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How to Start Weight Loss or Dietary Foods products business in India

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Are you planning to manufacture weight loss or dietary foods in the country? If yes, certain guidelines can help you in this endeavor. It is significant for you to note that any pre-packaged food products manufactured in the country, whether dietary foods or weight loss foods, need to ensure compliance with the Food Safety and Standards (Packaging and Labelling) Regulations, 2011. FSSAI or the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India issued a notification in accordance with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare[1] as the Food Safety and Standards Regulation, 2011. Let us have a look at the regulations related to food labelling in the country.

Know more about Food Labelling Regulations

Every pre-packed or prepackaged food has to comply with food labelling regulations of the country. As per this regulation, prepackaged food which is placed in any package such that its contents don’t undergo any change without tampering and is ready to be sold to the end consumer has to follow the food labelling regulations.

General Requirements in Labelling

Prepackaged weight loss and special dietary food sold in the country must comply with the following labelling requirements.

  • The label on the dietary foods must be in Hindi or Devnagri or English language. Besides the above-mentioned language, the information on the label can be in any other language as well.
  • The information mentioned on the label must not be misleading, false, deceptive or create a wrong impression of the product.
  • The label must be attached or stuck to the container in such a way that it cannot be separated easily.
  • Prominent, clear, easy to read and indelible information must be presented in the label.
  • In case there is a wrapper covering the container, it is imperative to make sure that the wrapper has required information making the product label inside easy to read it by not obscuring.
  • Food name must be mentioned besides food description and trade name. If the dietary food or weight loss food has more than one ingredients, a proper ingredients list must be presented in descending order of their composition by volume or weight at the time of manufacturing.
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Besides the above regulations, many other regulations are related to labelling applied to pre-packaged foods. Seeking guidance or help from an FSSAI License Consultant can help make things clear and ensure compliance with the regulations.

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Information about Nutrition

The label on the pre-packaged food must have nutritional facts or nutritional information per 100ml or 100 grams pr per product serving with information as under-

  • Energy Value in Kcal
  • The label must have information about the amount of carbohydrate (specify sugar quantity), proteins and fat in ml or grams;
  • If any other nutrient is added to the food, information about the same in terms of quantity must be given;
  • In case, the label mentions “nutrition claim,” “health claim” or “risk reduction” claim it is going to be minutely scrutinized by the FSSAI authorities. Thus, when making any such claims, it must be validated using the test data.
  • Symbols of Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian

If the prepackaged food is non-vegetarian, a brown-coloured circle inside a square must be shown as a symbol. If there is an only an egg in the prepackaged food as non-vegetarian, the manufacturer can declare the product just having only egg alongside the non-vegetarian symbol. In case the food is completely vegetarian, the label must have a symbol with a circle filled with green colour in a square.

  • Added Colors, Food Additives, and Flavors

If adding certain additives to the food products, it is mandatory to be mentioned with class titles and specific names on the label. One can also mention international numerical identifications. Colouring matter addition should be mentioned on the label. The label must also have statements like “contains permitted natural colour (s)” right below the ingredients list on the label.

  • Manufacturer’s Details
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The label must also contain information about the manufacturer and his complete address. If the food has been imported, the name of the importer and his address must be clearly mentioned on the label.

  • Net Quantity

The prepackaged food must have information about its net quantity. The weight of packaging materials or wrappers must be excluded from this information.

The label must also have information about Lot number for the purpose of batch identification, date of packaging or manufacturing, country of origin in case of imported food and more.

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