IT Systems Assurance and Solutions

The global landscape has developed according to the changing trends of resources and technologies. Countries have to adopt these changes to develop their resources. To benefit from any form of commercial advantages, governments of different countries have adopted these changes. The main changes include the advancem..

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What is IT Systems Assurance and IT Solutions?

Assurance can be understood as a promise which is given to a particular stakeholder. Hence IT systems assurance is understood as a promise given to the user of the IT infrastructure. The user can be anyone ranging from customers, consumers, external third-parties, and clients. However, IT system assurance is not enough for an organization. IT solutions must also be present to mitigate any form of risk present in the organization.

Technology and digitalization have brought out major changes in the way an organization works. Hence an organization needs to concentrate on effectuating the changes that take place. Apart from this, an organization must also ensure that an organization provides IT systems assurance and IT solutions to its customers.

To develop a strategy for IT systems assurance and IT solutions, it is important to understand the risk strategy, which is devised by the organization. Once an organization understands a risk strategy, it can work on major changes to mitigate the amount of risk. IT systems assurance is making sure that technologies produce a specific level of output. IT solutions are tailor-made to suit the requirements of IT issues in an organization.

Different Phases of IT Systems Assurance and IT Solutions 

IT and technology are one of the major backbones for every organization. Therefore an organization must adopt assurance services for further development. At Enterslice, our team of expert professionals will provide end-to-end services when it comes to IT assurance and solutions. We have experts in the field of management consulting and informational technology. Our service will help you to develop seamless assurance based services for your IT systems:

Different Phases of IT Systems Assurance and IT Solutions

Phase 1- IT Risk Assurance

During this phase, the amount of risk that is present in the organization is assessed by an external third-party consultant. At Enterslice, we would first conduct a preliminary analysis into the risk that is present in your organization. Based on this, we would create a risk management profile. We provide assurance based on the risk. The following services would be provided in Phase 1:

  • IT infrastructure management

Which would include analyzing the infrastructural framework, which is present in the organization?

  • Development of IT policies for the organization

This would include analyzing and studying the risks which are present in the organization. Based on this, we will draft IT policies to ensure that IT systems assurance and IT solutions are provided to your organizational requirements.

  • Application Development

We will assess and assist in developing applications for the interface used by your organization.

  • Identity and Access Management Programs (IAM)

We will ensure that the systems used by your organization, have proper frameworks for identity and access management to avoid information and technological breaches.

  • Management of Projects

Due to IT solutions, project management is easier considering data is stored in databases using cloud-based technologies as well as processes which involve artificial intelligence.

  • Framework for Operations

IT systems assurance would also provide a proper framework for the operations of IT systems and infrastructure in a company.

  • Data Protection Protocols

We will ensure that all the data in your organization is processed according to compliance with the relevant data protection protocols. This will include compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as well as the Personal Data Protection Bill followed in India.

  • User Interfaces and Experience in IT systems

In our preliminary assessment of the IT risk assurance, we will ensure to address customer experience and UX issues when it comes to development.

  • Compliance Based Mechanism

We will ensure that your organization if follows compliance-related to governing laws of the country. In India, an organization has to be compliant with the policies related to the Information Technology Act, 2000 and respective information technology rules.

Phase 2- IT Internal and External Assurance

This is more related to an overall assurance when it comes to an understanding of the risks present in the organization. Once the risks are analyzed, it is mitigated through IT solution based assessment. The following is conducted under phase 2:

  • Framework for external and internal IT systems

Here, the amount of control is established to understand what external and internal factors affect the IT systems.

  • SOP

We will ensure that there are relevant standard operating procedures which are utilized by your organization. Without a specific level of SOP, an organization cannot carry out respective goals.

  • Risk and Asset Management

IT Systems Assurance also deals with risk management and asset-based classification. Sorting out assets based on the vale is possible through IT solutions used by the firm.

  • Configuration Controls

We will ensure to assist you in-network and other configuration controls which will provide technical support to your clients.

  • Authentication Management

This is also known as a system of user role authentication management. Here we will analyze you to develop relationships with consumers. The role played by your organization would be based on the relationship shared with your customers.

  • Risk Management

IT solutions can be utilized for deriving strategies when it comes to the management of risk present in an organization. Managing risks is an important task for an organization as it will provide some period for an organization to work on risk control mechanisms.

  • IT management

In the second phase of this process, we will also conduct training exercises to ensure that sufficient technology access is present not affect the workflow of different IT systems.

Phase 3- IT Solution Management

In the phase 3 process, a complete end-to-end process of IT-based solution management would be provided for your organization. The following would be provided under phase 3:

  • Digital Mapping Solutions

This will include the compilation of data in the form of a graphic form.

