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Rajdeep Saini

Rajdeep is a law graduate from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University. During his law school he gained vast experience in corporate and commercial law. He likes traveling and performing stand-up comedy.

Nov 16 2020

GST implication on a long term lease

The taxability of a long term lease has been an unintelligible issue for many decades. Before the GST regime, all the transactions involving transfer of title of an immovable property...

Nov 15 2020

The Implication of Income tax on the Gift

India as a country follows the joint family structure system and has so many festivals to be celebrated owing to the diverse religions, customs and cultures. There are numbers of...

Micro insurance companies: Key features

Micro insurance is a type of insurance intended to make crucial insurance products more reasonably priced. It breaks down insurance from its conventional form into something much lesser—covering small items...

Nov 13 2020

Data analytics for Tax authorities

Data is the groundwork, upon which this brand new digital tax world is being set up, and the quality of that result will depend on the superiority of the data...

Nov 13 2020

Compound interest waiver during moratorium: Eligibility and Benefits

The Central Government has announced certain guidelines for the waiver of compound interest, which was allocated by borrowers, who chose for a moratorium on their loan connected with easy monthly...

Nov 12 2020

GST on Marketing and Advertising: Tax Implications

Nowadays marketing and advertising sector plays an important role in the success of any business. In the normal course of business marketing and advertising is a promotional activity generally using...

Nov 12 2020

GST Exemption on Satellite launch to encourage the domestic launch

The exemption of goods and sales tax will facilitate to protect the local satellite industry and further develop homegrown launch capabilities without the upfront GST burden and give it a...

Nov 11 2020

Faceless Appeals initiated by CBDT

The Income tax Department of India has initiated a new method relating to filing of an appeal, the Faceless Income Tax Appeals. Under this method of the faceless appeals, all...

Nov 11 2020

Non-Agricultural and Agricultural Income: Will both be taxed?

India is an agricultural rich economy. There are many perks and incentives provided to those who make a living through it. In India, the income from agriculture involves income derived...

Nov 10 2020

GST on lawyers and law firms

The general goods and services tax is the new indirect taxation system which is levied on all the goods and services India. There is a general consensus that the law...

Nov 09 2020

Impact of GST on Tour and Travel Industry

The Indian tour and travel industry which is valued at around 22 billion dollars in the year 2019; the tour and travel industry is one of those sectors which have...

Nov 09 2020

Conversion of a company into LLP – Tax implications

In India, LLP is the most emerging way of doing business. In this mode of business, the liability of the partners is limited. Every partner in the LLP is acting...

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