Real Estate and Property Law

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Real Estate and Property Law

Real Estate and property law are fundamental to our day-to-day life operations and serve an important opportunity. Step into the world of real estate and property law, where deals are dynamic and always changing. At Enterslice, we offer real estate advisory, tax, accounting and assurance experts to support you in making informed decisions in the real Estate and property landscape. Our experts are well-versed in property laws, legal rules and regulations related to property deals. We offer expert guidance in the right direction to ensure the right decisions to buy and sell must be in accordance with the compliance of existing laws. UtilizingClients can experience a hassle-free reality using our real estate and property law services. Our team has the experience and necessary skills to deliver you with a high level of real estate and property law services.

What is Real Estate and Property Law Services?

Real Estate is better defined as land or any permanent structure like a home or any kind of improvements attached to land, whether natural or manmade. Real Estate is a kind of real property that differs from personal property, which is not permanently attached to land, including vehicles, furniture,, etc. The state and local governments have laws regarding the uses of such land. Moreover, property law, sometimes known as real estate law, deals with residential and commercial property transactions and is more likely to covercover specialistareas, including property finance, mortgage lending or social housing. Utilizing our real estate and property law services offers a wide range of benefits, including industry expertise, cost efficiency, and time savings. We have in-depth industry knowledge and market expertise with the latest innovative solutions, which help you undertake the entire due diligence necessary for compliance with property regulations with ease and tense.  

Shared Real Estate and Property Law Services with overall Expert advisory

Customized Services

We believe that everyone in the real Estate and property landscape has unique, specific demands and requirements. Whether it relates to managing multiple properties, handling complex financial transactions, or complying with statutory norms and regulations. We are determined to offer a customized expert service to meet your unique needs.

Economic Solutions 

We help real estate businesses save money, are more likely to reduce their unnecessary costs, and deliver superior advice to enhance their informed business decisions. Our experts at Enterslice have an extensive wealth of knowledge and experience in real estate and property laws and will surely keep you at the forefront of the ever-evolving landscape.

Valuable Insights

Our dedicated team are committed to offering valuable insights related to industry trends and specific regulations. We are here to provide our clients with trustworthy, valuable insights and the the right direction for informed decision-making. We are here to safeguard the interests of our clients.

Our Integrated Real Estate Solutions for Real Estate Businesses Challenges

Our integrated real estate solutions include a detailed and comprehensive analysis and business strategy for your real estate business to handle your challenges. Our experts at Enterslice will assist you with real estate transaction support and corporate occupier services, restructure your business and offer property technology solutions to scale up your business. We will help you with accurate business data, which help you to make informed business decisions.

Real Estate Transaction Support

Our professionals are skilled and experienced in helping businesses in real estate transactions. With their expertise, businesses can access expert guidance and proper assistance on complex real estate investment decisions, including acquisitions, disposals and corporate reorganizations. Our industry experts have in-depth knowledge and easily support our client's businesses in various aspects such as legal, due diligence, leasing portfolio analysis, pre and post-deal structuring implementation, Real estate M&A, Joint ventures, debt finance and help to manage their projects, etc.

Corporate Occupier Services

It has been mandatory for corporate occupiers to explore the fast and ever-evolving real estate market so as to manage real estate portfolios and lease liabilities to streamline their business objectives. Our experts at Enterslice provide legal support and assistance to corporate occupiers to streamline their business operations. We offer a wide range of comprehensive legal occupier services to a number of hotels, retail, and commercial spaces, and our services include property due diligence and reporting, wayleave agreements, agreements for sale, leases, sublease and rent deposit deeds, and many more.

Restructuring your business

At Enterslice, our experts are tax specialists and offer a wide range of services with the full legal implementation of tax-led structuring with subsequent steps to establish or collapse a new structure, pre- and post-deal structuring, etc. Our experts have in-depth knowledge and offer strategies to support and streamline portfolio management, refinancing, REIT listings, etc. Utilizing our cost-efficient and effective coordination of experts, businesses can easily stay at the forefront of the market and achieve success in the ever-evolving landscape.

We offer Real Estate Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Tax Compliance and Planning

Tax Compliance and planning are important in real Estate. Our experts at Enterslice are updated with the advanced and most recent taxation laws and regulations to ensure your real estate business is minimized with low tax liabilities and stays compliant. Our professional helps businesses with their tax planning strategy, supports tax filing returns, and provides assistance with tax audits and inquiries.

Budget and forecast

Budget and forecast must be accurate to plan economic activities in the real estate sector. Our experts at Enterslice offer financial projections and forecasts to help you make informed business decisions and plan for your future. We help our client business develop a realistic budget and forecast depending upon the analysis of historical financial data and market trends. Utilizing our services, real estate businesses can comply with their realistic objectives and make informed decisions.

