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Amidst the development of technology, every organization would want to utilize digital advantage to optimize their products and resources. This will improve their efficiency as well as their growth in a domestic and international environment. IT infrastructure consulting would provide an organization with resources..

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Overview of IT Infrastructure Consulting / IT Infrastructure Management

The IT infrastructure industry is growing at a rapid pace. Globalization and advancements of technology have connected organizations around the world. With the increase in demand for technology, organizations want to equip themselves with a practical IT infrastructure framework to overcome any form of technical challenges. Hence an organization must provide itself with an IT infrastructure consulting expert.

In 2018-19, the amount that companies invested in IT infrastructure consulting was more than USD 2 trillion. This figure is expected to rise and reach more than USD 3 trillion by 2020. The IT infrastructure consulting growth rate is expected to grow by 3% annually as per the CAGR report. Organizations around the world expect lesser technical problems and glitches; hence they choose IT experts for setting up a framework for IT consulting services.

IT consulting is growing at a rapid pace in India due to the growth of IT opportunities in the country. Apart from this, global organizations use India as an outsourcing hub to source IT work. Due to these reasons, IT infrastructure consulting growth in India is rising rapidly.

What is IT infrastructure consulting?

IT infrastructure consulting or IT infrastructure management is the management and integration of IT systems in an organization. So IT infrastructure framework is streamlining effective traditional and modern methods of integration within an organization. Hence, it can be understood as the general architecture of networks and systems within an organization. To secure the benefit of data systems, software such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT), an organization requires a seamless IT infrastructure network.

IT infrastructure management would include the architecture and control of all the IT systems within an organization. Integrating and maintaining all systems in an organization effectively and efficiently is the primary goal of infrastructure consulting. Therefore, IT infrastructure management will have two objectives:

  • To optimize systems in an organization and to increase efficiency.
  • To develop and prioritize the functions of the business.

IT infrastructure management systems are used by different organizations, including government organizations, transportation companies, warehouse systems, universities, commercial organizations, and environment/ waste- management organizations.

For example, – An e-commerce and warehousing company would have an effective IT infrastructure to manage orders and supplies within the organization. Without having this framework, there cannot be any systems in place to ensure that the organization is functioning effectively.

Hence, IT infrastructure consulting or management would include effective management of IT systems within an organization.

Forms of IT Management

  • Management of Operating Systems(OS)- This would include managing operating systems within an organization. Content management and support services would come under the ambit of the management of OS.
  • Management of Cloud-Based Systems and Cloud Computing- Here, user admins are given secure information such as password credentials to manage cloud interfaces. They will have maximum access to cloud interfaces for data exchange, cloud development, and storage.
  • Virtual Management- Developing virtual environments to improve the use-age of hardware and data integration, thus improving the organization's efficiency.
  • Information Technology Management- This will involve software development, hardware applications, and automation within the organization.
  • Automation Management- Automation is the process in which IT systems are used to reduce the amount of human interaction in systems. Through automation, a system can process information to a large extent, with limited interaction from individuals.
  • Managing Application Programming Interfaces (API) - Application programming interface is software used to link two or more websites. This interface is highly useful for organizations. APIs are used as gateways to connect two sites to conduct businesses. The use of API has its significance in IT infrastructure consulting.
  • Managing Risks- By using various planning strategies, risk can be managed in an organization. Risks are prone to every organization. Hence an organization must formulate an effective risk management strategy to handle IT-related risks.

Kinds of IT infrastructure Consulting

IT infrastructure Consulting
  • Traditional Methods

Traditional methods for infrastructure consulting will include the use of different servers, data centers, routers, and physical storage. The use of an in-house IT team or an external IT consultant will usually be adopted in traditional methods of IT infrastructure consulting. Often, these methods predominantly use physical systems for infrastructure and framework. It is perceived that using traditional methods is more expensive and risky. Using servers for connectivity in an organization requires more amount of space. Apart from this, storage also will be consumed by using such systems. Using traditional methods provides optimum efficiency. However, there are more disadvantages to using these methods.

  • Modern Cloud-Based Methods 

Using these methods are predominantly based on wireless access and wireless systems. An organization using these methods will have to have effective systems to handle cloud computing interfaces. These interfaces will include hardware and technology which supports cloud computing systems. An organization would have to devise its interface of cloud computing, which acts as a server. Apart from this, the interface would also have other functions such as organization, development, and effective storage.

The cloud resources can be used by your organization to have maximum control over the cloud interface. Another alternative to this, is the use of a public or common cloud interface, which is used by many start-ups and IT companies. Some of the well-known cloud computing systems include Google Cloud, IBM, and Microsoft, which can be rented annually and monthly. Though these cloud systems can be rented, one of the major problems faced is the amount of space available in the cloud. Subscribing to public cloud computing software would be an added expense to the organization.

However, an organization can integrate the public cloud with personal access to create a hybrid cloud interface. It is feasible for an organization to develop its cloud computing interface. The advantage of this is an organization would have maximum control over the interface. Apart from this, the organization can also develop its own IT infrastructure consulting strategy using this system.

