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How to Start Bridal Store Business in India

Bridal Store Business

How to Start Bridal Store Business in India?

India is known for its big fat Indian weddings, the market here for wedding apparel, jewelry, wedding decorations, and celebrations is vast. People in India believe in celebrating every festival, and essential events of one’s life and the wedding is no different. Today, people spend at-large a significant amount of money solely to have the weddings of their dreams. There is a destination wedding, theme wedding, you name it, and you have it. The big Indian wedding budgets require proper planning and execution. This has given rise to the demand for professionals such as wedding planning managers and boutiques for exclusive bridal wear. We are going to talk much in detail about Start Bridal Store business; this is what makes much of the glamour of the whole wedding event.

The massive demand for organizing exclusive weddings have led to the sprouting of exclusive wedding boutiques. Setting up a start  Bridal store business is not a very difficult journey either. There is passion involved and a lot of determination to offer your clients and to-be-wed couples precisely what they are looking for. So patience is essential in this business.

How can a Bridal Store be Set up?

Before beginning this store, you need to have your Business Plan ready. Firstly, you will require a sound business space or an area where you feel; your clients can easily find you. If it’s not a proper district, there are closed spaces too where clients can walk-in provided you are ready to do that much advertising for the clients to search for your outlet.

When setting up a bridal store, you need to fulfill the following legal compliances-

  1. One can apply for Shop Registration under the Shops and Establishment Act. The license for the same is issued by the Inspector in the area after checking the veracity of the documents.
  2. The documents required for the same are Identity Proof, Commercial address proof, fee payment challan, and PAN Card.
  3. The application sent to the Inspector will include the employer’s name, address, name, and postal address of the business, business category, number of people employed, and business establishment date.

Trade Mark Registration

It is imperative to check if the logo of your company is similar to the logo of any other boutique or totally unique. Visit the Trademark Office and search for the same. Submit an application for Trademark Registration and provide relevant documents for the same.

The documents required are-

  1. Logo or trademark copy;
  2. Details of the applicant like address, name, nationality
  3. Company details like the state of incorporation.
  4. Services or goods[1] to be registered;
  5. 100 Rs stamp paper signed for Power of Attorney by the applicant.

What is the Market Potential for Bridal Wear Industry?

Indian start bridal store business wears are one of the most exclusive ones with varieties such as gowns, lehengas, sarees, etc. The wedding apparel accounts for Rs. 10,000 Crores as compared to Rs.1, 00,000Croresannually spent on an average wedding. The entire Indian wedding market is estimated to be at 25.5$ billion, and it is growing at 20-25% every year. Indians are spending a tremendous amount of money to have a big Indian wedding, and the costs depend on as much high profile wedding one needs.

How to Develop a Brand Name?

“Rome was not built in a Day” so rest assured that your Business may or may not kick off as you wish to be. But, with consistent efforts and determination, your business can be a popular one with exclusive designer wear and jewelry to go with.

Your brand name should depict the very persona of your Business and hence decide the name that reflects your style and the business venture it is. You can also start making your business socially viable by setting up its social pages to create popularity for your Business. We already know how the younger generation is hooked to the Internet, so here the best idea is to generate demand on social media and give your followers something to follow your page on a daily basis.

Create the type of Business that people pursue in today’s time with the right mix of style, fashion and what clients need. Alongside, your business name, create a brand identity like creating your logo and make it your Business trademark.

Know more about Business Legalities

You need to get necessary permissions for the place you may have rented or purchased for your Business. Obtain the required license and permit to put up billboards or any advertisements around the area. If your business is growing, find out more about GST Compliance and GST registration.

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