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FSSAI Guidelines for Product Approval

Narendra Kumar

| Updated: May 12, 2017 | Category: FSSAI Food License

fssai product approval

Food safety is imperative and today it has become a global concern. The regulatory authorities are taking measures to minimize food safety risks. in this article, We will discuss the procedure of FSSAI Product approval.

How to get FSSAI Product Approval?

The government and other regulatory authorities are focusing on delivering quality, wholesome, and safe food to the consumers. The enhancement of food safety standards and regulations is a major step in this direction. These standards and regulations ensure the availability of wholesome and safe food for consumption as per scientific standards. In the present, before selling the food products to the consumers, it is imperative for the manufacturers to get their food product approved by the FSSAI. Product Approval is a comprehensive validation to make food products traded in the Indian markets as per Indian rules. FSSAI is the governing and apex authority issuing food product approval as per the set guidelines. FSSAI maintains the vigilance over each and every food product traded on the market. FSSAI Product approval requires a depth analysis of food product is likely to be sold in the market. every marker must fall under the mandatory product approval category cannot sell / Manufacture the product without the approval from the regulator.

With the implementation of the Food Safety and Standard Regulations, it has become vital for the food business operators to obtain a valid FSSAI Registration and License for conducting business in the food industry. FBOs need to obtain FSSAI food approval before making food available in the market for consumer use.

FSSAI product approval is imperative for the FBOs so as to trade in the food industry. It is essential to understand the product approval needs as it plays a fundamental role in positioning the product and so the manufacturer has no issues with the monitoring authorities.

A standard product is one that has the ingredients under the permissible guidelines, which are mentioned under the FSSAI rules and regulations. Food products need FSSAI approval when the ingredients of the product are not mentioned in the Food Safety and Standard Act and Regulations. Such products require the approval of FSSAI and appropriate authorities before they are introduced to the market. Also, if the product has a health claim; that is, the product is good for the heart or liver then the FBO needs to apply for product approval. The NAB-Accredited lab test reports must be provided to validate the claims.

The FBOs must apply for an FSSAI product approval as it helps to maintain hassle free manufacturing of the product and helps in the ease of imports.

The FSSAI Product Approval is required when:

  • The food product or ingredients have not been used in any country across the globe.
  • If the safety assessment of the product was not performed earlier.
  • Importation of product or ingredient which are new to the industry.
  • The existing license holder whose product safety assessment has not been performed.
  • If the food product contains ingredients which are introduced for the first time in the country.
  • A proprietary product that requires approval.

The Process of the Food Product Approval System:

  • Registration of the business owners- Product approval is a major advantage to the food business operators to get the business registered to make the process of the product approval easy,
  • Apply for the Product Approval along with all relevant information and mandatory documents
  • Product food label – The label of the food product must be as per the FSSAI Guidelines and while applying for the product approval, the FBO must provide the prototype of the product label along with all documents
  • Make the payment of Product Approval Fees
  • Scrutiny of all the documents
  • Referral to the scientific panel if required

Product Details and Information Submitted to FSSAI for Product Approval are:

  1. Business Name
  2. Business Address
  3. Generic Name of the food product
  4. Manufacturer Address
  5. Phone and Email
  6. Type of business
  7. Product origin
  8. Country of origin of the product
  9. Name of the brand
  10. Claim detail, if any
  11. Existence in the market
  12. The manufacturing method of the product
  13. The shelf life of the food product.
  14. Size of the package
  15. A prototype of the label of the food product
  16. Details of the ingredients in the product
  17. Serving details
  18. Real-time stability data sheet
  19. End-Use Declaration Document
  20. NABL Lab Certificate of product test analysis
  21. Undertaking and Form 9

Application of FSSAI Product Approval Online:

In the present time, the FBOs does not have to go window to window to submit the application for product approval. With the advent of the internet, today FBOs can apply for the FSSAI product approval online. The online product approval procedure is very simple and brings transparency to the system. Any Food Business Operator can submit and track their application status online. Also, at the FSSAI website, one can get the required and detailed information about the food product approval system, FSSAI guidelines and documentation details required during the application.

There are a significant number of food products which come under the product approval procedure. Also, there are various steps involved in the documentation, submission, and validation in the product approval process and the rules and regulations are very stringent. If a product fails to acquire the product approval by FSSAI or relevant authority, then it may difficult to obtain the product approval later.

For that reason, it is imperative to get the right information and the guidance of a professional consultant that can acquire the food product approval by FSSAI successfully. The constants provide end to end solutions to the FBOs and help in each step involved in the product approval process like documentation preparation, verification, and submission of an application to the FSSAI.

The consultants have the relevant experience and are acquainted with the rules, regulations, and provisions of the FSSAI related to product approval. They make the application process hassle-free and help throughout the application process.  The consultants save a lot of time and make sure all the mandatory requisites are fulfilled by FBOs for product approval and charge a sensible price for their services. It is advantageous to avail the services of a professional consultant as they will manage everything professionally and offer excellent service.

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