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Starting Air Bubble Packaging Wrapper in India

Air Bubble Packaging Wrapper

Today, with the rise of e-commerce, we see a number of things requiring transport from one place to another. In many cases, the items are fragile and require special tools and equipment that hold the item well without giving any damage during the transit. In a recent while, the air bubble packaging film industry has gained greater importance due to its large requirements. Air bubble packaging wrapper is one of the safest means through which items can be packed without any danger of the damage.

Air bubble packaging has gained greater importance in the packaging field; it’s the most convenient and economical means to give soft cushioning to the material inside the packaging. There are varieties of cushioning materials available in different forms, but the air bubble is the most suitable and most convenient means. Conventionally, wood excelsior and shredded papers were used to provide cushioning to items. Now, the corrugated pads have replaced the system. It improves the overall function of cushioning and offers safer means to transport without occurring any damages to the packaged items.

What is the Scope of Packaging Business in India?

The current generation relies more on shopping online than in physical stores. Hence the new packaging business is the hottest cool for younger entrepreneurs who want to start the business in the packaging industry. Packaging applications are used for varieties of things including the use of swimming pools as the pool cover.

Which form of Business to go for?

If you are confused about which form of business to go for like Sole Proprietorship, One Person Company, Limited Liability Partnership, Private Limited Company Registration, Public Limited Company Cooperative Organization, Joint Hindu Family Business or more, consider factors like- Business nature, scale of operations, Capital Requirement and Degree of control to make an optimal choice.

Do you know about the Market Potential of Air Bubble Packaging Wrappers in India?

The overall market potential for any industry in India is high because of the growing industries that are still in premature stages. There is a high potential for expansion of the business. The packaging industry market in India stands at an estimated Rs 11,500 crores. The rate of growth is 18 percent annually, which is good news for industrial giants who have already made their mark in this industry.

The younger generation of Indians shops online and they do so on a regular basis. Most people do online gifting by buying online and expect a suitable packaging for items. The gift items require attractive packaging hence the Indian consumer behavior has a direct effect on the packaging industry. Companies that manufacture the products sell it with the premise of promising attractive package because that is what sells in the market.

Do you know about the Compliances Required when Setting up this Business?

When planning to set up an air bubble packaging wrapper business, it is imperative to ensure certain legal compliances.

Some of these are-

  1. Obtaining No Objection Certificate from the State Pollution Control Board.
  2. Apply for GST registration. If your business is spread in different states, you may have to apply in each of these states.

How much Investment is Required for Starting the Business?

For starting the business, you will need a Polycell bubble sheet-making machine. With the machine, you can start producing air bubble sheets. One needs LDPE[1] granules as raw materials to start making air bubble sheets. There are several other forms to procure air bubble film extrusion line, air bubble film laminated line, air bubble fills extrusion machine, air bubble film foil lamination machine, air bubble film package machine and so on.

The manufacturing process requires 373 KW of power supply approximately; you will also require water for running your system since it’s a cooling system.

Do you know about Legal Registration / Compliance Required for this Business?

For starting the Air bubble sheet making business in India, one needs to register the company with ROC. After registration, they give a trade license, after this, you can apply for GST registration. There are no harmful effluents from this trade, but you can still obtain a NOC from the state pollution control board. Trademark registration can protect the brand name.

The air bubble packaging wrapper industry is still in its nascent stages, and there is enormous potential for Indian markets to grow. This will pave the way for the packaging industry as well; young entrepreneurs will be limited budgets or want to create their business can surely look forward to understanding the market and design the whole plan. There are different areas of application that one may choose or keep them all under their manufacturing limits. Air bubble LDPE film is an excellent water-resistant material and has high dielectric properties. It gives easy and economical packaging for the industrial units using it.

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