WPC Certification

The Wireless Planning & Coordination Wing (WPC) is a Wing of the Ministry of Communications under the Government of India. It is the responsibility of the department to issue amateur radio licenses, to allot and monitor the frequency spectrum and. The headquarter of WPC is in New Delhi and its regional branches a..

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Overview on Wireless Planning & Coordination (WPC Certification)

The Wireless Planning & Coordination (WPC) department was created under the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in 1952. WPC is an apex regulatory body of the national radio under the Government of India and is responsible for managing, planning and regulating the available resources of the Radio Frequency (RF) spectrum and other connected satellite orbits which shall include geo-stationary satellite orbit in addition to licensing of the wireless stations in the nation under the Indian Telegraph Act 1885 (ITA 1885) and the Indian Wireless Telegraphy Act 1933 (IWTA 1933), as a statutory obligation. It also enables the licensing and other responsibilities to manage both the government and private wireless users.

What is the constitution of WPC?

The primary function of the WPC is the issue of amateur radio licenses with the monitoring and allocation of the frequency spectrum. There are different departments in the WPC which are responsible for:

constitution of WPC
  • Licensing and Regulation (LR)
  • New Technology Group (NTG)
  • Standing Advisory Committee on Radio Frequency Allocation (SACFA)
  • Licensing and Regulation (LR)-

    This department will be considered for the purposes of regulations and licensing regarding the WPC approval. This authority shall manage all the work connected with the regulation and licensing under the WPC.

  • New Technology Group (NTG)-

    If there is a utilization of any type of new technology then this department shall administer the area with reference to use of processes and technology.

  • Standing Advisory Committee on Radio Frequency Allocation (SACFA)-

    The SACFA is responsible for carrying out different forms of recommendations with reference to the radio frequency and other suggestions related to International Telecom Union (ITU).

What are the approvals issued by WPC?

The approvals that WPC issues include the following:

  • Equipment Type Approval (ETA)
  • Type Approval
  • Experimental Approval
  • Dealer and the non-Dealer Possession Licenses (DPL and NDPL)
  • Import Licenses for the radio equipment.

How to get the approval for WPC in India?

WPC registration requires the test report of RF (Radio Frequency) for Equipment Type Approval (ETA) regarding the products operating with these bands of frequency. Eventually, on the basis of the ETA grant letter, the importer separately obtains the import license.

Enterslice is a service provider for WPC Certification to Indian as well as foreign manufacturers. Enterslice helps the Indian and foreign brands launch their products in the Indian Market by obtaining the WPC certificate.

What are the Documents required obtaining WPC Certification?

The Documents and information required for filing an application to WPS Department for getting the WPC Certification are as follows:

For ETA Approval

  • Photo ID proof of the business owner,
  • Aadhar card
  • Arms License
  • Department ID
  • Driving License
  • Freedom Fighter ID card
  • Pan Card
  • Passbook
  • Passport
  • Ration Card
  • Voter ID card
  • Address Proof of the Business Owner
  • Proof of Possession of Premises like Sale deed or Rent agreement or Electricity Bill, etc.
  • Company Documents like MOA, Company Incorporation Documents or Partnership Deed
  • Letter Head which is scanned, signed and stamped,
  • Radio Frequency Exposure Report (RF Report) which shall mention a detailed report about the functionality and performance of the wireless device which shall includes products with a Bluetooth device, small digital radios (Zigbee), wireless local area network access technology (Wi Fi), and the radio frequency identification (RFID).
  • Product Technical Guide, this shall include all the Documents with reference to the technical details about the products like the user manual.

For IL Approval

  • ETA certificate
  • Devices with the wireless and radio function that are contrived or imported and promoted in India, shall have the Equipment Type Approval (ETA) certificate from the Wireless Planning and Coordination (WPC) wing of the Ministry of Communications under Government of India.
  • Purchase Order, a purchase order is a kind of Document issued by a buyer to a seller that signifies quantities, types and the agreed prices for the device.
  • Proforma Invoice i.e. an Invoice issued by supplier of the device

What is the Procedure to Apply for WPC Certification?

