FSSAI Food License

FSSAI Food License Registration for Milk Chilling Units in India

FSSAI Food License Registration for Milk Chilling Units

Milk is an item which is chilled at 40℃ or below. This process is the intermediate process done before the treatment of the milk. The necessity of chilling of milk is that eases the process for transshipment to the processing plant. In this article, we are explaining the FSSAI Food License Registration for Milk Chilling Units in India.

Significance of Milk Chilling Units

  • The Milk chilling helps in the reduction of the souring and spoilage of milk. The business holder has to get registered with the FSSAI under state or central to obtain food license.
  • The role of FSSAI-Food Safety and Standards Authority Act secures the laws relating to the food, and establishes the standards, controls the manufacturing, storage, distribution, sale, and imports.
  • Food license provided by FSSAI aims to secure that the food is fit for human consumption and other food-related issues.


Food Safety and Standards Authority of state and central food authorities of India are responsible for the implementation & enforcement of FSSAI.

Registration Procedure for Food Chilling Units

FSSAI is the main body regulating and supervising food standards in India. It has to follow the necessary procedure to provide a license for Milk Chilling Unit.

Milk Chilling Units are equipped to handle and process for the dairy units. The primary eligibility requirements/conditions are such as:

  1. The small scale business owner must have an annual turnover of Rs12 lakhs.
  2. The milk production must be 500 litres milk every day.
  3. The registration number of 14 digits obtained, must be printed on every milk packet/ products/packages or must be displayed.

Procedure for Food License- Under Smaller Units /Central Authority /State Authority

Food License Registration Under Various Authorities

FSSAI – Food License – Under State

Smaller Units

  1. A business or startup having annual turnover below of 12 lakhs rupees.
  2. Whenever the crucial turnover of the enterprise reaches above the 12 lakhs and above, it has to upgrade the food license.
  3. They are called as smaller units in India.
  4. They too have to get registered under the State Authority.
  5. This license is not only for the preparation of the milk but it also for the one who handles the various stages before it reaches the customer, in that, such as, procuring of raw material, manufacturing, or any processing, canteen packing or packing in the packets for distribution to the agencies who have authority to sell. Like in the case of milk – milk chilling has to be done, to protect from souring or pasteurization of milk before, to be put before in the packets.
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Medium Sized Units

  1. The businesses having annual turnover between 12 lakhs to 20 Crores, can apply for the State Food / FSSAI License.
  2. This food license under the state is for the small to medium-sized units or food operators in India.
  3. The milk production or milk processing or handling must be 50,000 litres per day or of liquid milk per day or 2500 MT of milk sold per annum.
  4. The Food Business Operators like manufactures, storage units, Transporters, Retailers, Restaurants, Marketers, distributors, etc., needs to obtain food license under FSSAI –State License Registration.
  5. The state food license under FSSAI is equally essential for every food vendor or food business operator.

FSSAI-Food License –Under Central Authority

Larger Units

  1. The business whose annual turnover is of 20 Crore rupees, can apply for the food license under FSSAI- Central License.
  2. Those food business operators such as importers, manufacturers, operator’s ion central governments, railways, airports, seaports, etc., need to food license from FSSAI.

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Essential Documents required Registration of Dairy Units- under FSSAI

  1. Photo Identity of the Food Business Operator.
  1. A Proof of the complete possession of premises such as rental agreement
  2.  It should include Partnership Deed or a Certificate of Incorporation.
  3. It must-have list of food products (that would be inputs and the final menu) to be dealt with.
  4. A detailed food safety management plan.

Advance documents required for FSSAI registration of Diary Chilling Units

Documents required for Food License of Diary Chilling Units
  1. It must include the photograph of the production unit.
  1. The layout plan or the business blueprint must show the dimensions in meters or square meters and operation-wise area allocation the processing unit.
  2. Address of all the Directors- full address and contact details, it is necessary for the companies.
  3. It should have the name and List of Equipment and Machinery and the number, installed capacity and horsepower used.
  4. Have to give the Analysis report of – Chemical & Bacteriological of water, which is to be used as an element in food from a recognized/ public health laboratory. This is for the potable, manufacturing, and processing units.
  5. Proprietor or Partner or Director or Authorized Signatory Photo I.D and address proof issued by the Government authority.
  6. A Proof of possession of premises, such as- Sale deed or Rent agreement or Electricity bill, etc.
  7. Copy of certificate obtained under Cooperative Societies Act-1861/ Multi-State Cooperative Act-2002 in case of Cooperatives- wherever it is applicable.
  8. Submit a Partnership Deed or Self Declaration for Proprietorship.
  9. File the Memorandum-MOA & Articles of Association-AOA towards the constitution of the firm.
  10. Give details of the source of milk or procurement plan for milk, including the milk collection centre etc. whenever acquiring the Milk and Products processing units. It is to be done whenever applicable.
  11. Must fill the Form IX which is for the Nomination of Persons by a Company.
  12. Must file the board resolution under the Form IX.
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Fee Structure for the Registration under FSSAI-Food License

  • A  new license fee -Rs.7500/-
  • The renewal fee for the license -Rs. 7500/-
  •  Modification fees of the license – Rs. 7500/-
  • Duplicate license fees – Rs.10/-

Renewal of FSSAI License/ Food License

  1. The food license is valid for 1 or 5 years, as chosen by the dairy farmer from the date of registration.
  2. The renewal application shall be made in Form A and 30 days before the expiration of the license.
  3. If the license for renewal is not applied within the stipulated period, it shall stand expired from that same date.


As per section 31(1) and 31(2) of FSS Act, 2006, every food business operator in India, is required to obtain the food license under the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India[1]. The licensing and registration procedure is governed by the Food Safety & Standards (Licensing and Registration of Food Business) Regulations, 2011.

It can be concluded that diary units which include, milk chilling, and equipped to handle or process milk,  is required to get FSSAI Registration or food license. A dairy processing means handling, processing, manufacturing, packing, storing, distribution, transportation of milk and milk products.

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