How to Start Exercise Book Making Business in India

Book Making Business

Exercise Book Making Business

Exercise Book Making Business is a profitable business venture. However, it is essential to understand the depths of the business working and having a proper Business Plan. There is a huge market potential for this product since it is the type of product that are always in demand. Generally, exercise books are customized or made for the general public. There are customized books that carry the logo and the name of educational institutions. There is a good scope for this business since today many universities and colleges provide their own printed material and notebooks to students for their homework and classwork.

Usually, the customized books are specific to school or college requirements; it may include some exercises and index sections as per directions by the school. There is a system that every institution follows, and thus their books also follow a particular standard that makes it easier for them to access. Hence, there is a huge demand for custom notebooks. Today, such custom notebooks are just not limited to being printed for masses, but it can also be gifted to individuals having their names printed on every page or some image or picture they love on the book. There are endless designs; one can have on Exercise books once they go in for customization.

The biggest consumers of exercise books are the public and private schools and also the general public. One can start an Exercise bookmaking business as a small or medium-scale enterprise. To start this kind of business, you will need to understand its production process. You will also require skilled staff and a warehouse where the work can be done. Apart from this, you will need funding for the place, the staff you hire and also the equipment costs.

How to Choose a Profitable Book Making Business Idea?

We already know that the business of making books is never going to be out of the market. A simple book with little customization is required in all the institutions. One can create different varieties in bookmaking; it could be in the printed form or just a simple line book. Ideally, a basic exercise book consists of two things that are a lined paper and a margin.

The book has a cover and is held by the stitches or staple pins. The custom books are in demand because they have their institution name and the logo on the cover of the book. Another option is to make black or squared pages for making graphs or designs. Invest in a good idea and then choose the one that matches your expectations from the business.

Is Your Business Venture Profitable?

Bookmaking is undoubtedly a profitable business venture, but you need to know the production process whether you are doing it on a large scale or a small scale. The paper used in making an exercise book is called a bond paper. The bookmaking machines create lines on the sheet of the paper and then folded to cut to size. The cover is printed on cover paper, then later stitched or stapled into place.

The process of making an exercise book is either semi-automated or fully automated depending on the type of machinery you install. One can use an offset printing machine to rule the lines in a book. Another process is to make books by using a direct image-printing machine. The medium-scale or large-scale printing press uses a flexographic[1] manufacturing process while others use disc ruling machinery.

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There are several types of machinery available to start printing your books; the type of machine you use depends on the budget you have to set up your business. The different types of printing machines available are disc ruling machine, cutting machine, offset printer, book press machine, flexographic printer, stitching machine, trimming machine, etc.

Find out More about Legal Registration and Compliance for the Book Making Business

Before you set up the Bookmaking business, you need to register your company. You can register your business either with a sole proprietorship, limited liability partnership or you can also go for company registration.

After registering your company, you can apply for a trade license and GST registration. You can study the state anti-pollution law, so you know the legalities of your business. And if you require NOC from the health and environment departments. With a view to building brand value, you can make a logo for your company and can get a Trademark Registration.

Investments are the very basis of any business; hence you have to keep your finances in place so you can start looking out to secure bank loans, raise the fixed and working capital. For business development, you can lease a shop for your equipment, or you can even use a garage to set up a small factory.

You can hire the staff according to the size of your business operations. If no official employees exceed 20, then the EPF Registration becomes mandatory. For setting up the entire business, you will have to hire machine operators, secretary, and people who can drive with or without vehicles to market your product or carry finished products to the destination.

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