Administer Cash Flow

We help manage cash flow and avoid cash shortages to maintain healthy finance for real estate businesses. Our professionals at Enterslice provide proper guidance to real estate businesses in optimizing their cash flow using our strategic experts' cash flow management. We ensure that our client businesses have a proper flow of cash to meet their obligations. Utilizing our expertise services in cash flow management, you can easily focus on the core activities of your business.

Our Expert's Role in Land & Property Matters

We know the fact that property law matters tend to be more rigid and complex as technicalities exist with the local laws where property might situated. At Enterslice, We offer the best and remedial solutions for a wide range of legal problems and are most likely to bring the most possible relief for our clients. Our team has in-depth knowledge and experience handling all kinds of matters related to property, such as civil lawsuits, along with matters related to compliance, environment and land use problems, etc. Our property-related services include Paper works and other legal services such as Assignment deeds, builder agreement, general/special power of attorney, lease deed, lease license, license agreement, real estate projects, sale deed, registration, and will. We also represent our clients in the court of law in a number of matters ranging from arbitration proceedings on property matters, and assignment deeds matters, change of land use matters, due diligence on a property title, mutation of land, partition suits, joint venture constructions agreements, and stay on demolition matters. Stay on auction and offer litigation services for partition of family lands, along with techno legal advice for industrial and housing commercial projects, etc.

Laws one should know before investing in Real Estate and Property.

One should be cautious while purchasing or investing in any property to avoid fraud. We recommend that before signing any contract, you undergo detailed Paper works, have a physical view of the property, and check the land use permit. You should verify the construction approval certificate prior to acquiring any property and check the tax pay receipts. The state and local governments have specific rules and regulations related to the use of land, and one should know about the specific laws prior to investing in any property.

TPA Act, 1882

The Transfer of Property Act 1882 governs the property and its transfer within India. It deals with specific provisions that define what constitutes a property transfer and the necessary conditions that need to be complied with. The TPA 1882 has 137 sections that deal with different scenarios of property transfer. Under this Act, property should be transferred by a qualified person, and for a valid transfer, the party must be of sound mind, be a major, not be disqualified by law to sign a contract of property transfer, etc.

Contract Act, 1872

The Contract Act of 1872 formulated a legal framework to govern contracts within India and applicable all over India. The Contract Act has 266 sections, and this Act specifies a contract as a legally binding agreement between parties.

The Indian Registration Act, 1908

The Indian Registration Act 1908 was enacted to ensure the entire registration process of Documents and manage to preserve the relevant information of all Documents that concern transactions related to land or any other immovable property. Under this Act, the importance and legality of a Document increased as it get registered.

 Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA)

The Real Estate Regulation and Development Act 2016 has made the establishment of the Real Estate Regulatory Authority with the intent to protect home buyers and promote real estate investments. It focuses on security, transparency, and fairness and ensures the quality of the real estate sector.

We offer service in all areas of real estate practice.

Our experts have the necessary skills and a good understanding of the legal and regulatory environment to deliver high-quality real estate services to businesses. We have a huge network of leading individuals and experts, as well as resources who know how to get your real estate deals done. We offer service to a wide range of clients, such as real estate funds and investors, land owners, developers, manufacturing and construction companies and many more. Our experts provide services including due diligence of real Estate and assets holding entities, portfolio management, support in project financing, tax optimization, structuring and help in securing securities such as mortgages, guarantees, sureties, etc. Our professionals are experienced in helping our clients manage their projects, infrastructure, construction and development practices and prepare strategies to prevent disputes and resolve them accordingly. Our experts are specialized to assist clients in more complex projects and ensure the streamlining of their entire operations. 

We streamline the buy and sell process.

Acquisition of Property and asset creation are the foundations of developing an organization. It is mandatory for an organization, prior to asset creation, to undergo a due diligence process. Professionals at Enterslice are specialized and experienced in real Estate, infrastructure law, and property law and are more likely to represent developers and corporations, foreign companies, investment banking firms, retail and hospitality businesses, small investment companies, and many more. We represent clients in all aspects related to the development, construction, leasing, acquisition, and sale of residential and commercial, industrial real Estate, etc. Our experts handle a wide range of real estate transactions, draft agreements, and resolve disputes through the court process. We work with an intent to streamline the whole process of buying and selling to be more effective, speedy and secure. Utilizing our services, businesses can foresee their coming problems and avoid them accordingly to reduce the risk involved. We offer the real estate sector legal advisory on foreign investment, laws, and structures on complex issues, help to negotiate between land owners and architects, handle disputes between landlord and tenants, and advise on land revenue and revenue litigation, etc.

