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Effortless Company formation in Cambodia with Enterslice

Discover a seamless path to organising your company incorporation in Cambodia with Enterslice. As a relied on consultancy that specialize in company formation in Cambodia answers, we streamline the complexities of organization formation in this dynamic Southeast Asian state. Our tailor-made offerings cater to local and global entrepreneurs, presenting expert steering through the difficult felony framework, business setup in Cambodia choice, Paper works, and the company formation in Cambodia. At Enterslice, we pave the way on your commercial enterprise fulfilment in Cambodia&'s thriving economy. Partner with us and embark to your entrepreneurial adventure problem-unfastened.

Understanding Company formation in Cambodia

Cambodia, situated in Southeast Asia, is a rustic brimming with monetary capability and cultural richness. Its economy has experienced rapid boom in recent years, bolstered by means of a various array of industries and a burgeoning entrepreneurial spirit.

Economic Growth and Stability in Cambodia

The Cambodian financial system has proven resilience and constant growth, pushed through key sectors, which include agriculture, production, tourism, and rising generation. The United States has experienced consistent GDP growth, attracting overseas investments because of its favourable commercial enterprise climate and strong monetary policies.

Investment and Trade Opportunities in Cambodia

With a strategic area inside the coronary heart of Southeast Asia, Cambodia serves as a gateway to nearby markets. The authorities&' dedication to fostering an enterprise-friendly environment and the implementation of investor-friendly guidelines has attracted multinational agencies and entrepreneurs seeking new ventures.

Rising Infrastructure and Development in Cambodia

The country's infrastructure and concrete development projects maintain to adapt, enhancing connectivity and developing new business setup in Cambodia. Major cities like Phnom Penh and Krong Siem Reap aren't the simplest hubs of trade; however, they are hotspots for tourism, bolstering financial boom and investment possibilities.

Cultural Richness and Diversity in Cambodia

Beyond its financial prospects, Cambodia's rich cultural historical past, ancient websites like Angkor Wat, and heat hospitality make it an attractive vacation spot for groups and vacationers alike.

As Cambodia propels ahead, it affords a promising panorama for commercial enterprise ventures. Its evolving financial system, coupled with authority&'s aid and a vibrant subculture, positions the United States as an attractive vacation spot for entrepreneurs searching for increase and success.


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Company Formation process in Cambodia The procedure for registering in Cambodia

Before entering into the marketplace of Cambodia, our experts from company formation in Cambodia wants you to understand the procedure of company formation in Cambodia, hence read carefully the following steps:-

STEP 1: Pre-registration in Cambodia The process of pre-registration for an event or activity in Cambodia 

Before commencing the company formation in Cambodia process with relevant authorities, certain prerequisites need completion. This involves determining the business setup in Cambodia entity, appointing company officers, securing an office space, and formulating the company&'s articles of company incorporation in Cambodia.

Selecting a Suitable Entity for company formation in Cambodia

The initial step in company formation in Cambodia involves choosing the appropriate business setup in Cambodia. In Cambodia, there are various entities available:-

  1. Sole proprietorship
  2. Partnership
  3. Limited liability company
  4. Private limited company
  5. Public limited company
  6. Single-member private limited company
  7. Representative office
  8. Foreign branch office
  9. Subsidiary

Determining Company Officers

For a private limited company, a minimum of one director is mandatory, while a public limited company requires a minimum of three directors. There are no nationality restrictions for company directors. Additionally, a private limited company should have 2 to 30 shareholders, whereas a single-member private limited company can be formed by one individual.

Registered Agent

Every company needs a registered agent—a legally competent individual residing in Cambodia. This agent has the authority to receive official Documents on behalf of the company from courts.

