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Know about FSSAI Registration/Licensing Fees & Required Documents

FSSAI Registration Fee

The FSSAI registration fee / Food License fees that are paid by FBO based on Business activities like trading, Import / Export manufacturing and retailers range from Rs. 100 to Rs. 7500, depending on the nature of the company and its location.

What is FSSAI License / Registration?

When it comes to buying and eating food, everyone is cautious and selective as it directly affects one’s health. You should always find yourself looking for approval marks from the food ministry or the government in order to make sure that the food is suitable to eat. You always want the best for your family and should only buy good quality and approved products from a wide variety of food items that are available in the market.

Various governmental departments give approval for the food products that are sold in the market, and you can research the most genuine one according to your standards.

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) was established under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in India to protect and promote the health of the people in the country by establishing food standards. Every FBO has to obtain FSSAI License Certificate depending on the turnover in a financial year. FSSAI issues licenses to food business operators across India. It can be obtained by various food business operators.

What are the documents required for FSSAI License / Registration?

In a Business, if you are willing to apply for FSSAI Registration / License, you need the original documents which are required to complete the registration process. The documents, which are submitted for the registration, should be original and legally recognized to complete your registration flawlessly.

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The documents required for FSSAI registration are as follows:

  • Duly signed application form;
  • Passport sized photo;
  • Proof of property ownership;
  • Applicants’ identity proof;
  • Business address proof;
  • Rent agreement;
  • Food safety management system plan;
  • List of food items to be used;
  • Incorporation certificate.

FSSAI Registration/License Fee

The fee structure for Central, State and Basic FSSAI registration is as follows:

FSSAI Registration fee

Central License-

  • The fee for a new license is 7500 rupees;
  • The fee for renewal of the license is 7500 rupees;
  • The fee for modifying the license is 7500 rupees;
  • The fee for duplicate license is 10 rupees.

State License-

  • Fee of 5000 rupees shall apply on productions that exceeds 1 MT and for milk units ranging from 10001 LPD to 50000 LPD or 501 to 2500 MT per annum;
  • Fee of 3000 rupees shall apply for productions that is below 1 MT and for milk units ranging from 501 to 10000 LPD or 2.5 MT to 500 MT per annum;
  • Fee of 5000 rupees for hotels ranging upto 4 star;
  • Fee of 2000 rupees for all food service providers and other food business operators.

FSSAI Basic Registration-

A fee of 100 rupees shall be applicable as registration fee in case of basic registration. 

Procedure for obtaining FSSAI license

The procedure for obtaining FSSAI license is as follows:

  • Fill the form

You have to fill an online form to apply for the FSSAI license for your food business. These forms are easily available on their website and can be filled quickly to put your company on the map for registration.

  • Send the documents

You have to send the documents, which are required by the FSSAI, for them to understand the business and the products that are going to be sold under the company name. It is required to process the registration under the FSSAI.

  • Further scrutiny
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In this step, your application is sent for further surveillance to the local FBO by the FSSAI itself to get all the information possible about the food products that you will sell and have the necessary quality checks done as well.

  • Pay the required fee

You will then be required to pay the required registration/licensing fee as per the license or registration you have applied for.

  • Obtain the FSSAI license

You will attain the license after 20 to 40 working days, and they will mail you the license after regular follow-ups from the food department.

Cost of Additional Items:

Every time you add an item to the previous list that you have submitted to the FSSAI regarding the food items that you would be selling, you will have to pay a certain amount to get that particular food item registered with the FSSAI as well. You can add these items online through a form and then the process of registration of the item will take place just like it did for all the other previous items.

Issuance of Duplicate FSSAI Certificate:

If you happen to lose the FSSAI Registration certificate and need to get a new one, you have to pay 10% of the registration fee. You can apply for the certificate online, and they will mail you the certificate after processing your application and receiving the fees. It is always important to keep the certificate on hand to mark your products with the FSSAI marking so that the customers will trust your food products and buy them.

Mode of FSSAI Registration Fee Payment in Delhi:

There are various modes of payments, which are accepted by the FSSAI while you are paying the registration or any other fees. In Delhi, you can pay the registration fees by an SBI Challan or online payment to the SBI bank account that is linked to the FSSAI website[1]. You can find the bank details on their website and transfer the money accordingly. There is also a convenient option of depositing the money in their SBI bank account, and you can choose the method that best fits your convenience.

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The registration of the company can be done on a central or state level depending upon the location where your company is making the food items and also the size of the company, production capacity, turnover, and much more. The time that will be taken for the registration will be the same for almost all the companies, but the depth analysis, registration fees, the location might matter according to the size and ratio of the company.

Essential points to consider

It is important to get the company registered under the FSSAI to satisfy the customers with a quality mark so that they can buy your products without any apprehensions. Once you get the FSSAI approval mark, you can use the same to market your products to attract more customers and assure them that the food products that you are selling are high in quality and approved by the health ministry in India as well. It will be a great addition to confidence in your food items, and you can continue running the business without any hassles and intrusions from the competitors.

You must also check if you are eligible for the Food Registration as a first step before applying for registration. They have an online portal where you can check and then fill out the application form.


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