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Introduction to Company Registration In Russia

There are plenty of reasons for you to think about conducting business in Russia, and at Enterslice, we make it easy for you to get started by registering your company. Russia has a significant domestic market and one of the greatest economies in the world. Foreign investors are drawn to the nation's economic potential and seek to establish businesses there. The nation is home to several special economic zones promoting investment in industrial production, technology and development, logistics, and tourism. Because of its proximity to both Asia and Europe, it is a desirable place for business. Our team of Russian business registration specialists is equipped with the information and expertise to manage the complete company creation procedure. Our group of attorneys, tax advisors, and business consultants is available to provide you with in-depth advice and assistance.

Overview of Company Registration in Russia

Russia is the world's largest country. Despite being the world's largest country, Russia has a comparatively small population. Russia's economy is ranked as the eleventh largest in the world. Additionally, it is a part of the BRICS group, which helps developing countries solve their difficulties. Creating a company in Russia costs approximately 10,000 roubles, and company registration is rather inexpensive there. It is the world's second-biggest oil exporter. Russia has offered global corporations and entrepreneurs various commercial prospects because of its rapidly expanding middle class. For the above reasons, registering a corporation in Russia benefits investors.

Innovate and Improve Your Business With Enterslice

1. Expertise

Enterslice's experts have years of experience and knowledge in a variety of fields. This implies that you can depend on them to handle all the paperwork and bureaucracy so you can concentrate on managing your company.

2. Efficiency

A competent provider of corporate services should be able to improve efficiency and streamline procedures. In the long term, this can save you money and time. Make your company wise and efficient using Enterslice.

3. Peace of Mind

By contracting with Enterslice to handle your international corporate services, you can relax knowing everything is handled correctly and compliantly. You'll be able to relax and concentrate on your primary business tasks.

Embrace your corporate Journey with Enterslice

1. Company Formation Service

Our professionals can streamline the complicated regulations and processes involved in company incorporation. Through Enterslice, clients can learn about things that guarantee a solid foundation and a head start when starting a business. These consist of instruction on pertinent laws, protocols, licences and permits, schedules, and expenses.

2. Market Entry Services

Breaking into a foreign market can be difficult, particularly in places where companies are unfamiliar with the local business environment. Our market entry services guarantee that an organisation follows the rules and guidelines to conduct business in a new area. 

3. Financial Accounting Service

Managing many bookkeeping and accounting responsibilities can be difficult, particularly for international corporations. Experts in entering data accurately and promptly thoroughly understand the pertinent accounting standards that apply to specific countries.

4. Risk Management Service

Enterslice makes it possible to quickly identify and take care of the responsibilities related to a company's business pursuits. To prevent fines, penalties, and other legal ramifications, we ensure you comply with all legal obligations and the tight timelines accompanying incorporation. 

Eligible Business Types for Company Registration in Russia

The business structures listed below are acceptable for Russian company registration:-

1. Russian Limited Liability Company (LLC) - An LLC in Russia is called "OOO." It would be simple to incorporate this business. This entity may have a minimum of 50 members as shareholders. This type of organisation requires a minimum share capital of 10,000 Russian Roubles. Just one director and one shareholder are needed to create this kind of organisation. The director must be a citizen of Russia. An LLC allows for the appointment of natural persons as shareholders in addition to companies.

2. Joint Stock Company of Russia - Another name for a Russian joint stock company is "OAO." One shareholder and one Russian director are required to start this corporation. The director must be a Russian resident. A shareholder may be from any nation in the world. There are two types of joint stock companies that the OAO can be: listed and non-listed. A minimum of 100,000 Russian Roubles is needed to establish this business. The public may purchase shares from this corporation.

3. General Partnership - A general partnership is an agreement in which two or more people (or businesses) share equal rights and obligations. With a general partnership, personal assets can be utilised to pay obligations, unlike limited liability and joint stock firms. The partnership agreement specifies the firm capital and how partners share management.

4. Limited Partnership - A limited partnership is one in which there are two different kinds of participants. Limited partners are only liable for the amount they contributed to the firm capital. In contrast, general partners are entirely responsible for debts and profits, make all major decisions, and can use personal assets to offset expenditures.

5. Branch Office - A Russian branch office is an overseas parent company's extension. The overseas parent business would specify the extent of the activity. A local representative is needed if someone wishes to open a branch office in Russia under Company Registration. The branch office can conduct local business and use sales to produce invoices.