Advantages of Our Financial Services for Real Estate

Efficiency of Tax

Large amount is involved in real estate transactions and taxes can significantly affect the financial result. Our team of experts helps people and businesses arrange their investments in a more effective and tax-efficient manner. We work closely with our clients and provide guidance to lower their tax obligations in a lawful and practical manner.

Comply with regulations

Various rules are widely implicated in the real estate industry, although the taxation rules undergo changes. Our financial experts at Enterslice support businesses and clients who remain compliant in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations and help them stay away from penalties and legal issues.

Enhance Decision Making

It is crucial to make informed decisions in real Estate when situation comes to sell or purchase a property. Our experts have in-depth knowledge and experience with huge networks in the real estate sector. We always stay updated with market trends and regulatory norms to offer you the best real estate insights to help you make informed business decisions to boost your profits.

Our Immense support for Real Estate Clients

RERA Compliance

Our real estate specialist supports clients overseas to comply with their business objectives and scales up accordingly. We offer a customized strategy ranging from initial planning to disposal of such assets and add value for our clients. We offer RERA Compliance and advise promoters and developers to comply with the RERA provisions, help them register their project agents (real estate agents), manage their funds, and conduct financial audits in accordance with the rule. Our experts work closely with businesses to handle their legal matters and if required represent client before the appellate tribunal, draft and review agreements, helps to file quarterly updates with RERA and provide assistance on specific compliance.

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

Our experts work closely with clients to formulate and structure the initial REIT organization private placements, help in public offerings such as IPOs, develop strategies to restructure REIT assets, support the M&A process, and are more likely to provide assistance on taxation and streamline an effective and efficient transaction structuring. Our industry experts have an in-depth understanding of regulatory compliance and prepare strategies to streamline and enhance the corporate governance of client businesses.

Project Development

Our experts help to streamline your real-estate business to enhance your growth and save time and money. Professional at Enterslice, advice clients and structure construction contracts, prepare and assist on development agreements such as joint development agreements and redevelopment, etc. We analyze your business operations and prepare agreements and relevant Paper works of architects, contract engineers, etc. We offer a wide range of real estate services with the intent to develop your projects. With our expertise, business owners can be tense as our experts oversee their regulatory requirements, and they can easily keep their focus on core business operations without any obstacles. 

Market Size of Real Estate

By 2040, the Real Estate market seems to scale up from Rs. 65,000 crore (US$ 9.30 billion) to Rs. 12,000 crore (US $1.72 billion) in 2019. Real estate is expected to touch US $1 trillion in market size by 2030, from US $200 billion in 2021, and it is more likely to contribute 13% to the country's GDP by 2025. Retail, hospitality and commercial real estate are also growing significantly and offer huge infrastructure for India's growing needs. The Indian real sector is expected to grow beyond US $ 5.8 trillion by 2047, contributing 15.5% to GDP from 7.3%. During FY23, the property market in India reported a value of Rs. 3.47 lakh crore (US $ 42 billion) in home sales, which almost marked a robust 48% year-on-year growth. The volume of sales also showed a trajectory growth with a value of 36% rise to 379,095 units sold.

Moreover, the real estate developers who majorly operate in urban cities are poised to secure significant growth in 2023, with a remarkable completion of approx. 558,000 homes in the country. Indian real estate sector witnessed over 1 7000 acres of land deals in 8 cities during the first 9 months of FY22. Foreign investments in the commercial real estate sector were US$ 10.3 billion from 2017-2021. According to ICRA estimates, the Indian firms are expected to raise >Rs. 3.5 trillion through infrastructure and real estate investments trust in 2022, as compared with raised funds of US$ 29 billion to date.

Our Taxation Support & Service for the Real Estate Sector

Our expert at Enterslice. Offer an assortment of services for real estate landscape in relation to residential, commercial and industrial properties. We have a dedicated team who advise on the requirements of our clients, including but not limited to due diligence, advisory on land acquisitions, joint developments, and formulation of corporate structure to hold immovable properties within India. In taxation prospects, we work closely with our clients and review the projects from the perspective of direct and indirect taxation. Our expert develops strategies and advises our clients with other alternatives to optimize their taxation and helps in potential tax saving, including stamp duty. We advise clients to adopt a tax-efficient structure of investments in real Estate and help to avail tax exemptions to minimize the impact of corporate tax.

  • Minimize corporate Tax,
  • Dividend Distribution Tax
  • Minimum Alternate Tax
  • Minimize tax applicability on investor’s exit.

