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Get end to end assistance in respect of the transactions of your business through the Transaction Advisory Services of Enterslice Due Diligence Mergers and Acquisitions Post Deal Support Business Restructuring Financial Modelling Business Valution Exit Planning

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Overview of Transaction Advisory Services

Establishing business relationships and restructuring the organisation as per the dynamic environment is crucial for the expansion and growth of any business, which can be achieved through mergers, acquisitions, and business restructuring, among others. However, it is extremely important to be vigilant during such transactions. Therefore, it is important to analyse every aspect of such transactions as such analysis can act as a determinant of the success or failure of the transaction.   

Enterslice has a team of professionals to help our clients in the transactions of their business through the Transaction Advisory Services by identifying the transactional risks, enabling them to make strategic and well-informed decisions about their business transactions. The services are not just limited to identifying risks for informed decision-making but also extend to actual deal closure and beyond.

What are Transaction Services?  

Transaction Advisory services are the services obtained by the company from a third party, i.e., professional firms or investment banking firms, for the evaluation and navigation of corporate transactions and other aspects related to the same.

Benefits of Transaction Advisory Services

Transaction Advisory Services can have the following benefits.

  • It can relieve the business owner from the unnecessary stress of handling tedious and time-intensive transactions.
  • Availing the transaction advisory services enables risk analysis that empowers the key players to arrive at well-researched decisions backed by data and trends that constantly change the market.
  • It can help in the preparation of risk mitigation measures for probable risky situations.
  • The services can ensure the business owner that he is paying the right price for a deal in case of a buy-side scenario. A seller, on the other hand, can optimally position the company to reap maximum value.
  • All stages are covered, right from transaction planning, risk evaluation, execution of the transaction and even post-transaction support.

Transaction Advisory Services Offered by Enterslice

Making the right decision regarding the transactions of the business can be troublesome for the businesses, given the dynamic business environment. Enterslice has a team of experts to provide end-to-end assistance in matters related to the same The Transaction Advisory Services offered by Enterslice are elaborated below-

Due Diligence

Prior to initiating any transaction, it is necessary to undergo the process of due diligence, which involves a comprehensive analysis of the position of the business intended to be purchased or sold by the potential buyer or seller in order to ascertain the commercial potential of that business.

Our team focus on complete due diligence for our clients, which involves –

  • Financial Due Diligence
  • Legal Due Diligence
  • Tax Due Diligence
  • Commercial Due Diligence
  • Operational Due Diligence
  • Forensic Due Diligence
  • Any other relevant Due Diligence as per the nature of the client's business 

The due diligence can provide the much needed information for making the decision regarding the commercial potential of the business  

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are the most common way of expanding the business. Therefore it requires expert assistance to ensure that  such transaction are carried out successfully. The experienced team of Eneterlice can provide the following services in respect of the same

  • Identifying and evaluating the acquisition targets, potential acquirers and partnership or joint venture alternatives;
  • Advise on the sale process and facilitate the maximization of value for the sell side.
  • Support in respect of pricing and financing options  for the buy side of the transaction 
  • Identification of the value drivers and deal breakers.
  • Optimization of the transaction structures.

The services can facilitate a successful merger and acquisition process without any hassles. 

Post Deal Support

The M&A transactions significantly impact the overall operations of the business especially post the M&A deal, due to which the business owners feel the need for Post Deal Support. Enterslice has a team of experts to help our clients by providing such support through the services enlisted herein under-

  • Strategic review of the acquired business
  • Assistance with post-merger integration
  • Support services in relation to harmonizing the financial position of the combined entity.
  • Regulatory issues
  • Assistance with compliance and bookkeeping
  • Human Resource issues

These services can help our clients to avoid any complexities arising after the deal and help them to manage their business operations effectively. 

Business Restructuring 

Business restricting refers to the process of modifying or reshaping the operations of the business for the purpose of debt reduction, increased efficiency and the overall growth of the business. The business restricting services provided by Enterslice are -

  • Capital structure advisory,
  • Liquidity/cash flow analysis,
  • Re-capitalisations and refinancing,
  • Debt restructuring and insolvency advisory

Our aim is to restructure the business of our clients in a manner which can cater to to their business.

Financial Modelling 

Financial Modelling is a decision-making tool which is used   to represent the past and present of the business together with forecasting the future of the same. The Financial Modelling Services of Enterslice Includes –n

  • Merger or acquisition synergies
  • Financial, tax and stock planning
  • Credit risk analysis
  • Financial restructuring
  • Decision-making on projects and financing options
  • Project feasibility and project financing
  • Design of financial policies
  • Sales forecasting
  • Production planning
  • Pricing
  • Plant sizing

Our financial modelling services can help our clients make the right decision for their business and present the true picture of their business to potential investors for the purpose of the growth of their business. 

Business Valuation 

Businesses Valuation can be defined as a process of ascertaining the economic value of a business to provide a clear estimate to the business owners about the value of their company. Enterslice focus on the following areas under the business valuation services 

  • Business Combinations Purchase Price Allocation.
  • Business Modelling and Analytics.
  • Derivative Valuation and Share-Based Compensation.
  • Fresh Start Accounting.
  • Goodwill and Intangible Asset Impairment.
  • Machinery and Equipment Valuation.
  • Strategic Value Advisory.
  • Tax Valuation

Our services shall enable our clients to have a better understanding about the  assets of the company , its resale value and other important factors.

Exit Planning 

An exit plan refers to a comprehensive road map which addresses the issues related to the business, financial, legal, tax and value creation involved in transitioning a privately owned business.

  • Understanding the goals of the business owner(s)
  • Determining the actual value of the business
  • Creation of customized plans that continue to build the business’s value over time
  • Assistance in selling to a third party or transfer to management or family members
  • Assistance in preparation for a sale to a third party or transfer plan that keeps them in control of the business until the entire purchase price is received.
  • Drafting contingency business plan: 
  • Financial planning and estate planning

The exit planning services offered by Enterslice can facilitate a smooth exit of the entrepreneur from the  company, thereby maximizing the value of the enterprise and shareholder value at the time of M& A transactions  

Frequently Asked Questions

A transaction advisor is needed because the advisor can provide assistance in every phase of the transaction; his knowledge and expertise regarding the market, and the transaction, can help the client make the right decision for the business.

The time of selling the business can depend on various factions such as the financial position of the company, the market condition and the economic climate.

The choice of transaction advisor depends on what the company is looking for in the advisor. Some of the common qualities of a good transaction advisor are trustworthiness, subject matter expertise and experience, and negotiation skills, to name a few.

The factors affecting the value of the business are its size, financial records, services, capabilities, growth, scalability, profitability and cash flow, revenue concentration, competitive positioning, and management.

The time taken for a transaction may vary depending on the nature of the transaction. The experienced team of Enterslice aims to provide the best advisory services in order to facilitate the speedy completion of the transaction.

a merger can be defined as an arrangement wherein two companies come together to form a separate single company. The acquisition takes place when a company purchases another company

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