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FSSAI License for Hotels: Guidelines for Hotels

FSSAI license for hotels

FSSAI license for Hotels has been simplified in the recent notification issued by the FSSAI department. In this article we will look at the requirement of FSSAI license for hotels.

What is FSSAI Compliance requirement for Hotels or Restaurants?

FSSAI dept. has issued detailed FSSAI guidelines for hotels and hence FSSAI license is mandatory for hotels/restaurants in India. As per the FSSAI Act, all food business operators have to apply for FSSAI License within the prescribed time period. The requirement of license depends upon the turnover of the business. There are three forms of FSSAI Registration/Licensing- FSSAI basic registration, FSSAI State License and FSSAI Central License.

Significance of FSSAI License for Hotels

The food industry is one of the fastest growing industries. The reason behind this is the increasing number of people preferring to dine out due to the changing lifestyles. As a food business operator for hotels, you may apply for FSSAI State license or FSSAI central License subject to fulfilment of terms and condition specified in the FSSAI Act[1]

The Food Safety and Standard Authority of India has issued a regulation according to which every food business operator in all of the cities across India need to have an FSSAI license to ensure food safety. It is to enforce and maintain the hygiene standards at the hotels and other food outlets. It is imperative for the food business operators to obtain the FSSAI registration and abide by the rules as defined. To acquire a food business operator license, all the restaurants, hotels, cafes, bars, office and schools cafeterias etc. need to comply with stringent guidelines and maintain specific hygiene practice. The food business operators can obtain the registration and license through the FSSAI website.

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A FSSAI license will raise the trust factor among the public that the hotel is serving unadulterated food to its consumers. One can even grow their businesses by getting a license. The turnover of the business may also grow with licensing.

Food License for the hotel – 100% online process

In the present times, with the advent of the internet, it has become convenient to get information and submit the application without any hassle of going to different desks and authorities to get different approvals. FSSAI provides the opportunity for the food business operators to apply and acquire the License/Registration Online. The FBO can register with and can apply for the FSSAI Central license if it meets the requirement of regulator after providing the required details and submitting the mandatory documents online portal.

The payment for the application can be paid online. You can also check the status of the application. After the issuance of the license, one can apply for renewal of new licenses, modifications, and request a duplicate license when required. The FSSAI license for hotels is of two types: Central FSSAI license and State FSSAI license. A Food license is valid for one year only and is required to be renewed before expiration.

FSS Act 2006 was incorporated to ensure that the food meets the consumer expectations in terms of quality and substance. It provides the legal powers in relation to consumer interest and public health. The act covers the entire food chain from primary food production to the distribution to retailers and end users. It regulates and specifies the guidelines and quality standards to be maintained for food articles. Also, there are penalties to be charged for carrying out the food business without FSSAI license and selling food with sub-standard quality to the consumers.

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The Food Business Operators (FBOs) are required to follow the rules mentioned below:

  • The license holder must display the license at a prominent place on the premises.
  • The food business operator must inform the authorities about modifications and changes in processes and activities.

Manufacturing and Hygiene Practices for Hotels applying for FSSAI License

A good manufacturing and hygiene practice must be maintained by hotels with respect to the following:

Manufacturing and Hygiene Practices for Hotels

Food Preparation Area

  • The cooking area must be clean, properly managed and ventilated.
  • There must be separate sinks for washing utensils, cleaning equipment and cleaning raw food.
  • The equipment, utensils, crockery, and cutlery used for cooking and serving food must be washed properly using detergent and hot water.

Raw material

  • The raw materials used must be of optimum quality and must be purchased from a reliable and registered vendor.
  • The raw material must be stored in a clean and hygienic condition at adequate temperatures.
  • The fruits and vegetables must be washed thoroughly before use.
  • The quality of the food grade material must be checked timely to avoid deterioration.
  • The food must be covered properly.
  • The record of the daily sales and utilization of raw material must be maintained.
  • The manufacturer must ensure the testing of the chemical or microbiological contaminants in the food products.

Cooking and Storing

  • The food must be prepared, processed and cooked adequately.
  • The ingredients used for preparing food must be fresh and must be cooked thoroughly.
  • The preparation of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food must be separate.
  • Reuse of the cooking oil must be avoided.
  • Food must be cooked thoroughly. Cold food must be kept below 5°c and hot food above 60°c.
  • Make use of separate chopping board, knives and utensils for vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.
  • Vegetarian and non-vegetarian food must be stored in a separate container.
  • Store cold food below 5°c and frozen food products at or below 18°c.
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Workers’ Hygiene

  • High standards of the hygiene of the employees must be maintained as per the FSSAI rules.

Transportation and handling of food

  • The vehicles or the transportation mode used to carry the food must be clean and hygienic.
  • The vehicles must be used only for the sole purpose of delivering and carrying food products.
  • The transportation duration must be minimal.
  • During transportation, the temperature of the vehicle must be maintained at the correct temperature.
  • The food to be kept for cold storage should be distributed in small quantity.
  • All packaged food like bottled beverages, sterilized milk, canned foods etc. must be stored properly during transportation to ensure that seals remain intact and undamaged.
  • The temperature of the food must be maintained until it reaches the end customer.

Employ Qualified Personnel

For all food business operators, it is imperative to employ at least one technical expert to supervise and manage the production process. The person employed must possess a degree or diploma in biochemistry or food technology, or microbiology or food and nutrition or any other discipline.

Location of Food Business must be Specified

The food business must be located away from industrial areas that produce smoke, fumes, dust, or contaminated waste as it may contaminate food. Otherwise, appropriate measures must be taken to avoid contamination.

Personnel Facility

There must be a proper system and separate changing facility for male and female staff. Also, wash basin for washing and drying hands before touching food materials must be provided.

Design and Layout requirement for FSSAI License for Hotels

The food establishment must have separate areas for preparing, storing and serving food. The layout of the premises must be facilitated to make the manufacturing process smooth and hassle-free. The premises must be cleaned regularly and must have a proper drainage system.


If you desire to kick start a hotel business then all above mentioned guidelines should be followed. These guidelines have been formulated keeping in mind the safety of public health.

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