6. Representative Office - A representative office in Russia is also an overseas parent company's extension. In Russia, a representative office is not permitted to engage in any profitable operations. Representative offices in Russia often serve to further the parent company's business interests.

Benefits of Company Registration in Russia

The advantages of registering a company in Russia are as follows:-

1. Largest Exporter of Specific Products and Favourable Business Environment - Russia is the world's largest exporter of a particular product and offers a suitable business environment due to its generally stable political and economic climate. Russia is the biggest exporter of certain goods. For instance, the sale and export of vodka provides the government with ten per cent of its income. Therefore, the government makes a sizable sum of money due to the demand for these goods. After the Middle East, it is the second-largest oil exporter.

2. Excellent Infrastructure and convenience of conducting business - Russia provides top-notch business infrastructure for corporations like St. Petersburg and Moscow. The government provides businesses with a variety of operating incentives. Big industrial hubs like St. Petersburg and Moscow provide ample opportunity for businesses to conduct business with ease. Creating a company in Russia costs approximately 10,000 roubles, and company registration is rather inexpensive there.

3. Labour and Low-Cost Utilities - In contrast to Western nations, Russia boasts a highly skilled labour force. In Russia, hiring qualified staff typically costs USD 1000. When compared to the cost of hiring skilled personnel in other nations, this is relatively cheaper. Russia has one of the world's most significant labour forces. When considering Western nations like the UK and Europe, the cost of living in urban areas like Moscow and St. Petersburg is quite low. This covers travel, daily utilities, and rent. With the aforementioned considerations, an investor ought to register their firm in Russia.

Corporate Tax Structure

Russia’s tax structure encourages foreign investment because these businesses are treated the same as domestic ones. Every business is subject to taxation, and corporate taxation is based on residency; Russian resident businesses pay taxes on their global revenue. Companies that do not reside in Russia are only subject to taxes on the revenue they bring in from their operations. 20% is the corporate tax rate. Unless a double tax treaty is in effect, dividends given to a foreign firm are subject to a 15% tax rate. Additional corporate taxes include stamp duty, social security, local property, and land taxes. In Russia, the value-added tax is 18%, with a few exceptions, such as where it is 10% or 0%. More than 70 nations have signed numerous double tax treaties that provide relief from double taxation for overseas investors. Foreign business owners can contact Enterslice to learn about establishing a company in Russia. 

Procedure for Company Registration in Russia

For company registration in Russia, limited liability companies, or LLCs, are preferred by foreign investors. This is because of the entity's tax advantages and adaptable structure. The process for forming a limited liability company in Russia is as follows. The subsequent procedures must be implemented:

1. Reserve the Name - First and foremost, the applicant must reserve the LLC's name for Russian business registration. The LLC's name needs to be distinct and should not conflict with any other name.

2. Registrant Office - The applicant would then need to select the business's registered office.

3. Scope - The company's goods and services would also need to be considered by the applicant. This would fall within the company's scope of work. The application is required to ascertain the company's presence or geographic area.

4. Minimum Amount - The money needed will vary based on the business used. The minimum capital needed to form an LLC is 10,000 roubles. It would be necessary to deposit the funds with the bank.

5. Documents of the Charter - The LLC's charter needs to be drafted after the company's capital has been established. The LLC's charter would cover the creation of the company's Memorandum of Association (MOA). In addition, the company's regulations and bylaws would be decided. The Company's Articles of Association (AOA) would consider these regulations and bylaws and contain them.

6. Call a General Meeting - Calling the company's general meeting would determine specific issues. The general meeting will address the following issues:-

  • The election of the management body.
  • The drafting of the AOA must be completed 
  • Appointment of directors 
  • Appointment of Company’s auditor.

7. Documents Notarized - Every Document must be notarised by a notary public and written in Russian. The Documents need to be translated into Russian if they are not already in Russian. An apostle would be required to confirm the authenticity of the Documents if a foreign company supplied them. It is necessary to fulfil this condition.

8. Completing the Registration Form - There are two methods for completing the application. The first is the offline method, which calls for departmental visits and additional steps. To complete this procedure, there is also an online method available. You can complete this registration process by contacting the National Tax Agency. There is no English translation available in the web edition. The applicant would then be required to pay the appropriate fee to register their firm in Russia. It costs four thousand roubles.

9. Submit Documents - The registration form and all supporting Paper works must be turned in to the appropriate authority. Submission of Documents is possible via the following channels. The four submission methods are notary, delegated, manual, and electronic.

