Restaurant Business

A restaurant is a place where foods and drinks are served to the customers. A restaurant is also termed as a diner. The Restaurant is a place of business for the public for selling foods, drink, and beverages.In a restaurant, a person can sit and eat a meal in return for money. Provides Food license (Ba..

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What is Restaurant?

A restaurant is a place where the public can sit at a place and can order the meal. The Restaurant business is very common these days, as it offers fine dining with a wide variety of foodstuff and drinks. The Restaurant business is an establishment in which the meals are served at the customer’s table.

In a restaurant business, the server must show substantial knowledge of all types of cuisine. The main focus should be on the cooking pattern. The cook should know the way of preparing and serving the food.

The Restaurant can be in the form of-

  • Fine-Dine
  • Coffee shop
  • Family restaurant
  • Bar

Concept of Restaurant Business

The concept of the Restaurant Business is based on the overall design and plan that defines the restaurant. In a competitive scenario, it very important to find a new and unique concept for the restaurant. The restaurant’s concept is based on-

  • The décor/theme of the restaurant
  • The food of the restaurant.
  • The ambience of the restaurant.
  • A unique menu i.e. naming the dishes differently.

In the case of changing the existing concept of the restaurant, it is required to keep in mind that significant changes in the menu and decor/theme shall be done. The elements shall be used in such a way that it shall match with the concept of your restaurant.

key considerations a person should know before starting a Restaurant business.

Before entering into a Restaurant business, it is important to have a clear business plan that should include all the key considerations such as Business Plan, Concept of the restaurant, Menu, location, finance, staffing, Customer base, Competitors in the market.

  • Business Plan

Business Plan is a layout that reflects the structure of the business. The Business plan includes objectives, Product analysis, Marketing analysis, Strategy, financial and marketing plan, and Management team.

  • Concept of the restaurant

Deciding a clear and unique concept is the key consideration a person should before starting the restaurant. A person can find a unique concept for acquiring a good position in the market.

  • Menu

The restaurant must have a unique menu. A menu of the restaurant offers a good balance of creative and all-time favourite dishes. A menu presents the list of food items and beverages from which a customer can choose as per their preference.

  • Location

The location of the restaurant affects the success and failure of the restaurant. The ease in finding the restaurant location attracts the customer’s frequency of visiting the restaurant.

  • Finance

Financing is one of the biggest challenges that a person faces before opening a restaurant. Arranging the funds is also a major key consideration before starting a restaurant.

  • Staff selection

Staff selection is very important before starting a business. Staff selection is crucial to the long-term success of the restaurant.

  • Competitors in the market

Before selecting the location for a restaurant, it is important to have a look at the competitors in the market. A competitive analysis shall be done to identify the strength and weaknesses of your competitor.

What are the basic features of the Restaurant service?

The features of the Restaurant differentiate between the good quality restaurant and the average restaurant. The Successful restaurant possesses some of the features as mentioned below-

  • Taste in food

For running a successful restaurant business, it is one of the essential features that it shall serve the quality food to their customers. The food should be tasty and well served.

  • Good services

Providing the best food is not the only feature to make the restaurant successful. The services provided by the restaurant shall be up to the mark. The staff shall work up to the mark to advise the customer on the best choices. Few key points shall be kept in mind while providing good services-

a) The food shall be served without delay

b) Proper hygiene

c) Do not make the customer wait for the bill.

  • Healthy Ambiance

Make is sure that the ambience is relaxed and friendly. For a better ambience, the staff is trained to avoid unwanted behaviour. For example-If music is played, it shall be kept in mind that the music is not that loud that the customer cannot talk.

  • Location

The location of the restaurant must be suitable. The location of the restaurant shall be easy to access i.e. it should be located in an up-market area. Further, a proper parking facility should be provided. 

  • Chefs Expertise

The staff and management must have appropriate culinary expertise. Chefs shall be appointed based on their culinary skills and expertise. 

  • Proper hygiene

To maintain hygiene, Proper storage of food and standards are too followed to reduce the risk of food waste and to reduce the risk of incidents that could harm the reputation of the restaurant. 

