Company Registration in Cambodia

Company Registration in Cambodia
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Company Registration in Cambodia

What is Company Registration in Cambodia?

In Cambodia, all business and commercial enterprises must be registered at least 15 days prior to the commencement of business activities with the Ministry of Commerce. Each entity is deemed to exist on the date a certificate of incorporation issued by the Ministry of Commerce.

In Cambodia, for company registration numerous requirements have been reduced with this, company incorporation process has become much easier.

Here are the following forms of business entities in Cambodia:

  • Limited Liability Company;
  • Branch Office;
  • Representative Office;
  • Partnership;
  • Sole proprietorship.

There are three types of Limited Liability Company:

  • Single Member Private Limited Company;
  • Private Limited Company;
  • Public Limited Company.

Partnership may take the form of a general or limited partnership.


  • Deposit Initial Capital into the Bank

In Cambodia, first step is to pay an initial capital of 4 million KHR at an authorized bank. After the deposit, a bank statement will be provided to the owner of the company as deposit evidence. Usually, this process takes a day.

  • Verify Business Name for Uniqueness and Obtain Name Approval from BRD (Business Registration Department)

After the first step, the next step is to submit name application with the Business Registration Department of the Ministry of Commerce. On receiving the application Business Registration Department will verify the business name for uniqueness and provide approval.

Following documents are required to be submitted with the name application:

  • One copy of the application for review
  • Three copies of the application submitted in the commercial registry for enterprise name registration
  • Three copies of passport or your ID card
  • Three photos of the sole owner (photo size 4×6)
  • One copy of the payment fee receipt

Usually, this process takes two to seven days and comes with an associated cost of 10 US Dollars.

  • Preparation of the Articles of Association and Memorandum

After this, articles of association and memorandum should be prepared. These should be consistent with the regulations, applicable laws and standards set by the Ministry of Commerce. These documents must be submitted in three sets along with the original copies as required.

Following information must be contained in the articles of association and memorandum:

  • Corporate Form
  • Company Name
  • Business Objectives
  • Duration of the Company
  • Registered Office
  • Capital of the company and Shareholding stated in Cambodian currency
  • Accounts
  • Share Transfers
  • Details of the director and shareholders
  • Announcement of the business establishment

Usually, this step takes around three weeks and comes with an associated cost of US $420.

  • Company Seal

The next step is company seal will be issued and within one-day registration certification by the Cambodian Ministry of Commerce.

  • Get Registered for TIN, VAT and Patent Tax

First, get all the required documents such as Articles of Association and Memorandum, the letter of approval by the Ministry of Commerce and the Certificate of Incorporation, stamped by one of the tax departments to register for Patent, TIN and VAT tax.

This process takes thirty days.

  • Provide a Notification to the Ministry of Labor

A declaration must be submitted in written form to Cambodian’s Labor Ministry before starting operations in Cambodia.

This will include the following:

  • Announcing company registration with the Labor Ministry,
  • Staff declaration,
  • Internal regulation development,
  • Filing employment contracts and
  • Registration with the NSSF (National Social Security Fund).

Usually, this step takes a month.

  • Ensure that You Receive Inspection

After establishing business in Cambodia and announcement of starting operation, make sure that you receive inspection from the Labor inspector.

After the completion of all the steps and ensuring that all paperwork is completed and submitted timely with the right person.

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