How to Register DSC on GST portal?

How to Register DSC on GST portal?

Digital Signature Certificate is used to authenticate users on the GST portal. In addition to the DSC, users can also authenticate various actions performed on the GST portal through electronic code verification. When the DSC is procured, the user is obligated to register it with the GST portal. In this article, we shall look at the process to register DSC on GST portal.

What is Digital Signature Certificate or DSC?

It is an encrypted document that is used to verify identity while accessing information and services online or to digitally sign a document. This certificate is issued by the authorized certifying authorities such as e-Mudra, and N-Code.

Who needs to obtain DSC?

All private limited companies, public limited companies, public sector undertakings, foreign companies, limited liability partnerships, foreign limited liability partnerships should obtain a Digital Signature Certificate.

Pre-requisites to register DSC on GST portal

These pre-requisites should be kept ready:

  • Software to make installed DSC available for the purpose of use on the GST portal;
  • Your DSC USB token; and
  • DSC software on your PC.

Procedure to register DSC on GST portal

The following procedure can be followed for new registration of DSC on the GST portal:

  • Go to the website-
  • For new registration, click on the link- Register Now;
  • The option- Temporary Reference Number should be selected and in the same place enter the Temporary Reference Number that you receive;
  • Click on proceed option;
  • Enter the one time password sent to your mail-ID and mobile number. It is worth mentioning that the validity of OTP expires in 10 minutes;
  • Click on proceed option; and
  • Click on the option- Services and a drop down menu will appear and provide you with options from which you should select User Services and select Register/Update DSC command.
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The following procedure can be followed for existing registration of DSC on the GST portal:

  • Visit the GST portal and enter your credentials;
  • Click on the option- My Profile;
  • Select the option- Register/Update DSC;
  • You would be redirected to the Register DSC page, where you will have to select on the drop down menu list that shows PAN of Authorized Signatory;
  • Select the PAN of the authorized signatory that is to be registered;
  • Tick the “I have downloaded and installed the signer” checkbox;
  • Click on proceed;
  • Choose the certificate and select the sign option; and
  •  A message stating “Your DSC has been successfully registered” will be displayed.

How to update DSC on the GST portal?

To update DSC on the GST portal, the following procedure can be followed:

  • Go to the website-
  • Enter your credentials to log into the GST portal;
  • Select the option- My profile;
  • Click on the link stating Register/Update DSC;
  • Then you will be redirected to a page- Register Digital Signature Certificate where you will have to select on the drop down menu list that shows PAN of the authorized signatory;
  • Select the PAN of the authorized signatory that should be registered;
  •  Click on the option- Update;
  • A message will be displayed stating if you are sure about re-registering your DSC, select the option- Continue;
  • Choose the certificate and hit on sign; and
  • The screen will display a message stating that the DSC has been updated.

Who can use DSC?

The below made table contains the constitution and the individual/s from the constitution who can sign with DSC:

Hindu Undivided familyKarta
PartnershipManaging Partner
TrustManaging Trustee
Limited Liability Partnership/Company      Authorized Signatories with authorization from the LLP/Board of the Company  
Society  or clubAuthorized Signatories with authorization from the management committee  
Statutory Body  Authorized Signatories  
Local Authority  Authorized Signatories
Government DepartmentAuthorized Signatories

What are the benefits of registering DSC on the GST portal?

The benefits to register DSC on GST portal are as follows:

  • Speeds up the process of validation during registration and filing of GST returns;
  • Prevents the inflow of fake invoices and fraudulent registration;
  • Drastic reduction in the overall processing time;
  • Helps the portal in identifying the users in no time; and
  • DSC supports end to end encryption; therefore, the online data remains unbreachable.
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How to obtain DSC?

DSC can be obtained from any certifying authority within the country. It can provide individuals with DSC. In order to obtain DSC, individuals require filling the relevant application form and attach supporting documents along with it. A fee should be paid while applying for DSC.

DSC can be granted by certifying authorities since they possess a license under Section 24 of the Indian IT Act.

Class 2 or Class 3 certificate can be obtained from:

  • E-mudhra;
  • TATA Consultancy Services;
  • Code Solutions;
  • National Informatics Centre; and
  • Sify Communications Limited.

Register DSC on GST portal: Common issues faced by people

There are some common errors that people face while going through registration. Some of them are as follows:

  • Error 1- “Failed to establish connection with server. Restart emsigner”;
  • Error 2- “Invalid Data”;
  • Error 3- “Unable to connect to server. Try after sometime”;
  • Error 4- “Click here to troubleshoot”; and
  • Error 5- “Please close any other application and restart your system and try again.”

The above mentioned instances are some common errors and can be resolved by making certain changes to the browser settings. In case the error persists, contact a professional.


The above mentioned process to register DSC on GST portal can be followed in order to register DSC. It may be noted that the Goods and Service Tax Network has issued a user’s guide on how to register DSC on GST Portal, and for registering DSC on GST Portal, emsigner utility should be installed.

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