  • Equitable cost

The cost of food should be reasonable and fair. The golden rule is that the customer should feel that the food is worth paying.

What factors are important to run a successful restaurant business?

For running a successful business, the restaurant owner needs to keep in mind the below-mentioned factors-

  • To meet the customer expectations such as implementing on staff a dress code for fine dining establishments.
  • The menu to be prepared in such a way that a person can refer it easily while making the orders.
  • Deliver a remarkable experience on each visit of the customer.
  • Plan special events on specific occasions that harmonize with the concept of the restaurant and the traditions too.

Some restaurants provide separate dining facilities in different parts of the restaurant, and bars often feature a unique concept than the dining area.

What licenses and Legal formalities are required while opening a restaurant?

The most important part while opening the restaurant business is to comply with the legal procedures. One needs to fulfil the licenses and the registration required for opening the Restaurant. In case of failure, a person has to bear the legal repercussions. Below-mentioned are the licenses and registration that are required before opening a restaurant-

  • Food license

Food license is also termed as an FSSAI license (Food Safety and Standard Authority of India license)which is one of the important licenses required to open a restaurant in India. It is issued under FSS (Licensing & Registration of Food Businesses) Regulations, 2011.

FSSAI license is a unique 14digit registration number given to manufacturers, traders (of a food business), and restaurants. It is mandatory to print the Food license number on food packages. It gives assurance to the customer that the food products used are of good quality.

Food license can be registered in any of the three given categories-

  • Central,
  • State, or
  • Basic Registration, depending upon the location and the turnover of the company.

Liquor License

If the restaurant is planning to serve its customers alcohol, a Liquor license is mandatory before starting such services. The liquor license is issued by the Local excise commissioner. It is required to follow the procedure for obtaining the liquor license. In a restaurant business, Liquor serving is increasing the profitability ratio.

GST registration

Before starting the restaurant, GST registration is also required.

Other license and registrations required for opening a restaurant business

  •  Shop and establishment license.
  •  Permission from Municipal authority
  •  Fire NOC

Periodical checks will be made by the respective authority after getting all the license and registration

What services does Enterslice provide for opening a restaurant business?

Enterslice provides services for opening a restaurant business

  • Food licenses,
  • GST registration,
  • Labour registration.
  • The Trademark application for brand name and logo
  • Renewal of License.
  • Shop and establishment license.

How Enterslice helps in providing a Food License?

  • Enterslice helps in providing various assistance regarding the food license process.
  • It helps its clients in food registration, by filling the form on behalf of their client and also helps in submitting the Document.
  • Keeps a track on the process and helps the customer by providing proper guidance.
  • Proper communication and follow up with their clients.
  • Enterslice also helps compliance services.

How Enterslice helps in choosing the right name for your business?

Giving the right name to the business can be a stressful process. Enterslice helps its clients in choosing the right name for their business by taking into consideration the client’s preferences and their business culture. Enterslice helps in finding an accurate name that can have a significant impact on the client’s success. Enterslice helps in providing good suggestions so that the client can come up with the good name-

  • The Name should not be very hard to spell.
  • The Name should not limit your business growth.
  • Thorough internet research on name availability.
  • The name should convey some meaning.
  • The name should be catchy.
  • Availability of trademark

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Frequently Asked Questions

The categories of the restaurant business are-

• Fine dine

• Buffet

• Coffee shop

• Fast-food chain

• Family restaurant

• Casual dining

3 types of food licenses can be issued for the restaurant business-

• Basic license

• State license

• Central license

A Food license is issued based on the turnover of the business.

• Hiring the best staff.

• Serving the best food.

• Ensuring the best customer services.

• Proper management of food stock, inventory, and equipment.

• Maintaining health and safety standards.

• Providing a healthy ambiance.

• Better customer base.

• Target market segments..

• Proper assessment of competitors.

• Strong marketing strategies.

• Better financial projections.

Choosing the right name for your business is always important and a person should give careful consideration while choosing the right name for the restaurant. Not only in the case of the restaurant business but in any business, the name is often the first impression. The Right business name helps in differentiating with the competitors. Further, it creates a new segment value for the customers.

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