10. Complete Application - The authorities will assess the application after receiving the registration form and Paper works. The authority will register the company if there are no problems with the application. It would typically take three to five business days. The applicant must complete more appointments, register with the tax authority, and open a bank account.

Cost to Register a Company in Russia

The cost of registering a business in Russia might differ based on several variables, including the kind of business, the location, and the services rendered. Ultimately, incorporating a business in Russia will set you back about 10,000 rubles. Legal expenses may cover the cost of drafting the articles of incorporation or charter of the business and acquiring the required licences and permissions. Notary costs cover the cost of notarising papers and getting the required signatures. The state registration fees include fees for registering the business with the Russian Federal Tax Service. The rate of opening and maintaining a bank account is included in bank account fees. Fees for courier services, translation services, and other costs are examples of additional miscellaneous fees. It's important to remember that expenses may vary based on the type of business and the area where the company wants to register.

Documents Required for Russian Company Registration

The following Documents are necessary for Russian company registration:-

  • Limited Liability Company, or LLC Registration Form 
  • Minutes of the Board Meeting 
  • LLC's Charter Documents
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Articles of Association
  • Registration Fee Statement
  • Leased premises or rental Documents (rent guarantee) Details
  • State Trade Register Statement: This is necessary for legal entities based abroad.
  • A passport is issued to a foreign national if the shareholder is a foreigner.
  • Notarized Records.

Minimum Eligibility Standards for Company Registration in Russia

The minimum requirements listed below must be met for a corporation to register in Russia:-

Minimum Capital and Resident Director - The minimum capital required for company registration in Russia is 10,000 roubles for a Russian Limited Liability Company, 10,000 roubles for a Russian Non-Listed Joint Stock Company, and 100,000 roubles for a Russian Listed Joint Stock Company. The applicant must appoint a local director through the Russian company registration process. This is a requirement mandated by the Russian Commercial Code. Shareholders may be from any country. Therefore, it would be imperative to designate a local director with corporate governance knowledge.

Minimum Number of Shareholders - There can be up to 50 shareholders in an LLC. On the other hand, a Russian corporation must have at least one shareholder, according to the Federal Law. Businesses can hold shares as well. However, a natural person must be appointed if a business is designated as a shareholder. As a result, a corporation cannot hold shares by itself. Shareholders in public companies would likewise be subject to this rule.

Minimum Number of Directors - In Russia, a joint stock company must have a minimum of five directors. In Russia, there is no cap on the total number of directors. The number of directors nominated for a corporation must be seven if there are more than 1000 shareholders. However, nine directors must be nominated if the firm has more than 10,000 shareholders. The number of directors in a limited liability company is not limited.

Our Three Easy Stages of Company Registration in Russia


Get Enterslice AssistanceTo register as a company in Russia, first contact Enterslice. Our team of professionals will provide appropriate assistance throughout the registration procedure. Our team of experts will give you a flawless experience through the Russian company registration procedure.

Documentation and ProcessingOur group guarantees simple Paper works. We gather the required Documents and distribute the relevant drafts to ensure timely filing and delivery. We expeditiously prepare and file your application as soon as we obtain the required paperwork and data. You are notified of developments regarding your application.

Successful Registration - We fulfil what we commit. After the matter is resolved, we give you access to all pertinent digital and physical papers and promise to reimburse you if something goes wrong. On successful registration, you can start the business in Russia as soon as possible and plan for your future with Enterslice. We provide services for future development with prior planning and execution.

Compliances for Company Registration in Russia

To register a corporation in Russia, the following compliances must be met:-

Corporate tax - A 20% corporate tax is required of all businesses. Quarterly and annual tax returns must be submitted to the appropriate tax authorities.

Shareholders Meeting - A single shareholder meeting is mandated for all corporations. We refer to this as the annual general meeting.

Board of Directors Meeting - Should the company's charter or articles of association stipulate that a board meeting is necessary, it will be necessary.

Registration Requirements - Businesses must register by the guidelines set forth by the relevant state authorities. It is also necessary to complete share registrations if the company offers shares.

Important Steps to Consider in Russian Company Incorporation

Immigration Situation - Making sure your immigration status permits you to launch a business in Russia is the first step for any foreigner wishing to do so. Will you need a residence permit and a business or work visa?

Legal structure - If you are confident that your business idea will flourish and you can launch a company in Russia, the next step is to select a legal form for your enterprise.

