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Why FBOs follow FSSAI Compliance?

FSSAI Compliance

The government of India is showing a keen interest in the quality of various food products. It is taking the initiative to protect the health of the people of its nation. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India has framed (FSSAI) several FSSAI compliances that work strictly towards the smooth functioning of food businesses. In India Food Safety and Standard Act, 2006 regulate and monitor the food businesses whereas FSSAI makes sure that food circulating in the market is pure and will not prove lethal to people. Also, compliances under FSSAI act are mandatory to follow by the businessman who wishes to enter in the food industry. FSSAI compliances should be followed strictly at the time of entering the food market.  Read full insight on Why FBOs follow FSSAI Compliance.

FSSAI CEO Pawan Agarwal once issued a statement, “Standards are continuously evolving based on the views of the scientific panels. We want the field machinery to be focused on genuine cases of unsafe products. We also want to reduce the burden of litigation.”

The purpose behind forming the Food Safety and Standard Act, 2006 is to improvise the functioning of the food industry. This act works like a watchdog to the functioning of food operator, online seller, manufacturer, distributor, and importer as well. Though multiple factors will decide whether you are eligible to receive a food license or not such as turnover, the scale of business, and the type of activity.

Key Points fulfilled by the companies at the time of registration

  • Basic Entity Registration

The food business operator must be a separate entity with a separate PAN, GST registration number.

  • Food License

The companies or startups that are planning to launch their footsteps in the food industry must get their food license from the FSSAI.

  • Search for the Category of License

Food license is location specific and what kind of license you will need is depending on the nature of the activity and area of the location.

  • Expedite Processing

Once you are done with legal formalities of filling the application form in the prescribed format along with the required documents you are free to obtain your license within the 15-20 days of the said filling.

  • Condition of the License

A food license is issued by following the few conditions. Make sure as a food operator you will fulfill all the conditions within the stipulated timeframe.

  • Labeling Requirement

Logo and license should be displayed on the product packaging in contrast with the background color as per the labeling regulation.

Responsibilities of Food Business Operators (FBOs)

Food business operator is responsible for the following:

  • Awareness Training
  • Food Safety Management System
  • Voluntary Compliance Program
  • Audits
  • Record-Keeping
  • Recall Planning
  • Registration
  • Renewals
  • Product Compliance
  • Annual Returns
  • Modifications

Criteria to follow for obtaining food license under FSSAI compliances:

  • FSSAI Basic Registration

Food businesses whose Annual turnover does not cross the limit of Rs12 lakh per annum

  • FSSAI State License

Food businesses with a turnover of more than 12lakh and below 20 crores annually

  • FSSAI Central License

Food businesses whose turnover is more than 20 crores annually

What are Food Compliance Services?

list of  fssai complainces

Steps to Meet FSSAI Compliance Requirements

In order to get a license from FSSAI, the company operating in the food sector must meet the FSSAI Compliance requirements. Some of the key steps to follow in order to meet the requirements are as follows:

Nutritional Information on Label

It is necessary for all the packaged products to provide nutritional information on the label. The FSSAI needs to test the product on certain parameters and want that information to be printed on product packaging. The parameters include:

Nutritional Information on Label

Shelf Life

Compliance under the FSSAI act says that it is mandatory that all the companies must clearly mention the shelf life of all packaged products. Earlier this provision was not compulsory but now it has become a mandatory requirement.


Food Business Operators will have to pass a GAP audit regulated by the authorities. It has the following aspects:

fssai compliances audit

Food Safety

Food safety aspect talks about the following:

fssai safety audit

Water Testing

Acquiring an FSSAI license is not easy, it will require you to go to multiple stages of testing one of them is water testing. The food business unit will go through a water potability test to ensure that clean and quality water is used and available. This test makes sure that the quality of water will not contaminate the food products.

Help from a consultant

It is best to hire a professional FSSAI license consultant to get the license with the FSSAI. Enterslice can help you in the following cases:

Fssai Consultant help

Compliances under FSSAI

It is essential to obtain a food license and to adhere to raw material standards. However, there is no need to act in accordance with the following compliances:

  • Supply chain compliance
  • Advertising compliance
  • Product and operational compliance with schedule 4 audits
  • Packaging and labeling compliance
  • Other regulatory compliance


The food processing industry is one of the largest industries in India. It is huge and has the caliber to boost the agricultural economy of our country. This industry not only has created employment opportunities but is also responsible for bringing export earnings. Before commencing a food business it is essential to get the license of the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India[1] (FSSAI). The act was established to ensure the availability of safe and hygienic food. It essential for all food business operators to follow FSSAI compliance and to obtain the license from FSSAI, including entities right from post farming, selling, manufacturing, retailers, labeling and more.

The checklist under FSSAI compliance makes sure that hygiene and transparency in food are always maintained.

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