Articles of Company Incorporation in Cambodia

The articles of company incorporation in Cambodia should encompass essential information:-

  • Authorized, issued, and paid-up capital amounts
  • Business activities of the company
  • Period of company incorporation in Cambodia
  • Company's objectives and purposes
  • Company name and domicile
  • Shares' details, classifications (if any), number of shares for each classification, rights associated with each share, and nominal value per share
  • Names and numbers of board members and commissioners
  • Procedures for shareholder general meetings
  • Protocols for appointment, replacement, and dismissal of board members
  • Procedures for profit utilization and dividend distribution
  • Registered office address
  • Registration of Office Address

Documents Required for Submission

  • Application form to Mayor or Phnom Penh
  • Copy of company&'s articles of incorporation (for limited companies)
  • Registration certificate copy
  • Business license copy from the Ministry of Commerce
  • Identity card or passport copy of the individual signing the application
  • Photo of the office front entrance
  • Land title or lease agreement

STEP 2: Registration in Cambodia

Following the initial preparatory phase, the subsequent step involves registering your company with the government authorities.

Company Formation in Cambodia via the Business Registration Department

Registering your company is facilitated through the Online Registration Services within the Ministry of Economy and Finance's (MEF) Cambodia Data Exchange (CamDX) system. Creating a user account is a prerequisite, requiring personal details, contact information, and a chosen username.

Once logged in, select your desired company type and proceed to reserve a company name. Propose a name in Khmer, which undergoes automatic verification. Optionally, the name can also be registered in another language, typically English. Further, specify the type of business setup in Cambodia you intend to establish.

Reserving the company name incurs a fee of KHR40,000. Upon payment, the name gets reserved exclusively for your use. The reservation period lasts for two weeks from the approval date. Should an extension be needed, an additional payment extends the reservation for another two weeks. Previously, the reservation period was three months, but effective from October 1, 2020, the MoC's notification no. 2993 revised the duration to two weeks.

Next, select company formation in Cambodia activities based on the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC codes) and submit the lease agreement for the registered office, along with required shareholder and director information.

The company's capital must meet a minimum of KHR 4 million (USD 1,000).

Upon approval by the Ministry of Commerce (MOC), you'll receive the Certificate of Registration, obtainable from the Department of Registration and issued online.

The registration process entails a cost of KHR 2,155,000, payable online through ABA Pay or credit/debit card. Typically, registering a company in Cambodia spans 2 to 3 weeks, yet the Ministry of Commerce aims to reduce this period to 8 to 10 working days to complete all procedures.

STEP 3: Post Registration of company in Cambodia

Upon successful company formation in Cambodia, several post-registration compliances must be fulfilled, including obtaining company seals, endorsing registration Documents, opening a corporate bank account, and adhering to statutory obligations related to taxation, labor, and social security.

Procuring Company Seals

Following company formation in Cambodia, acquiring company seals from an authorized seal maker is mandatory. These seals must conform to the MOC's specified format, and the MOC will subsequently register the company seal.

Document Stamping and Approval

Documents requiring stamping at the Department of Administration and General Affairs include the articles of company incorporation in Cambodia and the certificate of incorporation.

Tax Registration

For tax registration, completion of the application form from the General Department of Taxation via the registration service website is necessary. Documents to be attached include proof of paid property tax or property information of the enterprise, along with bank account details (to be submitted digitally within 15 working days after tax registration).

Opening a Corporate Bank Account

The company must open a bank account and deposit the initial capital. A bank statement confirming the capital deposit must be submitted online within 15 days of receiving the certificate of company incorporation in Cambodia.

Notable banks in Cambodia include:

  • ACLEDA Bank
  • Canadia Bank
  • Foreign Trade Bank of Cambodia
  • Union Commercial Bank
  • ANZ Royal
  • Vattanac Bank
  • Maybank Cambodia
  • Advanced Bank of Asia Limited

Notification to Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training

Before commencing company formation in Cambodia, companies must submit a written declaration to the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training. Businesses with at least eight employees require internal regulations aligned with labor laws on hiring conditions, wages, benefits, work hours, safety measures, and leaves. These regulations must be filed within three months of company incorporation in Cambodia.

Registration with National Social Security Fund (NSSF)

Employers with at least one employee must register with the NSSF by completing the company formation in Cambodia and Registration of Employees form. Required supporting Documents include the company's certificate of company incorporation in Cambodia, patent tax certificate, list of employees, and the representative's identity card or passport. Monthly NSSF contributions are due by the 15th of every month post-registration.

