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Online T-Shirt Store Business Setup in India

Online T-Shirt Store

The Facts about Online T-Shirt Store

Everyone loves a T-shirt as it is a casual wear. It is available in a wide variety of colors and designs according to customer demand. The combination of the t-shirt with trousers and the track pants makes you look very young. It is available in different sizes for the people in all the age groups. Especially, the teenagers love to wear it as it becomes a trendy outfit. It is manufactured for both men and women. If you are the customer, you can have the chance of buying the t-shirts from the retail shops, from their own branded shops. But the best choice is always to buy from online. You may wonder what the facts about the online t-shirt store are. In online, the details of the material are well described and safely delivered. It may be a pin, a print book, a paper or any kind of accessories. The payment[1] mode is very simple and effective.

There are many websites are available on the best t-shirts. Some online websites have cheap prices for the t-shirts but they have shipping prices and high delivery charges. So you should properly search and confirm the price of the product along with the extra charges and remember to view the exact image of the product for the best buy of your t-shirt.

You may also have the idea of selling the t-shirt online. You can find the exact dealers online and you can start your own business. You can also create your own website for selling your products. Knowing the customer’s demand and taste, you can have the best sale at affordable prices for the online t-shirts store. Here are some tips to improve your sales of t-shirts online.

Tips to sell the T-shirts in Online Stores:

  1. The pricing depends on the platform where you sell your online t-shirt store. It may be a market, a wholesale shop, or an online website. Once you know what the price range is for similar items in your t-shirt, you will know the range of where you can price your products and expect to see sales.
  2. Always choose the best fabrics and designs for manufacturing the t-shirts.
  3. It also depends on working time. Calculate the hours you took to manufacture the t-shirts and fix the price according to that.
  4. It also depends on the quality of the material you used to make the t-shirt. The lower the price you pay for your materials, the more profit you have an opportunity to make.
  5. Compare your t-shirt fabric with the other fabrics on the market and fix the price according to it.
  6. The demand for the product also affects the price of the product. If the customer need is high, you can go for the fair prices for the huge amount of sale.
  7. If you decide to sell the t-shirts online, think of the material price, hours to do that product and also the cost of delivering that product.
  8. If you are a beginner, you can provide some cheap cost for the products initially along with skipping the cost of delivering that product.

Market Size

T-shirt business in India is expected to increase to Rs 21,250 crore in the year 2018. The market size of this business consists of different types of online t-shirts stores such as knit shirts, polo shirts, knit tops, etc. In India, t-shirts are considered as high-growth categories of men’s, women’s and kids’ apparel.

T-Shirt Business License Required

Before setting up online t-shirt store business, it is important to give legal identity to the business by applying for company registration. It is important to decide the right business structure such as Private Limited Company Registration or Limited Liability Company Registration. One can also set up this business as a sole proprietorship.

Business Plan

A proper Business Plan is required to set up this business as there must be good tailoring skills, sales skills and business management skills. It gives a path to carry out the business activities.

Tax Registration

If you think that your turnover might exceed a turnover of Rs.20 Lakhs then you would have to apply for GST registration.

Intellectual Property Protection

If you want to protect your design then you may apply for trademark registration under the trademark registration act, 1999. It will give you protection towards your design.

Our team of professionals can assist you in setting up a t-shirt business.

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