Setting Up Nail Polish Manufacturing Business

Nail Polish Manufacturing Business

If you are aware of fashion trends and you know that nail polish is considered an essential accessory for every lady. Most of the ladies prefer to wear nail polish according to their clothing so in this way demand for a nail polish is almost daily. And you can take benefit of this trend and commence nail polish manufacturing Business[1] company with small capital which is a money-making business.

Its manufacturing process is very simple and raw materials of nail polish you can get everywhere in this world but you have to ensure that quality of the nail polish is good and chemical-free so that you can achieve your target easily. If you want to make is a brand so you have to apply for trademark registration from the concerned department which is valid for 10 years and can renew it from time to time.

Nail Polish Market Potential

Most of the ladies are independent India and they are working with different corporate and financially independent urban centers and they are using the cosmetic items which help to enhance their looks. Therefore, the Nail polish manufacturing business is profitable for entrepreneurs.

How many types of Nail Polish are there?

There are different types of nail polishes in the market and the process of manufacturing is the same as it is made up of the different raw material in a different formula. There is a various range of nail polishes and they are:

There is also another range of nail paints which is known by different names like French nail paints which are quick-dry, base coat, topcoat, etc. base coat protects nails from discolored and topcoat add shine to the nail paint from fading and chipping and it stays longer.

What Are the Registration and License Are Required to Start a Nail Polish Making Business?

  • Register your Firm/ company with Roc: First of all, you would have to apply for an LLP registration or OPC registration or Private Limited Company Registration for getting legal existence and you can make benefit from Taxation, banks, and other legal departments. And you need to have sufficient capital to do nail polish business efficiently.
  • Obtain GST Number: whenever you are providing taxable services to your customers you have to apply for GST registration and open a Current account with the bank.
  • License under Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940: you need to apply for cosmetic manufacturing license in form 31with applicable fees to the concerned department along with supporting documents.
  • NOC from Local Authority: For doing Nail polish manufacturing business you have to take NOC from the pollution control board.
  • Trademark registration: For protecting your brand name of nail polish you have to take trademark registrations it protects from copy and no one can take advantage of your brand name except you.

What are the Machinery are required to be installed for making Nail polish?

Before commencing your unit, you have to find out space for manufacturing the product and for this, you have a project report in hand so that loan can be sanction by the banks and you can start manufacturing process.

In addition to this, you have arranged electricity, water, manpower, and transportation facility, and some other major machines and they are:

  • Chemical Blender;
  • Stainless steel boilers;
  • Weighing Balances;
  • Laboratory device;
  • Automatic liquid filling machines.

Packaging is also an important concern

Packaging is the most important concern as nail polish generally came in a transparent container with a fine brush and put a logo or brand name on this bottle. It can be packed with a different model and customize it as you can give unique features like the cover of the nail polish the same color with the nail polish inside and earn huge profit.

Sales are a most important Aspect of any Business:

Sale can be done through retail or online if you want to go through online you have to publish your advertisements through television, Radio, Magazine, Newspaper, Social Media, etc. it will be easy to initiate an online store rather than to open a retail shop as more finance is involved. In the last few decades, people love to do online shopping as there are attractive discounts and coupons and can save precious time.

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