Capital and Foreign Currency Regulations

Cambodia predominantly transacts in US dollars despite the national currency being the Riel (KHR). The Law on Commercial Enterprises establishes minimum share issuance requirements, setting a minimum capital of 4,000,000 KHR (approximately 1,000 USD) for a company issuing at least 1,000 shares valued at 4,000 KHR per share.

Minimum Registered Capital Requirements

Minimum capital requirements vary based on licensed activities:-

  • Locally incorporated commercial banks or foreign bank subsidiaries: 75,000,000 USD
  • Branches of investment-grade foreign banks: 50,000,000 USD
  • Branches of non-investment grade foreign banks: 75,000,000 USD
  • Locally incorporated specialized banks: 15,000,000 USD
  • MFIs (with deposit-taking license): 30,000,000 USD
  • MFIs (without a deposit-taking license): 1,500,000 USD
  • Fund Transfer and Foreign Exchange

Presently, there are no restrictions on funds transfer or foreign exchange operations in Cambodia, except for the requirement of prior declaration to the NBC for overseas fund transfers equivalent to or exceeding USD 10,000. This declaration must be submitted to the National Bank of Cambodia (NBC). There are no constraints on buying foreign currencies through authorized intermediaries like commercial banks, except during economic or financial crises when temporary restrictions might be imposed by NBC on their operations.

Consultation services for company formation in Cambodia

At Enterslice, our consultation services stand because the cornerstone of our commitment to facilitating seamless business setup in Cambodia. We recognize that each company formation in Cambodia is unique, requiring tailor-made strategies and professional steerage. Our team of seasoned experts is dedicated to providing complete, personalised consultations that cater specially to your enterprise goals and aspirations.

Tailored Guidance for company formation in Cambodia

Our consultations begin with an in-intensity know-how of your vision, objectives, and operational necessities. Through meticulous analysis, we offer tailor-made advice and strategic pointers that align with the intricacies of the Cambodian enterprise panorama.

Expert Insights and Market Understanding for company formation in Cambodia

Benefit from our crew's extensive know-how of the nearby market dynamics, regulatory frameworks, and emerging developments. We offer insights into the nuances of setting up a hit business setup in Cambodia, making sure you are making knowledgeable selections at every step of the technique.

Navigating Legal Requirements for company formation in Cambodia

Navigating the prison and regulatory panorama in Cambodia may be complex. Our consultation offerings demystify this technique, supplying readability on compliance requirements, licensing strategies, and critical Paper works vital for company incorporation in Cambodia.

Strategic Planning and Risk Mitigation for company formation in Cambodia

We aid in strategic planning, identifying capacity-demanding situations, and devising proactive measures to mitigate dangers. Our consultations recognition on minimizing ability obstacles, bearing in mind a smoother and greater green enterprise formation journey.

Documents needed during company formation in Cambodia with the Ministry of Commerce

  • Land title or lease agreement for the enterprise's location
  • Recent photo (not older than three months) of the director, shareholder (if a physical person), and/or representative (if the shareholder is a legal entity) against a white background
  • National identification card or passport of the director, shareholder (if a physical person), and/or representative (if the shareholder is a legal entity)
  • Articles of company incorporation in Cambodia in both English and Khmer
  • Reference Document (e.g., letter specifying an existing company's permission to use a similar name, special licenses, and related Documents)
  • Authorization letter if the application is submitted by a representative

Cambodia Data Exchange System (CamDX)

CamDX serves as a business registration platform streamlining the registration process for company formation in Cambodia under the MoC, GDT, MLVT, and other ministries. This platform reduces registration time and costs significantly compared to previous procedures.

It's essential for all commercial entities in Cambodia, including representative offices and branches, to register through the new online service. CamDX, a Single Window Service developed by the Ministry of Economy and Finance, facilitates efficient online business registration and unified, decentralized data exchange among various information systems, ensuring standardized and secure service provision.

CamDX ensures confidentiality, integrity, and interoperability among diverse data exchange parties, enhancing the ease and reliability of the registration process.