  • IT certification’s

We also will provide you with assistance for securing a different form of IT certifications. Such IT certifications would include the ISO certifications, data protection certifications and other relevant information management certifications.

  • ERM Solutions

Enterprise Risk Management or more known as ERM would help the organization understand all the forms of different physical as well as Information Risks which are present in an organization. Through this process, your organization can develop a risk-based strategy and act according to different processes. We will also assist you in mapping services related to ERM.

  • Data Integration process

We will also assist you in measures where you have to integrate data into a single set. Data integration is the process of combining data into one form. This would include steps such as ETL mapping, cleansing, and processing of data.

  • Data Analytics

Our dedicated team of IT experts would help you understand different processes related to data analytics. Data analytics use predictive technologies to assist and help processes in an organization.

  • IT maturity analysis

We will analyze the information provided by your organization based on the IT systems used. Based on this, we will classify the IT architecture of the organization as old or new. We will also provide you with advice on bringing in new forms of IT architecture in your organization.

IT solutions provided by Enterslice

At Enterslice, our team of professionals will provide expert advice and support for your IT Systems Assurance needs. We have a dedicated team to understand the requirements of your organization. The following services are provided by Enterslice when it comes to IT systems assurance and IT solutions:

Cybersecurity Services

Every organization requires an effective protocol to manage information technology. By engaging Enterslice as your advisor, we will provide you cybersecurity protocol package, which involves analyzing all the apparent risks and threats faced by your organization. This is a part of the IT systems assurance and IT solutions provided by us. Cybersecurity protocols are effective where there is a lot of information present.

Data Protection Services

Data Protection would be relevant where an organization carries out services such as processing of information and data of end-users. Data protection would be related to sensitive data related to personal information of a data subject. A data subject is understood as an individual or the organization providing information or data to the data controller. The data controller is an organization or entity which collects the data. Through our services, we will ensure that your organization or entity is compliant with relevant data protection laws. This would include compliance under the Data Protection Statutes such as the General Data Protection Regulation and the Personal Data Protection Bill.

IT Due Diligence

Due Diligence services provided by Enterslice would include conducting a thorough investigation and analysis into the profile of the organization entering into a relevant M&A proposal. This would include both the buyer's side due to diligence profile as well as the seller's side due to diligence. IT due diligence is relevant to understand the information technology utilized by the firm. It would include conducting the following checks:

  • Understanding the IT protocols and systems used by the organization.
  • Understanding if the organization has any form of data breaches.
  • Understanding the relevant IT infrastructural architecture which is utilized by the business structure.
  • Securing relevant information on the digital infrastructure which is used by the organization.
  • Understanding modern methods which are used by the organization interface.

Digital Transformation Consulting Services

Digital Transformation is defined as the change in the way that an organization uses IT systems and infrastructures. It would be relevant where an organization does not have proper IT infrastructure and technology adopted in the organization. Hence digital transformation would mean the change of IT systems or transformation from traditional infrastructure to modern infrastructure.

Deal Analytics Services

Deal Analytics services is a combination of modern information technology processes in a typical merger transaction. Through deal analytics, an organization can understand the probable changes in going ahead with a typical merger phenomenon. Analytics uses modern technologies and predictive analytics to help the parties determine the benefits of the transaction. 

Lending Software Services

We will assist you in determining the process of lending. Through this service, you will have the interactive use of the lending software to analyze the amount do debt presently.

IT Infrastructure Consulting Services

In this service, we will determine the IT infrastructure used by your organization. Based on the above, we will classify the infrastructure and assess new modes of improvement 

Why Enterslice?

  • Enterslice is a recognized leader in providing services such as IT systems Assurance and IT solutions.
  • Enterslice offers software services which are used by different organizations.
  • We have a team of trained IT professionals.
  • Our teams of professionals provide flexibility in achieving your organizational goals.
  • We provide constant monitoring and support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

IT systems assurance is a process in which trust is provided to the end-user of the IT network related to software issues and configuration problems. It is required for an organization that predominately uses IT systems for delivering solutions to clients.

IT solutions are solutions based on information technology which provides support to any form of IT-related issue which is faced by your organization.

Yes, assurance and solution-based services are required for any form of organization that has some form of digital and IT infrastructure. Without assurance and solution-based services, an organization cannot perform its tasks properly.

Yes, data protection relates to information which is used by the consumer. This would also consist of the end-user. Any information, where consent is taken requires to be protected. Apart from this, compliance must be met by an organization that is processing such information.

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