BIS Certification

Foreign Manufacturers Certification Scheme

Foreign Manufacturers Certification Scheme

Foreign Manufacturers Certification Scheme?

Bureau of Indian Standard is operating the product certification scheme for Foreign Manufacturers under Foreign manufacturers Certification Scheme (FMCS). The BIS Certification is granted to a Foreign Manufacturer for use of Standard Mark on a product that qualifies as per Indian Standard. The Scheme is applicable to all products except Electronics and IT goods notified by Deity. The license is given by Foreign Manufacturers Certification Department (FMCD) located at BIS Headquarters, New Delhi. The product which fulfills the requirement of the Indian Standard can get the License under voluntary or mandatory certification. BIS license is granted for a location where the product is manufactured and tested as per the relevant Indian Standard and then Standard mark is applied to such product.

Who Can Apply Under FMCS?

The foreign Manufacturers certification scheme Company which are located outside India can apply under FMCS.

The companies should consider following points before submitting the application:

  • Make sure that their products are categorized under Indian Standards Specification
  • At the factory premises, all the manufacturing facility must be available
  • For testing of the products as per ISS, proper arrangement for the same must be available at the factory premises.
  • A qualified person must be appointed to the Lab to test the product as per applicable ISS.
  • The scheme of testing and parking fees must be accepted by the manufacturer
  • Terms & Conditions of the license must be accepted by the manufacturer (FMCS).


  • At First, Stage, once the application is filed the BIS authority will verify the application and if there any queries it will be communicated to the applicant. Once the queries are resolved and the application is found complete in all respect it will be recorded and an acknowledgment number will be given to the applicant for future reference.
  • At the Second stage, the BIS officer will arrange a visit at the premises of the applicant in consultation with the applicant. At the time of the visit by the officer at the factory verification of the manufacturing process and testing of samples will be carried out and the officer will also collect samples for testing with Independent laboratory.
  • At Third Stage the applicant has to pay the visit charges and the testing charges to the concerned authority and the application will be processed further. The license will be granted after a satisfactory report from the officer and test report from Independent laboratory.
  • At Fourth Stage, the applicant is required to pay the license and the parking fee as per the IS of the product. An agreement is entered between the applicant and the BIS for the compliance and terms and conditions of the license. It includes rights and responsibilities of licensee, termination, indemnity, performance bank guarantee, cancellation of license, etc. The applicant has to pay charges before granting the license.
  • At last Stage, the license will be granted once all the parking fees are paid and initially it will be valid for 1 year which can be further renewed for 1 or 2 years thereafter.
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