The steps to apply for WPC Certification are:

  • The applicant must submit an online application together with the products & categories that should be properly selected because wrong selection results in rejection of the application.
  • After submission of the application, the system generates an Application ID.
  • The hard copy of the application shall be given for submission to the WPC office.
  • After the verification of the information provided and the Documents submitted, the WPC authority shall grant the certification.

What are the eligibility conditions before applying for WPC Certification?

  • The importers and manufacturers

    The importers and manufacturers of the products having the features of bluetooth and Wi-fi are required to get the approval for WPC and the Certificate of Import license before selling it into the Indian Market.

  • Authorised Representative

    In India, the applicant appoints an authorised representative for the WPC approval if it is a foreign company. The authorised representative will be a company who shall represent the foreign company in processing the filing process with reference to the approval of WPC in India.

  • Frequency Results

    It is imperative that the frequency result of the specific wireless accessory must necessarily be there in the results. The individual results are required to specify the resolution bandwidth, video bandwidth, frequency and sweep.

  • Report from ISO Labs

    There is no obligation of any form of particular in-country testing if the manufacture of the product is done within the country. The only mandatory requirement is a specific RF(Radio Frequency) report which should be taken from an accredited laboratory of ISO/IEC 17025.

  • Require De-Licensed Frequency Bands

    It is important for all the devices to work on the particular de-licensed frequency bands and the requirement is that all the devices having wireless capability shall be so competent in working on the de-licensed frequency bands.

  • Technical Data Sheet

    The applicant shall be required to be available with the technical data sheet which can be obtained from the particular authority on request.

  • A letter of Authorization-cum-Agreement for foreign manufacturers

    This letter is necessary and acts as an authorization for all the agreement that shall be entered with the DoT and such agreements would only apply to the foreign manufacturers. The letter or the Document can only be available on requesting the authority.

What is the post compliance requirement after getting WPC Certificate?

These are the specific requirement an applicant must comply after getting the WPC certification:

  • The applicant must make sure and confirm regarding the equipment conforming to the frequency band widths requirements.
  • As per the requirements it is necessary that the applicant maintains the specific records and submit it to the ministry accordingly.
  • The Applicant has to make sure to update to the Ministry regarding any modification or change concerning any wireless equipment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

WPC stands for wireless planning and co-ordination and its certification is required from the department established under the Department of Telecommunications. This authority has the responsibility for approving the licensing requirement for radio frequencies, internet devices, radio and other various types of wireless devices.

WPC certification can be required if any device needs the utilization of any kind of wireless enabled technology and such technologies can only function on a form of the de-licensed frequency band.

The WPC has different departments providing different services:

  • There are individual departments to perform the services that are meant for providing the licenses.
  • There are separate department to co-ordinate and liaise on an international level with other departments.

Under WPC, the meaning of ETA is equipment type approval and these equipments needs particular approval for the purposes of complying with the concerned authority.

Equipment Type Approval (ETA) is always given for a specific model. It remains valid until the product model is being manufactured without any modification being done and there is no requirement of any kind of renewal as it remains valid.

The process of obtaining WCP certification is quite easy. It only requires the submission of all the necessary Documents that are essential for obtaining the WCP certificate. After the verification of the Documents, the WCP Certification is granted.

Frequency band is applicable to a specific domain with two forms of the indicators: the higher domain and the lower domain indicators. Frequency band is a very frequently used word when we talk about radio frequency and other similar devices.

The applicant has to make sure that the technical stipulations meet with the particular requirements as specified. Besides this, it is important to be specific with the model number and the frequency band. The device must be present in a de-listed frequency and must be wireless.

Yes, a foreign manufacturer can obtain the WPC certification through an authorised agent.

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