BIS Certification

Simplified Procedure of BIS License under Domestic Manufacture Certification Scheme

BIS License

BIS License – Domestic Manufacture Certification Scheme

The Simplified Procedure of BIS certification has been developed to reduce the time taken for grant of license after making an application. Under this, the applicant is required to submit test report from a specified laboratory along with the application. BIS license will be granted only after the verification visit by the BIS officer is found to be satisfactory and the applicant agrees to implement the defined scheme of testing and inspection and pay the prescribed marking fee. Samples are taken for independent testing during the visit and the test report is reviewed.


The application must be submitted in prescribed form and Verification report along with Original Test Report not older than one month which should contain all details according to the relevant IS from specified laboratory and requisite fee and the inspection charges (Rs. 7000/- plus GST) must for grant of license under Product Certification Scheme of BIS. The application and the requisite fee must be submitted to the Branch office under whose jurisdiction the manufacturing unit is located. The Marking Fee will be paid by the applicant according to the IS of the product. One application should be submitted for one product and for one manufacturing location.


On submission of the application along with the requisite documents with the branch office, the application is checked by the officer and if found complete in all respects, it is recorded and assigned an application number. The application is recorded and the number is conveyed to the applicant for future reference. A second Technical Scrutiny of application will be undertaken.

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Verification Visit by BIS Officer

  • A factory visit is arranged within 15 days of submission of an application to verify the test report and the verification report submitted by the applicant. The concerned BIS officer for further inspection will visit the factory unit of the applicant and verify the capabilities of the organization and the testing facilities and competence of the quality control personnel of the organization.
  • During the visit, samples of product from regular production are taken for testing in an independent laboratory. Once the test report is received from the independent laboratory the case will be reviewed. If the sample is found false, marking will be stopped immediately.
  • At the time of visit if any discrepancies are observed that the applicant need to take all corrective actions to rectify the defect in such time as may be instructed by the officer. Normally within 30 days, the action suggested by the officer must comply and the applicant requires an extension than a request in writing must be given to the officer.

Grant of License

The BIS license will be granted by the respective authority of the BIS after verifying all the required documents submitted by the applicant as per BIS Act, Rules, and Regulations. Once the process is complete the applicant needs to pay the Marking Fee within 7 days and then the license is granted is granted to the applicant. The process of license is normally completed within 40 days after submission of the application and the applicant meets all relevant criteria as prescribed under by the BIS officer.

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The validity of the BIS registration is one year and it can be renewed further for one/two years, subject to periodic inspection by the BIS authority.

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