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How to Get FSSAI License for Herbalife

Fssai License for Herbalife


In the current times, humans among the world are very conscious about their health and look. Everyone wants to live a healthy life. People do not get enough time to look after their daily nutritional needs due to their hectic schedule and gaining fat is one of the biggest concerns for people. Herbalife makes products which are rich in nutritious with fiber, vitamins, and protein to enhance the balanced diet and support and healthy life. In this article, we are describing the FSSAI License for Herbalife.

Most of the people occasionally do not get the required nutrition from their meals as sometimes they bounce their meal or intake fast food like Pizza, Burger, Rolls, etc. that doesn’t give sufficient nutrition. Due to this many people feel low in energy and not able to achieve their goal regarding fitness. Proper and balanced nutrition food gives the portion in the body as like a fuel for the engine and to maintain the good health of the person. For this reason, to maintain their good health and fulfil their daily requirements of nutrition maximum of the people intake various types of energy drinks, protein shakes, health supplements, and other products of nutrition at the time of their meals to fulfil the requirement.

From the last few decades, there has been an increase in the intake of such products and their increasing demands. There are many companies who offer a broad range of products that help people to achieve their fitness goal in a well-organized manner to fulfil the daily nutritional requirement. Let’s have a look at the required Fssai License for Herbalife.

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About Herbalife

Herbalife is worldwide nutrition and weight management company. It offers a broad range of weight management, personal care, and nutrition products. The company was established in 1980. The aim of the company that changes the living standard of people by providing the best and quality weight management and nutrition products across the world and offers to earn extra income through the sale of nutritious products.

This is the top leading company to offer a wide range of nutrition and weight-management products, and they are healthy snacks, Protein shakes, energy and fitness drinks and other personal care products.

After the highest research, development, and manufacturing standards in the industry company are dedicated to serving innovative health products that give a balanced diet on a daily basis. The company is doing efforts on a continuing basis through investment in new technology and procedures to advance the development of the product and to give the highest quality and safe products to the consumers. Every product offered by the company is tested on diverse parameters. On interval basis, the quality team of Herbalife conducts audit and inspections of suppliers and manufacturers to ensure compliance.

Provided that to sell the nutrition products in the world it has to take approval from FSSAI to do the business worldwide. The company requires complying the rules and regulated laid down by the FSSAI. In India the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is the supreme food regulator, it performs under the Ministry of Health and family welfare, https://mohfw.gov.in/. FSSAI is the authority which regulates the manufacturing, storage, sales, distribution and import of food products.

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Role and Importance of FSSAI

Today most of the people become health-conscious and before buying a food product they have to check the quality of the product is free from adulteration, contamination and it has hygienic components as per standard. FSSAI ensure that the entire food product is safe as per the FSS Act, 2006, so, this is the reason why consumer prefers to buy a product which is approved by FSSAI.

To get the FSSAI License/registration food business operator has to comply with the condition: –

  • For Basic Registration Annual turnover is up to INR.12 lakhs; or
  • For state license annual turnover to be required more than INR.12 lakhs but up to 20 Crore; or
  • For FSSAI Central license annual turnover to be required more than 20 crores.

If the company is unable to fulfil the requirements of the FSSAI and doesn’t provide applicable documents for safety assessment then the product of the company can be rejected by the concerned authority. From the last few decades, so many products of the top companies were rejected due to the presence of the ingredients that are unsafe for ingestion and did not match the food safety standard. For this reason, companies required to follow the FSSAI norms to get the food license and product approval before launching it in the market.

FSSAI penalizes the companies that do not follow and comply with the rules and fulfil the requirements as stated in the Act.

How to obtain the Fssai License for Herbalife in India?

In this case, import license needs to be required and all the importer company must apply for FSSAI License as provided by FSSAI. The importer has to take NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the FSSAI to import any product in India. After they fulfil all the requirement as per FSSAI then the Fssai License for Herbalife will be granted by the statutory authority.
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