IT-Enabled Services

IT-Enabled Services

In the modern era, Information and communication technology has become one of the basic requirements. The Use of Information Technology is essential to perform the tasks of our daily life. Information technology enabled servicesare providing a wide range of services from supporting the industry to transforming them. Companies are focusing on offshore technology providers to meet their requirements of cost-competitive technology.IT-enabled services have made a significant contribution to the Indian Economy.

Package inclusions:
  • Information technology Enables services
  • Proper Compliance of ITes Business Process and services
  • GST Advisory and Compliances
  • Well versed Customer interaction services and content development
  • Provides Corporate Advisory
  • Taxation and Regulatory services
  • Due diligence and structuring services
IT-Enabled Services

What are IT-enabled services?

IT-enabled services are web-enabled services that cover the entire range of operations by using information technology for improving the efficiency of an organization. IT-enabled services help in improving the quality of services. IT-enabled services provide value addition in the form of-

  • Customer Relationship Management Solutions
  • Improved Database and outlook

which results in improved services and various indirect perks.

IT Enables services provides various career options in an organization like-

  • Back office operations
  • Logistics management
  • Legal databases
  • Human resources services
  • Web services
  • Call centre and payrolls

IT-enabled services minimize cost and improve services standards.

What areas and services are covered under IT-enabled services?

The areas covered under IT enables services are-

  • Human resource
  • Finance
  • Administration
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Telecommunication
  • Data warehousing
  • Data entry and document processing
  • Help desk services
  • ERP (Enterprise resource planning)
  • Application development

Composition of IT and IT enables services

The Composition of IT and IT-enabled services is quite difficult. Terms like IT, IT-enabled Service, IT Services, IT BPO are used interchangeably. The term IT (Information Technology) constitutes Hardware, software, communication technology, and related services. The composition of IT and IT-enabled services is analyzed as follows-

  • IT Services

Services include Project-oriented services like IT consulting, system integration, and CADM (Customized application development and management). Further, it also includes IT Outsourcing (Infrastructure and Application Outsourcing) and Support and Training Services IT education, hardware support, and software testing).


ITES BPO includes provides various services like Customer care services, Human resource management, Finance, and Accounting/procurement. ITES BPO is enhancing the value chain which results in the requirement of high-end BPO services.

  • Software products and engineering services

Packages software and Organization application software.

  • Hardware

Hardware system and networking equipment. 

What are the opportunities that work behind India’s IT-enabled services?

India is a popular country in the world to externalize IT-enabled services. Indian IT-enabled service companies have set up over a thousand global delivery hubs in about 80 countries across the globe. The opportunities that work behind India’s IT-enabled services are-

  • Strong growing demand

In India expanding economy to move growth in local demand. Strong growing demand is because of newly emerging verticals like the retail sector, utilities, and healthcare.

  • Increased adoption of technology

Concentrated government initiatives have led to increased adoption of IT-enabled services. Further, the Indian government has also planned to lay down a large-scale optical fibre network connecting the whole country. 

  • Policy support by the government

To develop the nation as a software product nation, the government of India has released the National Policy on Software Products 2019. 

  • Worldwide footprints

The IT firms of India have delivery centres across the globe and are well diversified across all verticals. 

  • Cutthroat competition

MeitY (Ministry of Electronics and Information technology) has launched the MeitY Start-up Hub in May 2019. Further, India has low-cost benefits than the US by being 5-6 times inexpensive. 

  • Highlights

India has proven its capabilities in delivering both on-shore and off-shore services globally. Emerging IT-enabled services now offer entirely new opportunities for top IT firms in India. The IT industry is expected to grow to US$ 350 billion by the year 2025.  

Initiatives are taken by the government to promote the IT-enabled services and IT services

Various initiatives taken by the government to promote the IT-enabled services and IT services are-

  • On May 2019, MeitY (the Ministry of Electronics, and Information Technology) has launched the MeitY Startup Hub portal.
  • Government has released the National Policy on Software Products 2019 in February 2019 to develop India as a software product nation
  • The Government has identified Information Technology as one of 12 champion service sectors for which an action plan is being developed.
  • The Government has set up 5,000 crore fund for realizing the potential of these champion service sectors.
  • As part of Union Budget 2018-19, NITI Aayoghas set up a national-level program to enable efforts in Artificial intelligence and leverage Artificial intelligence technology for developing the country.
  • In the Interim Budget 2019-20, the Government announced plans to launch a national program on Artificial Intelligence and setting up of a National Artificial Intelligence portal.

Why international clients choose ITes provided by Indian companies?

