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Overview of Strategic Financial Advisory Services

Many business owners frequently neglect planning in favour of pressing operational difficulties. When firms are experiencing significant expansion and their resources are stretched, this is especially typical.

Determining how a firm manages its finances to guarantee it meets its goals and objectives in the short- and long-term is known as strategic financial planning. Sound financial planning takes into account every facet of a company's operations and how they all interact to affect the company's overall financial status.

A company plan's financial sections provide the overall strategy with a strong financial base. The figures serve as financial benchmarks for the business's operations, ensuring realistic goals. This offers benchmarks by which management may assess whether work is on schedule. A solid financial strategy offers a framework for rewarding workers and aids in establishing performance goals for the company.

What is Strategic Financial Management?

Creating profit for the company and maintaining an adequate return on investment (ROI) are the goals of strategic financial management. Business financial plans, the implementation of financial controls, and financial decision-making are used to manage finances.

A corporation must first clearly define its objectives, identify and quantify its current and potential resources, and develop a strategy for how it will utilise its money and other capital resources to achieve its objectives before it can manage itself strategically.

Along with knowing and effectively managing a company's assets and liabilities, strategic management also includes keeping an eye on operational financing elements, including expenses, sales, accounts receivable and payable, cash flow, and profitability.

Additionally, strategic financial management includes ongoing planning, reviewing, and modifying to keep the business on course and focused on long-term objectives. When a business manages strategically, it deals with short-term problems when they arise in a way that doesn't interfere with its long-term goals.

What services are included in Strategic Financial Advisory?

  • Formulation & Alignment of Strategy

Our strategy formulation services assist in developing a concise plan that can be used at the departmental or enterprise level. Ensuring that planned activities and procedures align with strategic corporate objectives is known as strategic alignment.

  • Portfolio Analysis and Restructuring

We help our customers conduct an in-depth examination and evaluation of their investment holdings and then offer a strategic portfolio that generates value and sustainable development.

  • Feasibility Studies

We do feasibility studies for new investments/projects to give internal and external stakeholders an assessment of the advantages, risks, and viability.

  • Business Plan

We help new and developing firms and large, established, and diverse enterprises translate their strategic direction into a structured and integrated business plan.

  • Optimization of Capital

Our capital management services assist clients in determining their short- and long-term cash needs. We support achieving strategic objectives, liquidity needs, and regulatory requirements via thoughtful planning and optimization.

  • Controlling costs

We assist our clients in reducing costs, boosting productivity, and creating lasting competitive advantage, ultimately enhancing the organization’s overall strategic position.

Benefits and Scope

A company's goals are easier to sustain when it has a long-term focus, even if short-term difficulties or opportunities come and go. Strategic management assists in maintaining a company's stability and profitability by adhering to its long-term plan. In addition to establishing corporate goals, strategic management also lays out a plan for accomplishing those goals despite obstacles that may crop up along the road.

A company's long-term goals can be included in all facets of strategic management. Cost-cutting, risk management, and budgeting are all aspects of financial management, which frequently play a significant part in this.

Essential Elements of Strategic Financial Advisory

A corporation will utilize strategic financial management throughout all aspects of its organizational activities, which entails creating components that will effectively and maximally utilize the firm's financial resources. Since there is no one-size-fits-all method of strategic management, each business will come up with components that represent its unique demands and objectives; a corporation needs to be creative in this area. However, the following can be some of the more typical components of strategic financial management.


  • Clearly define your objectives.
  • Determine the quantity of current and potential resources.
  • Create a detailed financial strategy for your company.


  • Contribute to the organization’s financial efficiency and waste reduction.
  • Find the locations with the highest operational expenses or higher-than-expected costs.
  • Ensure you have enough cash to pay running costs without using any outside resources.
  • Find places where a company might invest profits in accomplishing goals better and efficiently.

Risk Management and Evaluation

  • Determine, examine, and reduce ambiguity while making investment decisions.
  • Analyse workplace policies and capital expenditures (CapEx) to determine the likelihood of financial risk.
  • Utilise risk measures, including value-at-risk (VaR) methods, standard deviation, and degree of operating leverage assessments.

Creating Routine Procedures

  • Gather and examine data.
  • Take regular action with your money.
  • Track and evaluate variations or discrepancies between planned and achieved results.
  • Determine issues and make the necessary corrections.

What can you expect from us?

  • Advisory on Merger and Acquisition

Whether considering a strategic acquisition, divestment, corporate restructuring, merger, demerger, business/asset sale, reduction of capital, buyback, balance sheet right-sizing, inbound or outbound acquisition, sale of shares, or any other form of restructuring, every M&A and private equity transaction must adhere to various tax and regulatory requirements. Understanding the transaction and coming up with a plan may assist in reducing costs and risks and ensure it complies with regulations. Our team provides an end-to-end M&A transaction solution, which includes target search, due diligence, valuation, swap ratio/acquisition price, scheme formulation, legal assistance, scheme execution, purchase price allocation, etc.

  • IPO and FPO planning

An initial public offering (IPO) is when shares are issued to the general public through a stock exchange. This approach allows a tightly held firm to become a public (listed) company.

A strategic communication plan is essential for an Initial Public Offering (IPO Listing) before, during, and after the assignment. Our knowledgeable staff has assisted and continues to assist businesses of all sizes in navigating their introduction into the stock markets. We assist with all compliance necessary for a successful IPO. We provide guidance on all important elements of a public fundraising effort, such as valuation, scheduling, and road shows.

  • Financial Planning & Analysis

When the finance department aligns with the corporate strategy and offers financial analysis and insight to support corporate decision-making, we would serve the organisation, the CEO, and the CFO's agenda. Financial management is able to deliver the right people, with the right capabilities, to the right location at the right time to help firms become industry leaders thanks to a worldwide network of specialists.

Frequently Asked Questions

The process of figuring out how a firm manages its finances to guarantee it meets its goals and objectives in the short and long term is known as strategic financial planning.

A group of skilled specialists who offer guidance on how to handle money and assets effectively make up financial advising services. Professionals, including certified financial planners, wealth managers, investment advisers, and public accountants, can provide financial consulting services.

Strategic finance's overarching goal is to direct the organisation towards its objectives, including revenue growth, sustainability, environmental impact, and other objectives. Putting the company's expansion and long-term goals at the centre of the finance department is known as strategic finance.

A strategic adviser keeps an eye on every facet of a company to ensure it runs as efficiently as possible. Among the responsibilities of the position include recommending strategic business methods to high-level management, ensuring that all internal roles are functioning to the highest standards, and talking with them about ways to advance outcomes.

Typically, advisors work on continuous, lengthy projects and foresee issues before they arise. Therefore, these experts frequently have an impact on a company's long-term performance. Contrarily, consultants typically focus on specific tasks or issues and provide their specialised knowledge to provide solutions.

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