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Why Registered Office of a Private Limited Company is Mandatory?

Registered Office of a Private Limited Company

In India, the most common legal structure of a business is Private Limited Company. It is easy to raise funds for the private limited company and maintain the same, offers flexibility, offers limited liability to its members, and easy accessibility to bank loans. Most of the business houses prefer to register a Private limited company as the liabilities of members/directors/subscribers is limited, transfer of shares is east. Due to the innumerable benefits of forming a private limited company, it is selected as the most common business form by most of the business enterprises in India. There are innumerable steps for the registration of a private limited company. Some of them are discussed in detail below. In this article, we will discuss how beneficial Registered Office of a Private Limited Company.

The main requirements of a private limited company are listed below-

Private Limited Company Registration has been simplified after amendment in 2018. now RUN form takes hardly 2-3 days to get the registration certificate, PAN & TAN.

  • Minimum two members of the company are required for the company to be registered as a private company.
  • The company is to be created for carrying out legal business and must not in any way harm the society. The company object should not be illegal.

In case, if the registrar of issue grants the certificate of incorporation to such business entity, the certificate will be considered as void and registration will itself get canceled by the Union Government. The entity may also face appropriate proceeding.

As a budding entrepreneur who is dreaming to start his/her own private limited company or is in in the process of registering own company, here is everything that you should be knowing about the registration of a private limited company.

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What is a Registered Office of a Private Limited Company?

The registered office is also the place where all legal or official documents/notices by the government, any organization or entity to the company will be sent. The registration of the Private Limited Company allows it to enjoy certain privileges provided it fulfills the regulations of the Companies Act 2013[1]. The organization, in addition, needs to maintain certain legal requirements at its registered office which includes but not limited to putting up a banner with the company name and address outside each branch office of the company, the specifications of the company printed in billboards, letterheads, notices etc. The company can have as many branch or administrative offices, however, only the registered office needs to be registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

What are the Requirements for Registered Office of a Private Limited Company?

The exact requirements and specifications for a registered office differ from one country to another. In India, the essential requirements of a registered office of a Private Limited Company are clearly mentioned under the (amended) Companies Act, 2013.

When the company is to be incorporated, the authority’s concerned need to furnish the following major documents while declaring the office that is registered for the company.  However, it is to be noted that the registered office need not be commercial or an industrial property, it can be a residential property as well.

The electricity/telephone /water bill or property tax receipt ( or any other form of legal proof of the property) 2) A no objection certificate from the Land Lord for the registered office and 3) a notarized copy of the lease/ rent agreement between the landlord and registered office.

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In a scenario where a private limited company has not declared its registered office at the time of its incorporation, the Companies Act of 2013 has a provision which allows the company to have a temporary address at the time of incorporation. However, the company is required to declare its registered office within 15 days of incorporation by filling the INC 22 form.

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