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A financial expert, Virtual Chief Financial Officer (VCFO), works remotely with firms to offer strategic financial advice and support. In recent years, the position of a VCFO has grown in popularity, especially among small and medium-sized organisations that might not need or have the funds to engage a full-time CFO.

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About VCFO Services

1. CFO Support Services

The organisation's finance and accounting division is under the direction of the Chief Financial Officer, or CFO. The CFO monitors the organisation's financial statement. The CFO provides the various departments with up-to-date information on their financial statement and internal financial controls. It also fulfils the budgetary needs to ensure the processes function optimally. The CFO is given a variety of responsibilities. He needs assistance from the company's other finance and accounting specialists to do his job more effectively.

2. Outsourcing of financial processes

When a company outsources its financial operations to a different service provider, this is known as financial process outsourcing. However, when a company is founded, setting up the finance function is their top priority. An organisation's financial management takes time to complete. Therefore, a company's focus on financial process outsourcing is essential.

3. Outsourcing services for finance and accounting

Outsourcing services for finance and accounting provide a company's specific financial and accounting tasks to an outside service provider. These services include bookkeeping, managing accounts payable and receivable, processing payroll, financial reporting, preparing taxes, budgeting, and financial analysis. By outsourcing these functions, businesses can benefit from the experience of specialised accounting professionals, streamline financial processes, cut expenses, maintain compliance with regulations, and concentrate on core business operations.

4. Outsourcing legal processes

Due to the recommendations of third-party vendors to build legal process outsourcing businesses to lower legal costs in the UK, USA, Canada, etc., legal process outsourcing became well-known in India in the early 2000s. Due to the abundance of qualified paralegals and advocates, the LPO industry has seen significant expansion in India, attracting many investors.

5. Outsourcing of Human Resources

Businesses use HROs to optimise their HR processes, lower expenses, and increase productivity. Payroll processing, managing employee benefits, hiring and on boarding, training and development, performance monitoring, etc., are some of these outsourced functions. HRO enables businesses to manage human capital skill fully, enhance service performance, and optimise HR procedures.

6. Estate Planning

Estate planning specifies how a person's assets will be handled, distributed, and protected after death. In estate planning, managing a person's assets and debts in the event of disability is considered. Estate planning refers to hand overring assets from one generation to another.

7. Services of enterprise and strategic risk management

Discovering, evaluating, and managing the risks in a company's business strategy includes taking appropriate action when those risks become apparent. Strategic risk management analyses potential influences on the process and its implementation.

8. Non-Executive Director Services?

The 2013 Companies Act is ambiguous regarding "Non-Executive Directors." However, Rule 2(k) of the Companies (Specification of Definition Details) Rules, 2014 defines that an executive director is a "whole-time director" who oversees the duties necessary for the operation of the business. The Companies Act of 2013, Section 2(94), anyone who serves as a director but only continuously performs duties for a firm is considered a non-executive director.

9. Wealth Management

The wealth creation process known as wealth management involves specialists assessing the client's financial needs and recommending the best financial products. The steps involved in wealth management are asset protection, risk management, wealth accumulation, the intelligent positioning of your assets, and eventual wealth distribution.

Service offered by Enterslice

  • Treasury and Finance Management

  • Performance Administration

  • Start-up assistance

  • Complete audit assistance

  • Preparation of financial projections

  • Compensation based on Stock

  • Testing, evaluating, and documenting internal financial controls

  • Development of Organizational Culture

  • Identifying Skill Shortage

  • Taking into account bonus payments

  • Periodically monitor all of your investment growth

  • To help with the expansion and acquisition decisions

  • Offer a cost-effective package for start-ups and SMEs

  • Maximise your investment in benefits

  • Create a plan for employee benefits

  • Management of Risk

  • Corporate Responsibility

  • Create a practical financial plan.

  • Accounting and Finance Consultation

  • Offer instruction on accounting standards.

  • Processes and Controls for Revenue Recognition

  • Creating manuals for accounting and finance

  • Advice on the Development of Leadership Management

  • Current Workforce Development

  • Upskilling Management

  • Revenue recognition as a principal or an agent

  • Offer a cash flow analysis

  • Assist you in reducing risk and expansion

  • Supply Reliable, precise, and up-to-date survey data on pay and benefits

  • Design of the compensation system Contract surveys

  • Accounting for Tax Compliance Management Assistance and Financial Analysis Assistance

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