FSSAI Food License

FSSAI Kerala Registration: Procedure, Fee Structure, Documents Required, and Renewal Process

FSSAI Kerala Registration

FSSAI Kerala is food safety and standards license or registration under the government of Kerala. It issues licenses to food business operators and any other person who is involved in selling food products under the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006. The motto of the Commissionerate of Food Safety Kerala is “Safe Food for Healthy Life.” Their vision is to work hand in hand with the local community and take a forward step towards making Kerala into a model state renowned for its food safety and quality.

About FSSAI Kerala Registration

Food Safety Kerala works under the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 and issues licenses and registration to people involved in selling food/beverages. The Government of Kerala aims to only permit selling of food and beverages products which are healthy and fit for human consumption. 

The Indian Government promulgated the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 to centralize all the regulations related to food safety and to introduce changes from time to time in the regulatory mechanisms.  The FSSA under Section 30, constituted a Commissionerate of Food Safety in all states in India for efficient implementation of food safety and standards and other requirements given under the Act. The Commissionerate of Food Safety was constituted in the state of Kerala in July 2009.

The Commissionerate of Food Safety comprises of two wings;

  1. The Enforcement Wing: The Enforcement Wing comprises of the following institutions;
The Enforcement Wing - Fssai Kerala

2. The Analytical Wing

The Analytical Wing comprises of the following institutions;

Food Licensing and Registration System (FLRS)

Analytical Wing - Fssai Kerala

The mission of Commissionerate of Food Safety Kerala

The Government of Kerala has made many initiatives towards making Kerala a better place to live. It has started the Kerala startup mission that supports new businesses to grow, FSSAI Kerala for ensuring food safety, the Hridyam to support children with heart disorders, any more. The aim of the FSSAI Kerala is to;

  • Ensure selling of food items which are fit for human consumption within the state
  • Also, ensure that the food seller complies with best standards and practices for providing safe food at all level, i.e. from “Farm to Fork”
  • Help develop and maintain a “Food Safety Culture” among the citizen of the state
  • Make “Safe and Nutritious Food” a way of living in Kerala

How to apply for registration?

Follow these steps to get FSSAI Kerala registration;

  • Visit the official website[1] of Commissionerate of Food Safety
FSSAI Kerala registration Process
  • Go to services dropdown menu
FSSAI Kerala
  • Click on License/Registration menu; You will be directed to the official FSSAI page
  • Click on Apply Now; Click on Accept on the next Declaration/Undertaking page
FSSAI Kerala
  • Select your state
FSSAI Kerala
  • Fill all the required details such as; type of license/registration, kind of business, turnover, registered address of FBO, etc.
  • Upload supporting documents
  • Pay the fees
  • Take a print of Form B and sign it
  • Upload a scanned copy of the signed form. After uploading the acknowledgment will be generated

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Documents you Require for FSSAI Kerala Registration

You would need some documents to upload at the time of applying for a license. The documents you would need are as follows;

  • Filled and signed Form B
  • Blueprint of the unit {Mandatory only for manufacturing and processing units}
  • List of directors/partners, etc. {Mandatory only for Companies}
  • Name and record of machinery/equipment {Mandatory only for manufacturing and processing units}
  • Identity proof
  • List of food items manufactured or made
  • Proof of possession of building like a rent agreement
  • NOC and proof of license obtained from manufactured

For renewal of License

  • Any change in documents
  • Filled and signed Form B
  • Certificate/FSMS plan
  • Form IX
  • Details of the technical person involved in the change of operation
  • NOC and proof of license obtained from manufactured
  • Blueprint of the unit {Mandatory only for manufacturing and processing units}
  • Declaration form applicable for Delhi and Himachal Pradesh

Structure of fees

In Kerala, the following fees structure is applicable for getting a new license

Structure of fees

For renewal of the license

The amount of renewal of license depends on the number of years selected by the food business owner

Fee for a registration certificate

Sr. No. Action with license Amount
1. New registration certificate Rs. 100/year
2. Renewal of registration certificate Rs. 100/year
3. For Duplicate registration certificate 10% of applicable license fees

Products banned for sale in Kerala

The Government of Kerala has banned certain products within the state. Therefore, by the order of the Kerala Government[2], it is illegal to sell such banned products in the state of Kerala. The officials associated with maintaining food safety did this to ensure only food products are sold within the state which is fit for human consumption. The products banned by the Kerala State Government are as follows;

SalSabeel Packaged Drinking Water

The Government of Kerala banned SalSabeel Packaged Drinking Water to be sold in Kerala through Order No. 1631, dated 1/7/2019. The Food Safety Officer, Chithannoor circle collected samples of water of the product and found that the sample was microbiologically contaminated. The food analyst reported in Form VII stating that the sample was found containing coliform bacteria and yeast & mould which is unsafe for human consumption as per section 3(1), FSS Act.

McDowells Packaged Drinking Water

The Government of Kerala banned the McDowells No. 1 Packaged Drinking Water through Order No. 1561, dated 30/7.2019. The Food Safety Officer, Kottayam circle collected a sample of water from a bakery store located in Kottayam region itself and sent it for inspection. For the same, the Food Analyst issued their report in Form VII A and opined that the sample contained more than the permitted amount of silver in it.

Chocolates by Ayush Choco Co.

Furthermore, the assistant food commissioner of food safety, Kollam reported that the Chocolates (choco dose) which is a toy injection chocolates manufactured by Ayush Choco Co. had bad effects on human health. The officer suspected that used medical syringes were being used for the packing of the product. Henceforth, issued an order to ban the product vide Order No. B2/3961 dated 17/6/2019.

Coconut oil by Surya

The food safety officer, Kunnamangalam circle, Khozikode district collected a sample of coconut oil of Surya brand marketed by Balakumaran Oil Mill, No. 98-A, Anna Nagar, Vellakovil, Thirupur and sent it for analysis. Upon analysis the Food Analyst declared the product to be Substandard as per Section 3(1), FSS Act as the product did not conform to the standard prescribed for Coconut Oil.

To Conclude

The government of Kerala took a step towards making the state a place where no harmful food product is sold. As per regulation under Food Safety and Standards Regulation, 2011, all FBOs must have an FSSAI license/registration is they are involved in manufacturing, processing or storing food items and selling them to earn profits. FSSAI Kerala is an authorization provided by the Government of Kerala to FBOs running within the state.

The Kerala Government aims to allow selling of food products that do not contain any type of harmful substance or foods which can be categorized as substandard. They focus on building Kerala a state with the motto “Safe Food for Healthy Life.”

Also, the Kerala food safety officials found contamination in certain products upon analysis of samples and banned those products for sale within the state. Furthermore, they declared some products as substandard after analyzing the samples. This is a new concept/initiative taken by the Kerala Government for maintaining food safety in the state.

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