Our Real Estate & Related Legal Services for Clients

Our real estate and property law experts are equipped with innovative skills, advanced knowledge, and years of experience to provide appropriate guidance to our clients. Our recommendation is capable of enhancing clients' ability to make informed decisions. We support our clients with respect to the sale, purchase, lease, or license of property for variable purposes. Our experts work closely and render advice with respect to REITs, offer assistance for the execution and formulation of REIT structuring, help convert the existing partnership and corporation into REITs, and offer guidance on initial public offerings and compliance of REITs. Utilizing our assistance, businesses can stay compliant in the ever-evolving real estate and property landscape. 

We Serve Excellence

Industry Experience

Our experts have successfully guided and assisted clients at large in purchase sales and helped in the development of the real estate sector through the best and remedial solutions. We offer advice on specific issues related to the applicability and implication of foreign direct investments related to foreign exchange regulations along with compliance for smooth operations of our client businesses.

Client-oriented Strategy

Our experts are well equipped with industry knowledge and innovative tools, which enable us to deliver outstanding service with accurate, quick and cost-effective client-oriented service. We are here to solve the difficult issue of our clients believing to be our own. We know the fact that each business is unique in nature and requires customized expert support. Thus, we offer them accordingly.

Continuous Improvement

We believe in constantly evolving and improving our services to stay ahead of the curve. Our team is dedicated to staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends and best practices to provide you with innovative solutions that drive success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Real estate law regulates the sale, purchase, and use of properties and governs legal problems related to land, structures, and the rights associated with them.

A real estate attorney helps streamline real estate transactions, review your contracts, and assist with complex legal issues related to a property. A real estate attorney is always ready to protect the interest of their clients throughout the entire business transaction.

Some legal Documents of a common nature are required within a real estate transaction, such as purchase agreements, deeds, titles, and other legal Documents. Real estate experts will help and ensure that the whole process is in accordance with the law.

Property zoning regulations specify the usage of land, and it is necessary to understand the regulations and comply with them while using a property.

Absolutely, a real estate attorney is capable of resolving boundary disputes using their advanced skills of negotiation and mediation or undergoing litigation to ensure property lines are well defined and accurately marked.

A title search helps to examine the historical background of any property to ensure and check outstanding claims and offer a clear title transfer to its buyer.

Foreclosure is a legal process through which a lender basically reclaims property due to non-payment. The attorney helps you to navigate the entire foreclosure process and mitigate it accordingly.

Commercial real Estate and residential real Estate differ from each other as commercial real estate deals in business properties while residential real estate deals in home and living space.

Absolutely, real estate attorneys provide legal assistance in property tax appeals to save you time and money.

The closing process starts with signing legal Documents, transferring funds, and finalizing the property sale. Real estate experts help to avoid these complications and overlook them accordingly.

An easement grants specific rights to use other property for a certain purpose. A real estate attorney helps to clarify and resolve the easement issues.

While renting any property, the landlord must be aware of tenant rights, rent agreements, and eviction laws. Legal experts can easily explore the complexity of legal considerations and help you navigate the laws on renting property.

You can be safe from legal disputes using due diligence, executing contracts, and undergoing expert legal assistance to address potential real estate investments.

Yes, attorneys are capable of addressing environmental issues related to property. They will help you in regulatory compliance and minimize the legal risk on your property.

Contingency is significantly important to be complied with prior to a contract binding. Experts help to ensure these contingencies protect your interests.

Probate is entirely a legal process to settle an estate. Real estate experts help to navigate the complex inherited sale and transfer in real Estate.

Real estate attorneys and experts can easily provide assistance in drafting lease agreements and ensure the terms and conditions are fair, and the contract is legally sound for both landlords and tenants.

Homeowners have the right to enforce community rules. An attorney can provide assistance to homeowners on the rights and responsibilities within HOA.

Real estate experts help to mediate or undergo litigation to resolve construction disputes and ensure a fair resolution and are more likely to safeguard the rights of parties attached to the disputes.

A quitclaim deed transfers the interest within a property without a clear title. A real estate attorney can help and guide you through the implications of such transfers.

An adverse possession ensures someone gains ownership of a property through its continued use. Experts can assist and address the adverse claim possession.

Absolutely, a real estate attorney helps structure real estate investments and optimize them accordingly to maximize profits and minimize risks.

Commercial lease agreements consider various legalities such as terms and conditions, responsibility, and dispute resolution. Real estate attorneys manage lease agreements and ensure the agreement must be made as per the legal standard to safeguard the interests of parties.

Real estate legal experts help to mediate neighbour disputes and offer appropriate legal advice to solve these conflicts.

The due diligence period in a real estate transaction allows buyers to investigate a property. Real estate legal experts can effectively assist in reviewing such Documents and help to identify potential legal problems during the whole phase.  


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