Geographical Location - Due to its strategic location as a trade hub between Europe and Asia, Russia is desirable for companies seeking to expand into both markets.

Tax Structure - Businesses operating in Russia may benefit from the many forms of business support the Russian government offers, such as tax breaks and subsidies.

Open a bank account to do business in Russia

Once the FTS has sent you all the necessary Documents, you can open a Russian business bank account. What you'll need to open a business account in Russia is as follows:-

  • Articles of association
  • A screenshot of the primary registration number from the Company State Register
  • The resolution and minutes regarding the LLC's formation
  • A tax registration certificate
  • A Document affirming the authority of the company's head may be an election decision, an appointment order, or another legal Document.
  • A card bearing the signatures of all those who can view current accounts and withdraw funds from the company's accounts, as well as an example seal.
  • Orders or powers of attorney for each employee listed on the signature card (if applicable)
  • For RF citizens, the manager's and the employees' passports are listed on the signature card. It is best to check with the bank about the specific requirements for identity Documents for non-residents.

Once these procedures are completed, you may start managing your Russian company, including planning, marketing, and other activities. The real work starts at this point.

Russian Business Planning

It's wise to create a business strategy before beginning any endeavour to determine whether your idea has the potential to succeed both now and down the road. Successful Russian business people are aware that not every business venture succeeds. Therefore, careful planning is essential. A successful business setup will be ensured by meticulous business planning.

Our Commitment to Excellence

1. Reliable Professionals - From opening bank accounts to incorporating businesses in Russia, our seasoned specialists produce outstanding outcomes supported by their vast experience and professionalism.

2. Excellent Service - At Enterslice, we're dedicated to giving our customers exceptional service and ensuring that their financial demands are satisfied precisely and accurately. Our group of committed experts goes above and beyond to produce outstanding outcomes.

3. Client-Centric ApproachTo guarantee that you are always completely informed about the status of your application, our proactive team of specialists prioritises continuous and transparent communication. 

4. Continuous Improvement - Our services should continuously improve and evolve to be ahead of the curve. Our staff is dedicated to remaining current with industry trends so that we can provide you with creative solutions.

Government Support for Enterprises Owned by Foreign Nationals

The Russian government encourages international companies and provides various incentives and relaxations through its programmes. According to the regulation, qualifying enterprises can receive significant loan relaxations and production subsidies under the Russian government's system-forming organisations initiative.

Design Your Business Future with Enterslice by Incorporating a Company in Russia

Opening an office in a foreign nation involves several hassles, including hiring, payroll setup, administrative duties, taxation, regulatory and legal intricacies, compliance, and protocol. Our staff comprises proficient solicitors, tax specialists, and accountants with extensive expertise. We provide end-to-end company and business registration services in all major Russian cities. As a result, working with Enterslice will help you launch your company in Russia smoothly and ensure that entering a new market is risk-free, secure, and trouble-free. 

Frequently Asked Questions

In Russia, the corporate tax rate is 20%.

Yes, LLCs and all other Russian-formed organisations would be covered by the limited liability concept.

If a joint stock company is going to expand, no notice would need to be given to any authorities. However, an LLC would need to notify the appropriate official if it were to expand its company into Russia. The securities authorities would need to be informed if the company decided to make shares available to the general public.

Yes, it is necessary to nominate a resident director in Russia.

A wide range of businesses might find a large market in Russia. You can select the firm and file the necessary Paper works depending on the kind of business you select. After acceptance, wait for the authorities' response before moving on.

Tax compliance and payment are essential for launching a business in Russia. Hiring an accountant in Russia can make the tax submission procedures easier.

Establishing a business in Russia requires giving the Russian authorities a legitimate address. This address is how the authorities get in touch with the new business.

In Russia, businesses can be founded, acquired, and owned by foreign investors. Overseas investors can hold up to 100% of a Russian legal business under Russian commercial law. A Russian shareholder is not required to participate.

The key to the LLC or OOO's effective formation is its registration in the Russian Commercial Register. In contrast to other nations, the signing of a shareholders' agreement has no legal ramifications. The Russian commercial legislation mandates that a general director be nominated in advance for the business to be registered in the Russian Commercial Register.

In Russia, the required minimum capital for registering a company is as follows:

A 10000 roubles for a Russian Limited Liability Company (LLC)

B 10000 roubles for a Russian non-listed joint stock company

C 100000 roubles for a Russian Listed Joint Stock Company.

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