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How to Obtain DIN (Director Identification Number)

Director Identification Number

Director Identification Number is 8 digit unique identity number of Directors/Designated Partners who are intending to appoint as Director/Designated Partners in the Company/LLP. Every Director/Designated Partner should have the Director Identification Number.

Why Director Identification Number (DIN) is required?

The Director Identification is required only when the Director intends to appoint as Director in the Company or Designated partner in the Limited Liability Partnership. Director Identification Number is required to obtain only once, if he is already holding DIN then another DIN cannot be obtained for the same. Once, the DIN is obtained the same can be utilized if it intends to appoint in other Company or Limited Liability Partnership.

Who is authorized to issue the DIN?

The Central Government is authorized to issue the Director Identification Number.

What are DIN and DPIN?

The individual who is intending to appoint as Director in the Company the identity can be known as Director Identification Number (DIN) and the individual who is intending to appoint as Designated Partner/Partner in Limited Liability Partnership the identity can be known as Designated Partner Identification Number (DPIN).

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Who can apply for the DIN?

The Only individual who is resident or non-resident can apply for the DIN/DPIN.

Which form is required to obtain the DIN?

The Form DIR-3 is required to be filed with Registrar of Companies for obtaining the DIN in case if the Director/Designated partner/partner intending to appoint in an existing Company/LLP.

If any individual who is intending to become a Director/Designated Partner/Partner in a new Company/LLP then the DIN can be obtained only through spice form at the time of incorporation.

How to obtain the DIN?

The following are steps for obtaining the DIN:

  1. Download the Form DIR-3 from the MCA portal[1].
  2. Fill all the details mentioned in form DIR-3 like Name of the Applicant, Occupation, Mobile number, present and permanent address, PAN Number, Email-ID, and Educational Qualification.
  3. Attached the documents as mentioned below.
  4. The Director who is intending to appoint in an existing Company, the CIN of the existing Company needs to be prefilled.
  5. Affix the Digital Signature of the Applicant and Director of the existing Company.
  6. Upload the form on the MCA portal and make the payment.
  7. After making the payment the challan will be generated where the DIN number shall be systematically generated.

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How the DIN will be allotted?

  1. After generation of DIN number, the Central Government shall process the application received for the DIN thereafter it will decide whether the DIN application applied is genuine or not, if approved then it will communicate the same to the applicant along with the DIN through by letter of post or electronically or in any other mode within 1 month from the date of receipt of application.
  2. If the Central Government, while on examination finds such application to be defective or incomplete, it shall give the intimation of such defect or incompleteness through by placing it on the website and by mail to the applicant, to rectify the such defects or incompleteness by resubmitting the application within a period of fifteen days of placing it on the website and email.
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On what basis the Central Government can reject the application?

  • It has the right to reject the application and direct the applicant to file the fresh application with complete and correct information, where the defect has been rectified or the information gave is still defective or incomplete.
  • Treat and label such application as invalid in the electronic record in case the defects are not removed within given time and
  • Inform the applicant either through by way of post or electronically or in any other mode.


  • In case of rejection or invalid application, the fee so paid with the application shall neither be refunded or adjusted with any other application.
  • The Director Identification Number so allotted is valid for the lifetime of the applicant and shall not be allotted to any other person.

What are the Documents required for obtaining the DIN?

Below mentioned are the documents required:

  • Proof of Identity: In the case of Indian Nationals PAN Card is mandatory and in case of Foreign Nationals Passport is mandatory
  • Proof of Residence: Aadhaar Card/Passport/Driving License/Voter’s Identity Card/Electricity bill (not older than two months)

In the case of foreign Nationals, the address proof should not be older than 1 year.

  • Board resolution of an existing company
  • one photograph

How much time does it take to obtain the DIN?

The DIN can be obtained within 1 day subject to the availability of the Documents.

When DIN will be allotted?

After uploading the Form DIR-3 and making the successful payment the DIN number will be generated only if it has not identified as duplicate. If the DIN has been identified as duplicate, the provisional DIN is generated and it goes with concern DIN cell for back processing, upon approval of the form the provisional DIN becomes the approved DIN.

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Director Identification Number (DIN) is mandatory for every Director/Designated Partner whether they are appointing in an existing Company/Limited Liability Partnership or newly incorporated Company/Limited Liability Partnership. For taking these services you may kindly contact ENTERSLICE”.

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