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Apr 25 2018

Sample Format of Assignment Agreement

What is Assignment Agreement? An Assignment Agreement also termed as ‘assignment of contract’ happens when anyone who is a party to an existing co...

Apr 24 2018

Sample Format of Service Agreement (SLA)

A Service Agreement is a written understanding between two or more parties wherein one party agrees to provide the services to another party. The purpose o...

Apr 24 2018

Sample Format of Sale Purchase Agreement (SPA)

A sales and purchase agreement (SPA) is a legal indenture/contract/agreement between two parties wherein one party is a Seller/vendor that obligates a s...

Apr 23 2018

Sample Format of Consultancy Agreement

When one party employs any outside consultant for their expert views or services, and they execute an agreement to define this exchange of consultancy serv...

Apr 23 2018

Sample Format of Mortgage Deed

A legal agreement or a contract in which the owner of the property assigns or transfers his right to another person is called a mortgage agreement or mortg...

Apr 21 2018

Sample Format of LLP Agreement

LLP Agreement is written a document stating the roles & responsibilities, rights & duties, powers etc. of the partners. Along with its main object,...

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Apr 21 2018

Sample Format Employment Agreement in India

What Is An Employment Agreement? An Employment Agreement is basically a written contract between the Employer and the Employee. In general course of busine...

Apr 21 2018

Sample Format of Confidentiality Agreement

What is a Confidentiality Agreement? A confidentiality agreement is a written contract incorporated between two or more parties. Such an agreement lays out...

Apr 20 2018

Sample Format of Lease Agreement India

A Lease Agreement is created between lessor & lessee which provides rights to the lessee to use such property for a period of time owned by the lessor,...

Apr 20 2018

Sample of Joint Venture Agreement Format

Joint Venture Agreement is a written understanding of terms and conditions between the parties. It sets out the terms as well as the obligations of the mem...

Apr 19 2018

Sample of Partnership Deed Format in India

A partnership deed is a written document on the basis of which the partnership firm shall be carried on. "PARTNERSHIP" is an association or a relation betw...

Apr 09 2018

Form 3CA-3CD

The section 44AB of the income tax act 1961 requires the assessed to file their tax audit report if their turnover exceeds 1 crore. Further, there is also...

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