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Tanya Verma

Tanya is working as writer & editor from past 2 years with experience in covering startup and technology related topics.

Oct 06 2019

Prohibition on Acceptance of Deposit as per Companies Act, 2013

After the onset of this Act, no Company can accept, invite, or renew deposit under this Act from the public, with some exceptions as mentioned under Chapter V. Section 73...

Oct 06 2019

Reserve Bank of India Reducted in the Repo Rate for the Fifth Time by the

The Reserve Bank of India reduced the policy Repo Rate for the fifth time in a row. The body took this step contemplating the country’s current economic conditions. Therefore, the...

Oct 05 2019

How to Set Up a Packaged Drinking Water Plant

Packaged drinking water plant business is an extremely profitable business idea, which you can start with low investment. As per the Industry Analysts, after all the production, advertising and packaging...

Oct 03 2019

CBDT Extends ITR Filing Deadline to 31st October for Tax Audit

CBDT (The Central Board of Direct Taxes) has decided to extend the ITR Filing deadline and tax audit reports by one month. The last date has been extended from 30th...

Oct 02 2019

How to Set Up a Honey Processing Plant in India? – Registrations and Licenses Requirments

Setting up a honey processing plant in India holds a lot of scope and opportunities for the person who wishes to start it. Honey is a highly consumable item used...

Sep 30 2019

How to Start a Paper Plate Business in India?

Starting a paper plate business in India is a very easy process and it requires a very low initial investment. You just need to get the necessary licenses and registrations,...

Sep 28 2019

All You Need to Know About Spices Board and Spices Board Act, 1986

The Spices Board of India is a flagship regulatory body set up by the Government of India to monitor, develop and promote Indian Spices. The Spices Board works under the...

Sep 27 2019

How to Start a Powdered Spices Business in India?

India is a major producer and exporter of Spices, thus starting a spices business in India is a very profitable business option. Spice powder making business is a type of...

Sep 25 2019

How to Setup an Import Export Business in India: A Guide for Entrepreneurs

In recent years the import export sector has seen a major growth, henceforth the demand for such businesses has gone up. With an increased demand for import export business, many...

Sep 23 2019

Corporate Tax Rate Cut to Increase the Manufacturing of Electronic Vehicles Parts

India’s Electric Vehicles Industry is likely to receive a lot of support with the slashing of the Corporate Tax Rate on new manufacturing companies.  The vision of the Ministry is...

Sep 21 2019

Government Removed the Debenture Redemption Reserve Requirements for Listed Companies, NBFCs and HFCs

The Government has removed the Debenture Redemption Reserve, which was required before for Non-Banking Financial Companies {NBFCs}, Housing Finance Companies {HFCs} and Listed Companies. Also, the DRR requirement has been...

Sep 21 2019

What are the Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act, 1999?

The Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act, 1999 often called as GI Act, enacted by the Government of India for the protection of Geographical Indications. In this blog...

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