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Costume Jewelry: What is the global market size of Costume Jewelry Online

Costume Jewelry

Costume jewelry means jewelry made of non-precious metals, glass, beads, and synthetic material such as cubic zirconium. It has been a part of our culture for almost 300 years. Lots of business opportunities have been found in this industry. It is one of the highly competitive markets in India. Established and new companies are competing in the market with their own marketing Plans[1].

The success of this industry lies in offering desirable pieces to clients and network.

What points need to be considered before commencing the business of costume jewelry?

Following points need to be considered before starting up this business:

Decides your Niche Applicant need to search his specialization, and focus on only one type of product, it will also help him in segregating from competitors and building his own brand in the market.

Business plan: Applicant must develop an effective Business Plan. As an effective plan holds the key to making this business profitable. Before investing money in this business, it is just to ensure that at least 30 percent of profit must occur, after accounting for labor costs.

Complete knowledge of legal requirements: Before initiating this business, it is mandatory to acquire complete knowledge of all licenses and permits required for incorporating this business.

Target Market: Search and select the market, in which you want to sell its products. How to reach the targeted buyers either through mall, leasing or buying a brick, online mode, etc.

Promotion of business: The applicant can promote its products in keeping view of their targeted markets. The medium like a promotional blog, website ads, social media, sending press releases to local and regional media outlets.

What is the manufacturing Process of Jewelry?

In the following pattern the manufacturing of jewelry takes place:

What is the global market size of Costume jewelry?

It has been found that in 2015, the global market size of Costume Jewelry was valued at $ 25,554 million and it is expected that it will reach around $40,631 million by 2022 growing at CAGR of 6.9%. The factors which led to the increase in demand are increasing prices of gold, silver & other precious gems jewelry, availability of a wide variety of designs. The economic growth in the Asia- Pacific, and LAMEA regions has significantly benefited the Costume Jewelry market.

On what basis the global market for Costume Jewelry has been segmented?

The global market for Custom Jewelry has been segmented on the following basis:

Who are the big players in this field?

The following are considered to be the big players in this industry:

What kind of License and Permits required for commencing this business?

  • Company Registration: For establishing a business, it is mandatory to register it as an artificial legal entity either in the form of the firm, Limited Liability Partnership or company.
  • GST Registration: Under GST, every business carrying out a taxable supply of goods or services and whose turnover exceeds the threshold limit is required to register and obtain GST number.
  • PF Registration: In case, if the company or manufacturing unit is having more than 20 employees, then it is mandatory for the company to obtain EPF registration.
  • ESI Registration: In case, if a company or manufacturing unit employs 10 or more employees, then it is mandatory for them to obtain Employee’s State Insurance (ESI) registration.
  • Business License: Applicant has to take a business license from the concern local authority, for operating in the city.
  • Import Export code: If the applicant has to import or export jewelry from India, then they have to obtain the Import-Export code.

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