How to start with Aluminum Door Window Manufacturing Business?

Aluminum Door Window Manufacturing

Aluminum Door Window Manufacturing Business

One can start any business they wish provided they have detailed knowledge of the business, how they are going to do it and investment required to carry out the business. Even if the investment is small, it doesn’t mean it’s going to be an easy business. One should have a thorough understanding of the business they are planning to do and a business plan to follow suitably. An aluminum door window manufacturing business can be done with different types of frames and fittings.

It’s a profitable business venture and has vast opportunities in India. Today, there is much demand for fabricated items such as doors, handrails, windows, supports, staircases, and railings for verandah and so on. Aluminum uses for making such household items have become to be a very standard and conventional approach. Several industries today make use of aluminum for their businesses, such as office complexes, theatres, buildings, auditorium, decorative purposes and so on.

Aluminum is also used in residential building complexes such as windows aluminum doors; grill works, railings and so on. Aluminum is a common household commodity used for every purpose since its lightweight and has the versatility of its use.

What is the present Status of Aluminum Door Window Manufacturing Business

India is known to be the fifth most significant producer of aluminum in the world; it has bauxite reserves of almost 3 billion tons. The primary industrial unit where aluminum is used in India is in the electrical sector, almost 31%. The building and construction sector takes over 13%, whereas much of its use is seen in the solar power and industrial sectors in future projects. Aluminum is high in demand and is the most popular in the building and construction industry. It is environmental and user-friendly to use it; it is lightweight, corrosion resistance, has the strength and is a highly durable material.

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Aluminum is natural on maintenance and gives attractive appearance; it’s a favorite material that is used in the modern-day building. The construction and development are interlinked industries, and hence there is a proper scope for aluminum fabrication units to meet the growing demand for new business structures such as offices, complexes theatres and so on.

Aluminum is high in demand across different segments of industrial units. It is versatile and lightweight and has strong properties. Aluminum is fabricated and then anodized; it is used in making finished product items like railings, windows, doors, ladders, shelves, staircases, etc., its one of the essential parts in the modern construction industry. It provides excellent durability and appearance. The modern-day, wood specific items that were made traditionally are also being replaced with aluminum-fabricated items.

How Much Investment is Required for Starting the Business

The startup cost of aluminum fabrication includes the cost of fabricators, screwdrivers, cutters, bolts, nuts, purchasing the aluminum. You need trained people to do the work for you, those that are highly skilled and know how to do the job well. You can make use of the deposits given by customers to purchase your aluminum and employ skilled staff to do the work.

This formula helps to cut down the overhead costing that also includes the cost of the shop. Sometimes, clients come with specific requirements; they need specific colors and some specifications relating to aluminum they need. So best is not to stock large quantities of aluminum.

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For doing the job, you can either start by doing it yourself. You can join a technical institute[1] that can help you work for yourself. Another method is to attend a seminar or practical workshop that helps you learn.

Know More about the Legal Registration and Compliance Issues

There are some of the basic steps that one needs to follow before initiating an aluminum door window manufacturing fabrication business.

  1. Establishing a business model in any of the suitable formats:

    1. Sole Proprietorship

    2. LLP Registration
    3. Company Registration
  2. Getting MSME Registration
    Done for the unit.
  3. Procuring a trade license– Procuring a BIS Certification for quality standard 1948 – 1961. It is the specification for aluminum doors, ventilators, windows and more.
  4. Getting NOC from pollution control boards. Aluminum processing requires an anodizing process that may leave a residual solution. This needs to be disposed of on a regular basis, and it may lead to some amount of pollution. You can have a treatment plant that could take control of the residual causing pollution. If the NOC certificate is procured once, the treatment plant is installed.
  5. GST registration, if covered under its ambit

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