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Akash Dubey

Akash Dubey is a Law Graduate and works as an Advisor at Enterslice. He is proficient in Legal and Financial Advisory. His expertise in the skills of Legal and Financial Research is an aid to his strengths as an Advisor.

May 01 2020

Updated ECB Norms for NBFC

In a recent development, the RBI issued new guidelines for External Commercial Borrowings (ECB) in NBFC funding. The new norms are a favorable move for the NBFC sector that is...

Apr 27 2020

What are the Factors Affecting Corporate Governance ?

Corporate Governance states the set of principles, processes, and systems that regulate the Company. On the basis, these principles, processes, and guidelines Company directs and controls the decisions to fulfil...

Nov 06 2019

Details About P2P Lending Compliances Requirement

The Peer to Peer lending platforms is subjected to exercise P2P lending compliances as required by the Reserve Bank of India and the Ministry of Corporate Affairs[1]. The compliances ensure...

Read About the Types & State of Fintech Companies in India

Fintech companies in India are making rounds of news from the last few years. The curiosity surrounded by the word is increasing at a rapid pace, and so is its...

Sep 24 2019

The Concept of Financial Forecasting

The concept of forecasting makes utilization of past data to predict future outcomes. Forecasting is a vital mechanism widely used to make financial and management decisions. Financial forecasting is used...

Sep 21 2019

Highlights from the 37th GST Council Meet

The 37th GST council meet was recently concluded in Goa under the chairmanship of Union Finance & Corporate affairs Smt Nirmala Sitharaman. The union minister was accompanied by Union Minister...

Sep 20 2019

Historic Tax Reform: Reduction in Corporate Taxes

In a recent announcement, the Finance Minister of India, Nirmala Sitharaman[1] slashed corporate tax rates. The government did reduction in corporate taxes rate to 22% from the reigning tax slab...

Sep 16 2019

Section 115H and its Impact on Income of NRI’s

Introduction The tax regime of every country is an integral component of its economy since it is one of the primary sources of government funding. In India, the Income Tax...

Effective Strategies for Raising Fund (Capital) in Quick Time

“Capital is the backbone of every business” – The quote digs into the importance of capital for the existence of a business entity. Capital is the utmost need for commencement,...

Sep 06 2019

What are Financing Activities? Importance of Financing Activities for Business

Financing activities represent the transactions of the business that are used to fund business operations and expansion. These activities refer to the inducement of funds by way of long term...

Sep 04 2019

Read About the Concept of Financial Analysis in Detail

Financial analysis is the assessment of business entities, projects, budgets, and forecasts from a financial perspective by analyzing the data from financial statements. The main purpose is to check the...

Sep 02 2019

Updates About TDS on Cash Transactions

The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT)[1] in its recent notification announced that aforesaid TDS on cash transactions would not be charged on transactions made between 1st April to 1st...

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