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Aug 14 2018

All about Relinquishment Deed

It’s always good to make a will while you are alive to avoid any legal dispute after death. However, for those who die intestate i.e. without making a wi...

Jul 19 2018

What is a Letter of Intent?

A letter of intent (LOI) is a kind of document which outlines the terms of an agreement which is executed between two or more parties prior to the finaliza...

Jul 11 2018

Definition & Format of an Indemnity Bond in India...

A bond is an important agreement that protects a lender from losses if the borrower defaults. In this article we have discussed about the meaning of Indemn...

May 11 2018

Sample Format of Stock Agreement

What is Stock Agreement? Stock Agreement is a written agreement or instrument putting forth the restrictive terms of a stock i.e.a stock that is subje...

May 09 2018

Sample Format of Security Agreement Format

What is  Security Agreement? Loans are always an important part of growing one’s business. Loans may be secured or unsecured. Security Agreement When a...

May 07 2018

Supply Agreement Sample Format

What is the  Supply Agreement? An agreement between a supplier and a buyer stating the terms and conditions of the supply and purchase of products a S...

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May 05 2018

Sample Format of Dealership Agreement

A dealership agreement is a legal document that outlines the terms of the contract between a distributor or a vendor and a dealer. What is Exclusive Dealer...

May 04 2018

Sample Format of Pooling Agreement

What is Pooling Agreement? Pooling Agreement, Vote Pooling Agreement or Shareholder’s Agreement is legal document identifying the right of shareholders t...

May 02 2018

Sample of Share Purchase Agreement Format

What is the Share Purchase Agreement? A Share purchase agreement Format (SPA) is a formal agreement between a purchaser of shares in the company and the bu...

May 02 2018

Sample Format of Rental Agreement

What is the Rental Agreement? Renting out properties is an age-old practice in the society which continued for long without any definite laws and rules gov...

May 01 2018

Sample Format of Loan Agreement

What is  Loan Agreement Loans form an essential part of business transactions for both individuals and the organization. Obtaining a loan is crucial t...

May 01 2018

Sample Format of Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney is a legally binding document which gives another person, the authority to act on behalf of another in matters of a business transaction,...

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