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Sonal Pruthi

She is B.Com (H), LL.B LLM, Cs (Module 2) And Certification In Cyber Law From ILI Qualified. She has Been A Legal Teacher In The Previous Organization. My Strength Is My Expertise Knowledge In Civil Laws, Corporate Law And Tax Laws. I Have Been Legal Teacher And Legal Trainer In The Past Organization. Her Knowledge About The Subjects Have Expanded Due To Teaching Number Students From Various Universities All Over India.

Incorporation of Producer Company under Companies Act, 2013

This article is about the incorporation of Producer Companies under Companies Act, 2013. The Producer Company has been defined under section 405 of the Companies Act, 2013. The articles discuss...

Feb 16 2021

Key Features of RBI Governor’s Statement, February 5, 2021

The article features the key features of the RBI Governor Statement issued on 5th February 2021.The article discussing the Governor’s decision of the repo rate and reverse repo rate. Here...

Feb 15 2021

Guidelines for issue of units by Unlisted Infrastructure Investment Trust (InvIT)

The article has emphasised the guidelines for issue of units by Unlisted Infrastructure Investment Trust- INVIT. The Infrastructure Investment Trust has been covered under the Chapter VIA of the SEBI...

Feb 15 2021

FRRO Registration: All you need to know

The article presents views over FRRO Registration. FRRO is an abbreviation for Foreigners Regional Registration Offices. The article discusses the importance of FRRO Registration for foreigners. Every foreigner coming to...

Feb 13 2021

Regulatory Framework for NBFCs: A RBI Revision

The paper speaks about the regulatory framework for an NBFC. RBI has been regularly changing the structure of the NBFC. It is pertinent to mention that NBFCs has seen a...

Feb 13 2021

How will the budget affect InvITS and REITs?

The article discusses the new regime of INVITS and REITS. The terminology INVITS stands for - Indian Infrastructure Investment Trust and REITS- Real Estate Investment Trust. The Indian Infrastructure Investment...

Feb 12 2021

Points to check before buying Health Insurance

The concept of health insurance requires specific points to check before buying Health Insurance. Health is the prime consideration point for any country's growth. As said, "Health is Wealth." There...

Feb 12 2021

Importance of Health Insurance Plans: A Complete Guide

The article speaks about the importance of health insurance plans.  Securing a health insurance plan is crucial during these days. Hefty medical bills require individuals to take different health insurance...

Feb 11 2021

How to Register a Religious charitable trust organizations?

In this article, we discuss how to register a religious charitable trust organization. A religious charitable trust is registered with a document which is called the Bill of Rights. Charitable...

Feb 11 2021

Conversion of a Nidhi Company into a Full-Fledged NBFC Company

The article speaks about the conversion process from a Nidhi company into a full fledged NBFC Company. Nidhi Company carries out business of lending and borrowing with its members. The...

Feb 10 2021

Legal Compliances of NGO Laws in India – A complete guide

The article iterates the view of legal compliance of NGO Laws in India. NGO stands for the Non-Governmental Organization or Non-voluntary Organisation. The various forms of the non-governmental organizations are...

Feb 10 2021

Closure of Nidhi Company: A Legislative Requirement

The article explains the closure of Nidhi Company. Like every other Company, the Nidhi Company can be wound up by its members. Nidhi Company is characterized as an entity where...

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