaching or earning money with zero investment, then this is just the ideal occupation for you.

A tutor will always be in demand. Parents of students of lower classes prefer the younger generation to teach their kids in the comfort of their homes rather than enrolling them for group tuitions. If you are really ambitious and want to spread to other areas beyond your locality then you could advertise in local newspapers or spread the word around through your social media accounts.

Idea No. 2 – Online Retailer

If you have an artistic bend of mind and love to create – paint, draw, make necklaces, soaps, jewelry or knit unique pieces of cloth, then you can start by selling online at one of the e-commerce stores.

Idea No. 3 – Social Media Consultant

As a youngster growing up in the internet age, no one could be more aware of the internet and social media than you. You know exactly what your age group looks at when looking for things online – so you know exactly how SEO works and effective ways of digital marketing[1].  With a basic online course that is mostly free or charges nominally, you could gain some technical know-how. You can then advertise on your social media accounts and start by taking assignments on a commission basis.

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Business plan Consulting

Idea No. 4 – Content Writer

If you love your language courses and think that writing is your cup of tea, then why not consider taking up professional content writing assignment? You can create your own blog and share links on your social media accounts and let people know that you are ready for taking up writing jobs on a freelance basis. Or you can register yourself at one of the content writing aggregators who have a continuous flow of writing tasks and then hand over the same to their team of freelance writers to complete the task and submit the same.

Idea No. 5 –YouTube videos

Another very popular 7 home business idea that youngsters today prefer are making their own videos and uploads on YouTube.  Carefully select the niche that you would be comfortable targeting. Once that is done, you need to know the art of video making and editing properly or making animated videos with voice-over or subtitles.

Idea No. 6 – Photographer

If you love being behind the camera and own a professional device, then you can choose to become a photographer and tie-up with a local photo shop and earn on a commission basis or even open your own 7 home business ideas from home.

Idea No. 7 – Anchor

If you are always the center of the crowd and love to entertain a crowd of people with your speech and antics, then this one is for you. You need to touch-base with event management companies and corporations to pick up few assignments.

What are the Legal Compliances Required for Starting Work on the above Ideas?

  1. Name the business and get the business registered either as a company, OPC, LLP or firm. This is essential even if you are going on a small scale initially. Just in case you wish to continue the business on a long-term basis and you start making a good profit from the business.
  2. GST registration under the Goods and Services Tax. Registration is free and can be done online.
  3. Register for MSME Udyog Aadhaarto take benefit of various government schemes. This can also be applied online and free of cost.

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