Cambodia's Incorporation process the process of integrating Cambodia 

Our comprehensive services cover new company establishment, branch offices, and representative offices. Our experts provide insights into each entity's advantages and guide you through the process seamlessly.

Steps in the Registration of company in Cambodia Include

  • Depositing the required paid-up capital into a Cambodian corporate bank account.
  • Selecting a unique business name for company formation in Cambodia
  • Drafting articles of association and memorandum meeting Ministry of Commerce standards.
  • Receiving the company seal and certification of registration from the Cambodian Ministry of Commerce.
  • Registering for necessary taxes such as patent, TIN, or VAT.
  • Given the intricate steps and government engagement, Enterslice simplifies this process, ensuring timely paperwork submission and a stress-free setup.

Types of Business Entities for company formation in Cambodia

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

In Cambodia, the Limited Liability Company (LLC) stands as the favored choice among foreign investors seeking business establishment. This entity demands a minimum of two shareholders and one director, open to foreigners not necessarily residing in Cambodia. However, a registered agent within Cambodia is mandatory.

Initial capital of at least USD $1,000 is required, although specific industries or complex projects might entail higher capital thresholds. Depositing this paid-up capital into a corporate Cambodian bank account before company formation in Cambodia is imperative. Additionally, possessing actual office space is a prerequisite.

Post-company incorporation in Cambodia, filing annual returns, tax submissions, and VAT registration is obligatory. Further, routine audits may apply to your company.

Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE)

This form of Limited Liability Company is exclusively established by foreign investors. It's primarily utilized for local production in Cambodia aimed at exporting goods to other countries. However, it's the costliest entity to establish due to the comprehensive registration and company incorporation in Cambodia process.

Public Limited Company (PLC)

Reserved for banks, financial institutions, and entities listed on the Phnom Penh Stock Exchange, the PLC allows share trading and accommodates over 30 shareholders. Setting up this entity aligns with the procedures for other legal entities in Cambodia.

Branch Office

Many companies opt for establishing a branch office in Cambodia to manage local operations and business setup in Cambodia.

Representative Office

Foreign companies also have the option to set up a representative office in Cambodia, typically for market research or business promotion. These offices are barred from engaging in profit-generating activities like buying/selling goods or manufacturing.

Benefits of Choosing Enterslice for Company Formation in Cambodia

Expertise and Industry Knowledge

Enterslice brings forth a wealth of revel in and information inside the realm of organization formation in Cambodia. Our pro specialists possess complete knowledge of nearby policies, market dynamics, and industry-particular insights, ensuring a nicely-knowledgeable and strategic technique to put your commercial enterprise in place.

Tailored Solutions and Personalized Service

We recognize that every company formation in Cambodia is specific, requiring customized interest and tailored solutions. Enterslice gives bespoke services, offering customized strategies aligned along with your unique commercial enterprise dreams, ensuring a continuing and green employer formation system.

Compliance Assurance and Risk Mitigation

Compliance with Cambodian regulatory necessities is paramount. Enterslice meticulously navigates the prison panorama, ensuring adherence to all vital compliance requirements, minimizing dangers, and safeguarding your enterprise from capability legal headaches.

Efficiency and Timely Execution

We price a while and recognize the importance of promptness in enterprise setups. Enterslice prioritizes performance and timely execution, streamlining processes to expedite organisation formation without compromising accuracy or compliance.

Holistic Support throughout the Journey

From the preliminary consultation to the final ranges of registration, Enterslice gives a complete guide at every step. Our dedicated team provides steering, addresses queries, and ensures a problem-unfastened experience, empowering you to attention to your core commercial enterprise goals.

Strategic Insights and Future Planning

Beyond organisation formation, Enterslice offers strategic insights and destiny-focused planning. We assist in laying a robust foundation on your company formation in Cambodia, placing the stage for growth, scalability, and sustained fulfilment inside the Cambodian market.

Trusted Partner for Long-Term Success

Enterslice targets not simply to resource company formation in Cambodia but also to establish an extended-term partnership. We strive to be your trusted guide, supporting your enterprise's ongoing compliance needs, expansions, and destiny endeavours in Cambodia.

