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BIS Certification for Mineral water Plant: Set Up a Mineral Water Plant

BIS Certification for Mineral Water Plant

Water is a basic element for the survival of humans is essentially required to be regulated and tested before putting it to public use. There are many unauthorized drinking water plants, fetching water from groundwater or civic agencies and are operating in any localities. In this post, we are describing requirements to get BIS Certification for Mineral Water Plant in India.

To set up a Mineral Water Plant one shall obtain the following Certifications:

  1. Certificate of registration: – In case the entity is proposed to be established in the form of Company (Private, public, One Person Company) then, the incorporation certificate is required to be obtained. In case of partnership firm partnership deed, for LLP Partnership agreement is required.
  2. SSI (Small Scale Industries) registration:-Certain government subsidies are available for SSI, in order to avail the same, one needs to obtain the SSI registration.
  3. Pollution Control Certification: At the place of establishment, in accordance to the applicable state or government rules and regulation of the PCBC, this varies from state to state, one needs to obtain the PCC.
  4. Trademark registration: It is suggested to obtain the Trademark Registration for the mineral water to be produced from the mineral water plant, as there many brands already operating in the market and much similar stuff is already operating in the market. This will keep the product distinguished from other brands and shall also protect it from the confusions amongst the consumers.
  5. Other certification: Apart from above certain certificates is required to be obtained while executing the process of the Mineral water plant such as the personals involved are required to obtain Chemist-degree and medical certificate, Microbiologist – degree and medical certificate, Medical certificate for workers, N.O.C. of Gram panchayat if required depending upon the required applicable rules of the water to be manufactured.
  6. BIS Registration: Most of the compliances are required to be complied with are with the BIS and it rules and regulations. It is mandated by the government to obtain the BIS certification for Mineral Water Plant. In India, for drinking water, it is mandatory to obtain get it tested and certified in accordance with the rules and regulation required under BIS.

Other Compliances:

  1. Prevention of Food Adulteration Act 1954: The act pertains to the protection of the interests of the consumers through constant check on the food and beverage sector.
  2. The groundwater use is regulated by The Ministry of Water Resources, Central Ground Water Authority (CGWA).
  3. Pursuant to section 5 of the Environment [protection] Act, 1986, CGWA has directed all processing units of bottled water to register their bore well in accordance with the prescribed Performa.

What is BIS?

BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) is an organization established at the international level, which is engaged in the inspection and required checks with regard to the quality of products being manufactured in India. On successful inspection, it issues the license to manufacture the products in India. Broadly the BIS takes care and regulates the sample collection by BIS inspectors, after a due inspection in the recognized laboratory of BIS, the label is issued by BIS.

In simple words as at the international level, we have ISO (International organization of standardization), which issues guidelines, the BIS is at national level which conducts its Inspection procedure and issue license according to the ISO guidelines.

What are the functions of BIS?

BIS provides for the testing facilities through the recognized Laboratories by it. It also conducts the product testing in accordance with the defined methods and as per the guidelines issued by ISO time to time. It issues and notifies the list of products which are required to obtain the license and get requisite labels. BIS is also engaged in providing information, documentation and other services to consumers or the consumer organizations. In order to maintain the quality and improvise the products, it is also engaged in the formulation, implementation, and coordination of the activities. It promotes the standardization, quality systems and certification, and such other matters connected at national and at the international level. BIS through various handbooks, guides, and other special publications keep circulating the information required as and when.

What are the Powers of BIS?

Amendment, revision or cancellation of the standards so established and constitution of the Technical committees of experts, which is reconstituted once every three years.

The Bureau time to time recognize any standard established by any other institution in India or outside as an Indian Standard.

Renewal of Registration:

An application in Form IX is required to be made by the registered user at least one month before the expiry of the period granted.

Note that any Appeals against Decisions of the Bureau can be made under section 16 by the aggrieved party to the Central Government within ninety days from the date of the decision of the Bureau.

However on sufficient cause for not preferring the appeal within the ninety days period and appeal may be admitted after the expiry of the period of ninety days on the satisfaction of the Central Government.

Compliance Required under BIS: BIS Certification for Mineral Water Plant

There are certain items which are required to obtain the mandatory registration under BIS. Via Food Safety & Standards Prohibition & Restriction on Sales, Regulation, 2011 certain lists of items which are required to be compulsory registration with BIS are mentioned. The Mineral water is also covered in the same list hence one needs to get its products tested in the labs of BIS and apply for registration. Thereafter the Manufacturer is allowed to indicate on its product statements like “This product is in conformity with the ISO” etc.

Bureau of Indian Standards is a premier organization engaged in setting standards for various products and services. Following are the required compliance under BIS for setting up the Mineral water plant:

ISI Mark:

One needs to obtain the ISI mark from the Bureau of India Standards. All the manufacturer be it India or foreigner are required to take License with BIS.

Before the commencement of the business official confirmation and license number is required to be obtained from the BIS. After which ISI mark is to be printed on it, the Indian Standard Institution is the former name of BIS but even today the ISI is the MARK used to recognize the BIS certified products.

Lab testing:

The in-house Lab used is required to be fully equipped to carry out all the mandatory tests in nature of physical appearance, chemical testing and microbiological tests in compliance with the prescribed IS. The general IS applicable are IS: 3025, 1070, 4905, 5401, 5402, 5403, 5887, 10146 & 10500. The Packaged Natural Mineral Water is governed under IS 13428: 1998 and Packaged Drinking Water governed under IS 14543: 2004.

Process involved:

The filtration processes, hygienic conditions, lighting, labeling regulation etc are the essence of the standards published for bottled water issued by the authority. The relevant testing standards required for methods of testing are also provided by the BIS.

In case you need to know what all standards are required to be followed by you for the required water, you can obtain these standards from any branch of BIS.


Inspection of the water reports submitted is done by the staff of BIS, of the tests carried out in an independent lab.

  1. Application for License number:

Application for Registration/License is obtained by filling the application in Form VI with the following:

  1. the self-evaluation cum declaration as in accordance with the Form VII; and
  2. The test report* of the sample for which license is required.

Test report* should be of one of the laboratory recognized by the Bureau. It may also correspond to the laboratory situated in abroad which is covered under a mutual recognition agreement with the Bureau. The test report submitted for a license should not be beyond the period of ninety days when calculated from the date of submission of application with Bureau.

The expert team of Enterslice will help you and provide end to end solution with regard to the establishment of Mineral water plant which also includes after registration compliances.

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