How to Start a Freelance Writing Business

Freelance Writing Business

How to Start a Freelance Writing Business

With the internet boom and social media craze, content writers suddenly seem to be in great demand these days. And things are only going to get better from here. For content writing, it is important that the person Freelance Writing Business

  • Knows and loves to write
  • Reads a lot
  • Has adequate research skills
  • Has a good understanding of keywords, SEO, blog writing, web content writing and article writing.

As a content writer, if you are planning to work on a freelance writing business, there are lots of ways to do so. The net is full of ideas and ways to start your own freelancing work as a content writer.

  1. You can start your own blog on one of the content management systems – some are free and some are paid, create some high-quality content and market it to potential customers via social media and by practicing good digital marketing strategies.
  2. Join a freelance marketplace – upload your profile and provide links to your writings. In this way, you will get ample assignments and get to work with a broad spectrum of clients from across industries and countries.
  3. Open your freelancing writing shop or website. You can start with a free or a low-cost one and upgrade later to a higher end platform investing more money.

So if you have a flair for writing this one is worth giving a try, at a small scale initially and maybe part-time and at a later point in time switch to freelance writing business on a full-time basis.

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How is the Content Writing Industry Looking in India at Present?

Marketers have slowly recognized the potential of digital marketing. In 2014 against a total media ad spend of 6.11 billion USD only 0.74 billion USD was spent on digital advertising in India. The same figures grew drastically to a total spend of 7.49 billion USD in 2017 with 1.46 USD billion spent on digital advertising which is just the double. The total advertising spend is estimated to rise to a total media spend of 8.53 million USD in 2019 with digital ad expenditure of 1.78 billion USD.

It has been reported that by the end of 2016 about 34% of companies in India were already investing in a digital or internet marketing strategy. With the rise in digital marketing, there will be more demand for content writers.

What are the Statutory Registrations and Licenses to Start Working as a Freelance Content Writer in India?

Since this is a form of a business, the freelancer needs to get the basic registrations done like a small time business owner.

  • The first step is to get the digital signature certificate from a certified authority. The benefit of having the DSC is that every time you do not require signing a document and scanning it to send via email to another party; also the digitally signed document cannot be altered or tampered by anyone else.
  • Choose a suitable name for the business and register it with the Registrar of the Companies. It can be done in the form of Company Registration as well as LLP registration.
  • Register for Goods and Services Tax. As a business entity, you will be required to file tax returns on your earnings as a freelancer. Though as per the law there is a minimum eligibility threshold for this registration it is better to have it done at the onset itself to comply with the acceptance of online payments. Registration for this can be done online.
  • Apply for Udyog Aadhaar to be registered with the Ministry of Micro, small and medium enterprises. The ministry acts as the main catalyst so that small businesses grow and thrive in the country. It especially works in promoting electronics, IT & ITES industries with special emphasis on enhancing India’s role in the internet and related activities. Registration is free and can be done online.
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With these four basic registrations, you are ready to start accepting assignments and payments even from international companies. The other basic requirement is that you need to have a bank account that can be credited with money from international and domestic companies.

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