21 Low Investment Online Business Ideas

Online Business Ideas

Slowly and steadily the internet has started influencing all aspects of our lives. Earlier it was limited to emails and accessing the World Wide Web for information only. Now it includes shopping, paying bills, booking tickets, earning money and more. Online medium has helped lots of men and women to start their own business or work independently. Here are online business ideas that one can start with minimal investments:-

  1. Paid content writing – create content for businesses and start earning money.
  2. Blogging – create your own blog on selected topics. You can earn through advertisements etc.
  3. Webinars – if you have expertise in a niche domain, you can hold seminars through the web on a paid basis.
  4. Affiliate marketing – become an affiliate of reputed companies and earn commission on per sales basis.
  5. YouTube channel – create your own videos and upload them. With the increase in your following, you can start earning good money.
  6. Freelance software developer – you can take up assignments during your free time and earn extra bucks.
  7. App making – for this you require software and hardware technical skills. Once you make an App you can place it on the Play store.
  8. Selling photos – if you are a professional photographer or even an amateur but good at it, sell your clicks online at Interest or create your own site.
  9. Become a virtual office assistant – many organizations look for people who can assist them with the daily work of typing letters, replying to emails etc in the virtual space.
  10. Toy library online – with a virtual space and a good stock of toys this business can start off on an immediate
  11. Selling music online – if you are a reasonably good singer and a composer, record your own songs and sell them online
  12. Voice over artist – Almost all videos need a voice over. Upload your audio over a few online sites and start getting assignments.
  13. Data entry – like to type on the computer, then this is the ideal business for you
  14. SEO consultant- All companies look to hire people with good knowledge of search engine optimization techniques. Get going if this is your area of preference.
  15. Social media consultant – the majority of companies today require experts for developing digital marketing[1] and social media strategies. If this is your domain, start your consulting business
  16. Sell online T-shirt store – use your creativity; make your own designs, print them on t-shirts and sell them online.
  17. Online bakery – Bake your own cakes, biscuits, and cookies and sell through an online store.
  18. Sell artwork and handicrafts online – make customized and unique products and sell through your own store
  19. Sell products on Facebook – you can start a store at low prices with this medium and sell any self-made or outsourced product
  20. Online teacher –launch your own teaching site where you can provide one-to-one teaching to students across the world or upload your tutorials
  21. Online food business – accept orders on behalf of others by tying up with hotels and restaurants and getting the technicalities in place.
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Business plan Consulting

The marketing strategy for all the 21 online business ideas above consists of reaching to people through online sources and use strong social media marketing strategies.

What are the Essential Registrations to earn with Online Business Ideas?

  1. The first step is to get the statutory digital signature from a certified authority. With the digital signature in place sending, signed invoices and documents can happen in minutes.
  2. Get your business registered either through company registration or LLP registration with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs through its website.
  3. Apply for GST registration. Since your work primarily deals with selling your product or services over the internet, you need to have the GSTIN to provide your customers with legitimate invoices.
  4. For a food-related business like the bakery, you would be required to procure necessary permission from the Food Safety Standards Authority of India (FSSAI License registration).
  5. The other legal documents required would be:-
    • Founders Agreement that defines roles of founding members
    • A non-disclosure agreement to maintain confidentiality
    • Website Terms & Policies that includes the Website Privacy Policy agreement and a disclaimer
    • A Non-compete agreement between two concerned parties
    • Non-solicitation agreement signed by the employee of the company

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