  • Hyper-converged Methods 

Hyper-converged methods use single interfaces in systems. Multiple interfaces are not used by an organization, making it easier to access the framework. A significant advantage of using this method is the use of advanced methods with all data integrated into it. This will help improve optimization within an organizational framework. This will not include modern methods such as the use of cloud computing.

On analyzing of all the three methods of IT infrastructure consulting, the use of modern methods such as cloud computing and hyper-converged methods is feasible.  The use of traditional, as well as modern methods, would also be advisable for your organization if there are any issues with data back up and integration. Our experts at Enterslice, have industry knowledge and experience in the field of IT infrastructure management and consulting. We will provide you the most beneficial IT infrastructure service which will suit your needs.

Scope of IT Infrastructure Consulting

 Infrastructure Consulting  services are essential in the organization for the following reasons:

  • To ensure that the systems in the organization are interlinked.
  • To ensure that IT integration is present in an organization.
  • To formulate effective risk management policies in case of a threat to the IT infrastructure.
  • To help organizations achieve profits and work efficiently.
  • IT infrastructure management and consulting help the organization by streamlining an effective IT architecture in an organization.
  • Automated processes and automation would reduce the amount of human interaction in the work process, making systems work at a rapid pace.

Elements of IT Infrastructure Consulting

Elements of IT Infrastructure
  • Hardware

Hardware is one of the main facets of IT infrastructure in an organization. Hardware would not only comprise the systems which help maintain standards of IT infrastructure but also include laptops, smartphones, devices, and other systems. The use of hardware in an organization’s IT framework would comprise the traditional system of managing IT infrastructure in a company. Without any form of hardware in an organization, there cannot be effective integration in an organization.

Moreover, an organization cannot operate properly without any form of hardware. There are specific problems that have to be addressed with the use of hardware in an organization. Though hardware forms a framework for IT infrastructure, some issues are prevalent. Hardware systems in an organization can become obsolete over some time. This is due to modernization and digitization. This can be an issue for the interface of an organization. The organization would also have to update hardware frequently. Apart from this, physical space is required for the use of hardware systems in an organization. Storage issues may become apparent by the use of hardware in IT infrastructure consulting. Due to the above issues, an organization must ensure that there is a hybrid mix of different components that form the infrastructure for an organization.

  • Software 

Nowadays, software is more crucial than hardware. Software is considered a program or a language that is installed in a system. Once this is installed, the software runs on the hardware. Without having hardware, it is impossible to run any form of software. However, the software is beneficial in many ways when compared to hardware.

Over time, software has evolved to include AI, Big Data, and IoT. Though software’s have their advantages, they are prone to issues such as viruses, scams, and other cybersecurity threats. An organization must use suitable spyware to secure systems and hardware.

  • Networking

Networking is critical in an organization. It involves the management of internal servers of the organization as well as the external servers. Proper networking in an organization will enable effective communication between the internal servers as well as the external servers of the organization. Networking would include not only wireless networks but also includes physical networks such as serves, routers, and wired access.

  • Wireless Access Systems

The use of wireless access systems has developed over time. This has facilitated communication between individuals in an organization and the external world. Wireless access systems, such as the use of Wi-Fi, helps in the development of functions in an organization. This not only is beneficial for the organization but also helps improving optimization within the organizational framework.

  • Storage Systems and Data Centres

Storage is crucial for any management company. Be it a consulting firm to a law firm, storage is essential. Storage comes as hardware storage and cloud storage. Hardware storage has issues such as recovery, disaster management, and data loss in case of unauthorized access. This would not be the case for cloud storage. However, the organization will have to make its interface for efficient cloud storage rather than relying on public cloud storage applications.

  • Virtual Systems

Virtual Systems have helped to improve the overall framework for IT infrastructure consulting. Virtual systems assist in making easier access for the use of hardware systems in an organization.

Why Enterslice?

  • Enterslice is a recognized leader in providing IT infrastructure consulting services.
  • Enterslice offers software support systems that all organizations require. We aim at providing seamless services to develop an optimum platform for your organization's IT infrastructure.
  • We have a team of trained IT professionals who can carry out effective IT and systems security audits.
  • Our teams of professionals provide flexibility in achieving your organizational goals.
  • We provide constant monitoring and support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Managed Service Provider is understood as an in-house IT department. The MSP ensures that all the systems and networks are properly configured to operate. Apart from this, the MSP ensures that the systems are updated regularly to reduce the number of issues within the organization. The MSP will be mostly a remote working company and not part of the organization's IT department.

Enterslice serves leading fintech companies and Non-banking financial institutions in India. We also serve prominent IT companies.

Cybersecurity consulting is different from IT infrastructure consulting. Cybersecurity consulting will involve third-party service providers' consulting services to reduce the amount of cybersecurity risk within an organization. The main aim of cybersecurity consultants is to increase the framework for the protection of servers within an organization. However, IT infrastructure consulting deals with the types of servers and systems, helping the organization achieve its goals and objectives.

Enterslice will recommend a strategy for your organization, based on the current goals and future goals. We aim to ensure that our strategy is implemented to align with the goals of your organization.

The following individuals can carry IT infrastructure consulting services:

• Management consultants with professionals working in the IT department.

• IT security consultants.

• Global IT Firms.

• IT Architects.

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