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Apr 30 2018

 Sample Format of Amalgamation Agreement

 Sample Format of Amalgamation Agreement  An amalgamation agreement is defined as an arrangement whereby the assets or liabilities of two or more...

Apr 29 2018

Sample Format of a License Agreement

Sample Format of a License Agreement In India License Agreement  When a person grants to another person or to a certain number of persons a right to do or...

Apr 28 2018

Asset Purchase Agreement sample Format

What is an Asset Purchase Agreement? An Asset purchase agreement is also known as APA or Business purchase agreement. An asset purchase agreement (APA...

Apr 28 2018

Sample Format of Independent Contractor Agreement

An Independent Contractor Agreement is executed between an independent contractor and the hiring party for execution of any specific project and for the sp...

Apr 28 2018

Sample Format of Sponsorship Agreement

Sample Format of Sponsorship Agreement  An agreement between a party, called Sponsor and those entitled to enforce the sponsorship obligation is calle...

Apr 28 2018

Sample Format of Pre-Incorporation Agreement

A pre-incorporation agreement is crucial to establish the organization, control, and operation of the proposed business during the pre-incorporation proces...

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Apr 28 2018

Sample Format of Arbitration Agreement

What is Arbitration Agreement? Arbitration Agreement is a form of Alternate Dispute Resolution wherein the parties can refer a dispute which arises during...

Apr 27 2018

Sample Format of Shareholders Agreement

What is Shareholders Agreement? A shareholders' agreement is an agreement between the shareholders of the company. A purpose...

Apr 26 2018

Stamp Duty on Memorandum of Association in India

Stamp Duty on Memorandum of Association The Ministry of Corporate Affairs is the department concerned with supervising the Limited Liability Partnership Ac...

Apr 25 2018

Sample Format Of Franchisee Agreement

FRANCHISEE: Franchisee Agreement is a legal contract between two or more legally competent parties wherein a well-established business consents to provide...

Apr 25 2018

Sample Format of Assignment Agreement

What is Assignment Agreement? An Assignment Agreement also termed as ‘assignment of contract’ happens when anyone who is a party to an existing co...

Apr 24 2018

Sample Format of Service Agreement (SLA)

A Service Agreement is a written understanding between two or more parties wherein one party agrees to provide the services to another party. The purpose o...

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