Why establish a company in Cambodia?

Booming Economy and Growth Potential

Cambodia's financial system has been experiencing strong growth, averaging around 7% yearly. The country's financial enlargement is pushed by diverse sectors, including production, agriculture, tourism, and generation, imparting adequate possibilities for marketers and buyers.

Strategic Location in Southeast Asia

Situated at the coronary heart of Southeast Asia, Cambodia serves as a strategic hub for nearby trade and trade. Its proximity to thriving economies like Thailand, Vietnam, and China gives get admission to an extensive market for company formation in Cambodia and trade opportunities.

Investment-Friendly Policies and Incentives

The Cambodian government has applied investor-friendly regulations, offering incentives including tax exemptions, investment ensures, and streamlined techniques for foreign traders. These tasks' purpose is to draw and facilitate enterprise setups and growing conducive surroundings for increase.

Emerging Market and Untapped Potential

As an emerging market, Cambodia provides sizable untapped potential throughout diverse sectors. Entrepreneurs can capitalize on growing purchaser demands, technological advancements, and the state's evolving business landscape.

Low Operational Costs and Competitive Labour Force

The cost of doing commercial enterprise in Cambodia stays fantastically low as compared to other Southeast Asian countries. Combined with younger and more aggressive hard work pressure, this affords price-powerful benefits for groups looking for operational efficiency.

Infrastructure Development and Urban Expansion

Ongoing infrastructure development projects and concrete expansion projects in predominant towns like Phnom Penh create new enterprise opportunities. Improved connectivity, modernized facilities, and evolving transportation networks enhance the company formation in Cambodia environment.

Rich Cultural Heritage and Tourism Potential

Cambodia's cultural richness, historical websites (together with Angkor Wat), and colourful tourism quarter contributed considerably to its monetary boom. Businesses associated with tourism, hospitality, and associated offerings thrive in this environment.

Supportive Business Environment and Entrepreneurial Spirit

Cambodia fosters a supportive commercial enterprise surroundings with a developing entrepreneurial spirit. The authorities&' efforts to facilitate ease of doing commercial enterprise and inspiring innovation contribute to an encouraging ecosystem for start-ups and installed businesses alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common enterprise structures include Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), department places of work, representative places of work, partnerships, and sole proprietorships. Each shape has its advantages and implications, catering to distinct enterprise wishes. For further guidance, you can contact our experts from company formation in Cambodia services.

Requirements consist of a registered office to cope with at least one shareholder and director (can be the same man or woman), minimum proportion capital, and the submission of necessary files to relevant authorities. For further guidance, you can contact our experts from company formation in Cambodia services.

Cambodia has a competitive tax regime. Corporate earnings tax is typically at a flat fee of 20%, and there are various tax incentives for particular industries and activities. Value-delivered tax (VAT) is likewise relevant, currently set at 10%. For further guidance, you can contact our experts from company formation in Cambodia services.

Cambodia commonly allows one hundred foreign possessions in most sectors. However, there are a few exceptions, along with land possession, where certain restrictions may additionally observe. For further guidance, you can contact our experts from company formation in Cambodia services.

The time-frame can vary; however, commonly, organization registration in Cambodia can take around 4 to six weeks, concerning the completion of all important Paper works and approvals. For further guidance, you can contact our experts from company formation in Cambodia services.

Yes, enticing a consultancy service like Enterslice can drastically streamline the procedure, making sure compliance, presenting professional steerage, and expediting the registration manner. For further guidance, you can contact our experts from company formation in Cambodia services. For further guidance you can contact to our experts from company formation in Cambodia services.

The government affords numerous incentives together with tax exemptions, funding ensures, responsibility-free import/export privileges, and unique monetary zones to attract and facilitate overseas investments. For further guidance you can contact to our experts from company formation in Cambodia services.

Selecting the best structure depends on factors like liability, tax implications, operational flexibility, and long-term business goals. Consulting with experts can assist in making a knowledgeable decision tailor-made on your precise desires. For further guidance, you can contact our experts from company formation in Cambodia services.

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