Get Priority Sector Loan from Banks for Solar Power

Loan from Banks

In recent times where competition is getting so high, people are running short of money to run their businesses and are thinking more for availing for credit front. As there are number of options available to avail Loan from Banks which are ready to provide the financial assistance to the individual and businesses based on their creditworthiness rather than securities.

Priority Sector Loan from Banks

Individuals and Businesses can now avail Priority Sector Loans from Banks. There are indigenous bankers also which performs the functions in such a way to cater the services to a class of borrowers to whom the bankers cannot reach directly. To meet out the financial crunch, as a financial institution NBFC provides loans for different purposes like home loan, Personal loans and the majority in the business loan which includes working capital loans and term loans.

Loan from Banks

It is the role of the lending banks to offer such schemes and facilities for individuals and business persons to apply for loans which meet the specific requirement and it should be made in such a way that it motivates all the individuals and businesses for availing such schemes.

Recently RBI has issued circular where individuals and businesses involved in agriculture and MSME have formed a part of priority lending sectors by enlarging the scope by including the infrastructure (Social) and non-conventional energy.

For the sustainable growth, the government has an agenda to meet the nation’s energy need by emerging is an integral part of the solution in achieving the energy security and the planning process.

What is Priority Sector Lending?

RBI is playing a vital role in providing a priority sector lending by the banks to provide a specific portion of the banks to some specific sectors like MSME, Agriculture, Education, Housing for poor people and other weaker section of the society. For the overall economic development of the country, RBI has also focused on the smaller section of the society by providing priority sector lending on a financial basis.

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Applicability and Purpose for Loans for Renewable Energy under Priority Sector

Loan from Bank

The applicability and limit for loans for renewable energy i.e. solar power generators and non-conventional energy is stated below –

  • For Businesses-Rs 150 million per borrower.
  • For Individuals-Rs 1 million per borrower.

Note: Businesses like solar based and biomass-based power generators, windmills, micro-hydel plants.

For non-conventional energy based public utilities like street lighting systems, and electricity in remote areas.

As per the RBI guidelines, Bank should provide a detailed acknowledgement for application under priority sector loan and the rate of interest is charged as per the directions of RBI.

Disclosures to be made by the Banks

  • In case a loan is extended under priority sector for the approved purpose it is the responsibility of the bank to monitor the activities continuously.
  • Internal control and systems should be properly placed by the respective banks.
  • All the activities and expressions should be executed and assigned as per the guidelines under the Banking Regulation Act and RBI guidelines.

NBFC and Priority Sector Loans

NBFCs along with the banks jointly working on Private sector loans to push credit for this sector. The risk and rewards between banks and NBFCs in priority sector loan are involved for proper alignment of the business activities. However, RBI has set the limit in which banks have to lend compulsorily 40% of their net bank credit. Within this overall target of 40 percent, disbursement should be done for the loan process is –

  • 18 per cent for agriculture,
  • 7.5 per cent for micro-enterprises
  • 10 per cent for weaker sections of the society like schools, healthcare etc.
  • 4.5 per cent applies to other priority sectors which include renewable energy products, solar powered electric generators. As priority sector includes agriculture, education loans, MSME and the weaker section of the society.
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NBFCs Role in Priority Sector Lending by RBI

Several guidelines are issued by the RBI related to priority sector lending for banks and NBFCs and their coordination for priority sector lending. The arrangement should be made in such a way by both Banks and NBFCs to raise funds for priority sector lending by leveraging the risk of both NBFCs and the Banks which involves the sharing of risk and rewards by both.

As per the guidelines issued by the RBI, 20% of the credit risk by the way of minimum exposure will be taken solely by NBFC and rest will be balanced by the banks with the maximum flexibility to play their part of loan exposure bearing the credit risk criteria.


NBFCs through their programs explain the borrowers the lending in the priority sector and normal lending. For day to day monitoring and internal check control, both NBFC and banks should follow the provision and guidelines issued by RBI. Both the individual and businesses in priority sector is getting advantage to avail loans which can be utilized to prepare business models and to meet the household requirement where the funds are not sufficient.

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