India has maximized the opportunity that came out with the growth of ITES. Call centre outsourcing was a major reason many global clients chose India. Further, there are many other services which are now being outsourced to global clients-

  • Providing HR services

Indian companies have better HR services as compared to most of their international competitors. Candidates are chosen and retained based on their talent and the value that they bring to a project.

  • Following the QA Protocol

Indian companies ensure that while working on a project strict QA protocols are followed.

  • Managing good client relationships

It is extremely important to maintain a healthy relationship with the clients. In India, service providers appoint a project manager to ensure there is a single point of contact for their respective clients.

  • Updated Technology and Infrastructure

In India, Updated Technology and Infrastructure is available as compared to global competitors which lead to better overall project stability. Conclusively, cost-effectiveness is often considered as a major reason why India is considered a leader in IT-enabled services.

What are the issues faced while establishing the IT-enabled services?

IT-enabled services provide a wide range of IT processes and services. Where the growth prospect is vast for the IT sector, there are many implementation issues while establishing IT-enabled services. The issues are as follows-

  • The Requirement of Huge capital investment
  • High volume undertaking
  • Time reversal
  • Continuous business opportunity
  • High interaction cost
  • Absence of trained and authentic resources
  • Absence of guide to start-ups.

Additionally, In India, the ITes industry has faced certain challenges which include-

Absence of Policies

For running any industry, proper business policies are required to be laid down. Businesses and the government must focus on trade policy reforms for the future of the ITes industry. The objective behind policymaking is to ensure that the markets are always open to expand business initiatives. Policymaking is required to ensure-

  • Security of Consumer.
  • Managing tax revenue loss for importing countries.
  • Handling Intellectual property violations.
  • Domestic job losses

Lack of security and Data Privacy

The major concern of every international client while working with Indian ITES providers was data security and privacy. In India, the absence of a data security policy has resulted in such a way that ITES providers have to comply with the US Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act which as a consequence is raising their training costs.

Difficult for Smaller Companies to Market Themselves

Many smaller companies outlined that marketing themselves is the biggest issue they are facing while chasing clients. Mostly, all US clients prefer to work with the top BPO companies. In India, it is difficult for smaller companies to market themselves and get appropriate business policies.

How Enterslice provide ITes services? 

Enterslice has a team of professional expertise to provide services to global clients and meeting their expectations. EntersliceIT and ITES services are handled by efficient teams who make the best use of resources to assist their clients. Enterslicehas a team of professionals having the necessary experience who provides innovative solutions to fulfil their client requirements.  Enterslice offers a range of IT-enabled services like taxation and regulatory services, creative designing, and legal resource management services.

How Enterslice provide well-versed customer interaction services?

Customer Interaction services are value-added services. Enterslice is providing well-versed customer interaction services through CRM. Enterslice is also providing due diligence services, Corporate advisory services, and Internal and management audits. Enterslice has considerable experience in providing advisory, taxation and accounting services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

IT Enabled services are the services that provide a wide range of IT processes and services which include BPO and KPO services. IT-enabled services help in improving the quality of services.ITesincludes below-mentioned services-

• Customer Relationship Management Solutions

• Back office operations.

• Designing and content development

• Network consultancy and management.

Basis of Difference

ITes BP services

IT services


CEO, CFO, Business and Functional head


Process involved

Onshore presence

Both Offshore and onshore presence

Technology used

Customer preference

The Service provider has a major stake





The scope of theITes industry includes-

• Human Resource management

• Finance & Accounting

• Customer Interaction and Support

• Business and Marketing research management

• Procuring BPM (Business Process Management)

Below mentioned are the key factors behind the growth of the Indian ITES sector-

• Increase in High-value client

• Tax concession and SOPs offered by the government

• Introduction of IT sector in various sectors i.e. telecommunication, administration, financial sector, etc

• Increased growth in export demand

• Technically skilled manpower.

• Minimal Cost of operation and tax advantages.

In India, the services provided by the ITes BPO companies are categorizedaccording to industry verticals. Increased competition from emerging low-cost operations forced the Indian ITes-BPO companies to move their focus towards enhancing the value concept in established verticals such as BFSI solely responsible for almost half of the business for the ITes-BPO companies.

Information Technology and Information technology-enabled services have basic difference i.e. ITes services are the services which requires the help of Information technology. However, it does not require Hardcore IT. ITES is a part of IT, it also provides BPO services, call center, a back-office job, and Legal process outsourcing.

• To focus on abridged revenue streams to reduce the hiring process.

• Promoting cloud-based services.

• Offerings relocating to a higher-end strategic process.

• Companies amplifying presence in tier-II and tier-III.

• Back end operations

• Data Processing

• Inbound and outbound call centers

• HR Services

• Support Centres

• Website services

• Payroll

• Legal processing

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